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Sadly, an unfortunate fatal accident had happened on the “Double Effect Day” of Joshua David Brown. He was driving his Tesla Model S car, which was on AutoPilot mode when it hit a truck. Check this TechInsider online page for more details of the accident.

Double Blessing or Double WhammyThe 3-3-3 pattern is present in Joshua’s Personal Year PY2016 chart. This implies a year when the person is influenced by the hurried and furious mode, the urge to take short cuts, and the tendency to be more arrogant, temperamental and critical. The number patterns 3-9-3-3-6-9 in locations MNOPQR of his PY2016 chart further manifested the rapid mode towards quick success, and the pursuit for fast money. In summary, the energies manifested this year for Joshua is everything has to be done and completed quickly.

I noticed Joshua’s “Combined Day Chart” for 7 May 2016 (the accident day) has similar patterns in locations MNOPQR with his PY2016 chart. This implied Joshua was facing Double Effect vibes on that day. When a person is having a Double Effect vibes, be they for the Year, Month, or Day, it simply implies that the energies manifested (positive and negative ones) are somewhat doubled. Putting aside the failure of the AutoPilot functions and other possible contributing factors related to his car, or the truck driver, the double sets of 3-9-3-3-6-9 could suggest Joshua might be in a hurry or rushing to another place, possibly related to financial or work matters.

CaseStudy_JoshuaDavidBrownThe 3-5-8 [Fast – Opportunity – Responsibility] in locations MNO of his Birth chart revealed signs of fast and reckless habits, but a person who’s responsible, convincing, opportunistic, multitasker, workaholic, and stressful. There are extra hidden signs suggesting Joshua might also have agitated or frustrated many people (when he was still alive) possibly because of his intolerance (towards procrastination and slowness), criticisms, and personal lack of tactfulness.

I have cautioned about the year 2016 energies in my earlier forecast articles like “Numerological Predictive Observations 2016“, and the likelihood of more accidents involving cars, planes, trains, and ships. What this means is that there are more transport-related incidents happening, new transportation laws and road enforcement activities introduced this year. Drive cautiously and safely if you have similar charts as Joshua, or if you’re facing the “Double Effect” vibes this year. Take up a health or life insurance policy if you have not already done so. And now, even if you don’t drive but take public transport, you still have to instill the road safety awareness mindset when you walk in the streets and cross the roads.

Plan your schedules ahead. Stay alert and don’t rush for time. You only have one life. Enjoy living to its fullest in a blissful, safe, and healthy way.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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