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What are the probable impact or tendency signs when a person has too many 5s in their chart?

Today, I’m following up with my previous article, “Similar (almost) Charts, Varying Outcomes“. I noted someone did a search for “too many 5” on my site recently after I had posted the earlier article. And I thought it would be great to share extra information with you unreservedly. This way, I hope you can improve your profiling knowledge and help others in a more practical and reasonable way without imposing fears and tensions unnecessary.

CaseStudy_AmberLeeSmithThe number 5 is not the only number that has excessive negative vibes when there are many identical numbers present in the chart. Other numbers (1 to 9) do have their own extreme effects too. Take the number 3, for example, which we can associate to focus, creativity, passion, micro-manage, critical, sharp, and wild. And at the extreme end, we could also analyse a chart with too many 3s (especially at certain locations) as someone who likely has stronger sexual desires (probably including “one night stand”, short-termed flirtatious acts), having multiple partners, and possibly had failed or unhappy marriages.

When there are many number 5s in a chart, it means the “extra” manifestations of similar energies. Just like eating too much of the same food could cause diarrheas or digestive discomfort; many number 5s (if present in charts) could lead to unrestrained effects, like higher sensual (bodily, physical) exploration and the urge for naked experiences, and other self-sexual acts. I also noted that when the number is linked to another number in close proximity, it can accelerate the sensual and sexual feelings, and at extreme cases, could create the sex addiction for some people.

ACCURACYDon’t be so happy yet when you plotted your birth chart and noted you only had one or two number 5s in your charts. There are other periodic charts, like Personal Year, Universal Day, and Personal Day charts, that could impact more damaging effects on you when the number 5 is also present in these periodic charts. That’s when you apply the multi-layer technique to identify the number influences on the periodic charts onto your birth chart.

Just take a while and reflect on recent past times when your behaviours and actions are beyond the anomalies, the daily routines and actions you are consciously aware of. Have you noticed sometimes you tend to gossip more than usual, feel more emotional and sensuous than you should, or easily got heated up with a fiery outburst over trivial matters? Or why someone is suddenly so good to you for no “obvious” reasons, or giving you a lunch treat as if they’re enjoying their last day at work?

Everything happens for a reason, and in most cases, it has to do with synchronicity of the energies, the different numbers coming into play in all your “active” charts for the moment. Yes, that includes the periodic charts I have just mentioned.  Oh, before I forgot, there are the hourly numbers too that could influence you during that particular one-hour time frame.

Time of BirthThere are many new number sequences (or number patterns) that I’ve added into my personal EON research documentation recently. For example, I noted tendency signs suggesting cervical cancer, sex addiction, and other health conditions; and traits like deceptive, hypochondria (illness anxiety), blinded by greed, and others. Thankfully, it was all possible partly because I had the wonderful FEON+ tool around to help me record down and plot the charts. I have more time to analyse before isolating the probable sequences. More often than not, the tendency signs suggesting certain health conditions or traits recently discovered are there for most of the case studies I did. Even so, as everyone of us is living with distinct perspective and experiences, our self-reflections on past habits and actions might be different. The universal and personal energies affecting us might vary at times. Furthermore, I noticed sometimes certain traits are more prominent in the person’s Time of Birth and/or their Combined Date and Time of Birth charts. These birth time charts are formulated (by me) and exclusively available in the EON method only.

As the popular saying goes, “If I give you a fish a day, you will eat the fish for a day. And if I teach you how to fish, you will learn how to fish for life.” That is exactly what my intent was when introducing the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles and self-publishing my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” some five years ago. Of course, that was to introduce a different method of fishing (and profiling) techniques beyond remembering number patterns. If you’ve attended or completed some courses (be they basic, advanced, or at master levels), you’d by now, noticed that specific traits your Trainers taught you to associate with particular patterns do not apply to you. Imagine that, if such pessimistic traits did not happen to you, what make you so sure it will happen to other people. It’s like bluffing yourself that just positive traits will influence you, and negative ones will simply “happen and affect other people, and not you.

20150904_FEN_PreviewAlmost half a year has passed, and I’ve not conducted any FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes so far. I apologised especially to those eager to learn the correct EON method from me. Due to some challenges requiring me to realign my training directions and coincidentally working on urgent assignments on hand, I’m sorry I could not allocate a suitable period to conduct the classes during this period. All I can encourage you, for now, is to embrace the popular phrase, “patience is virtue.” You will be rewarded with more insights soon as I could spend more time on my EON research (during the absent times) and will expand the course syllabus (that means greater discoveries) to share with you later in class.

Until then, I hope you have enjoyed reading my articles. Continue to send me questions even if you have not attended any FEN class. I feel blessed when there are happier people benefiting from my articles and teachings, and in turn, they’d helped others changed their lives for better times ahead.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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