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In yesterday’s article, “Victim of Own Success,” I mentioned John emailed me with few questions that I thought would be great to share my views. I have not replied to John on his questions as I wanted today’s article to be in a Q&A style, to share my answers inclusively to you all.


John: Do you have your second edition coming? Keep me posted if you do have one in any of the book stores. I will reach out to it whenever I am free.

Get the Book Now!I had originally wanted to continue the draft for my second book, “Elements of Numbers: Life Path Profiling” that will include advanced techniques to allow readers to self discover his or her life paths at their own pace, time, and space. It was not cheap to self-published my first book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” I felt the calling to outreach to others in the EON principles through a more inspiring way. I’m glad many readers have benefited from buying and reading my book, and digesting the various articles I have posted here on this site. To offset the first-book project cost, I decided to conduct EON workshops and subsequently FEN classes to share more extended techniques to students who don’t mind paying to learn more. At the same time, I could spend the time to continue with my EON research. That’s also in line with my belief in the phrase,“to teach is to learn twice.” Yes, the second book is long overdue, and probably a little too late as book stores these days have limited space and are selective in accepting the books they’re selling. Some friends suggested crowd-funding, which may not be a bad idea. Others suggested publishing the second book as e-book, an idea I’m still cautiously exploring.


John: Do you have a book that gives the definition for the compound numbers, like 3-9-3, 6-3-9, 3-8-2, 7-9-7, 3-7-1, and so on?

In an article “When Sally met EON” posted in 2011, I did jokingly (but seriously considering them) if I allocated one page for each compound number pattern, it would take more than a thousand pages to describe the attributes (characteristics and traits) of 1-1 to 9-9, and 1-1-1 to 9-9-9. That would make it more like a 2-inch thick encyclopaedia and costly to publish. So, the answer to John is, “No, not at the moment.” There are so many areas from a person’s chart that I have yet to explore.


John: I noticed your reading (analysis) is pretty acceptable, by and large, compared with many out in the market.

ACCURACYThanks John, for the compliment. I cannot comment on other trainers who taught different numerology methods (than my Elements of Numbers (EON) principles) as I have yet to see or read public case study articles from them. Furthermore, they have their individual purpose and goals in their teachings, like the phrase, “To each his own.” I started to conduct EON workshops and FEN classes to offset my research spending. The purpose is more for passion than commercialism for exploitation. That is why I have not conducted any class in 2016 yet as I have other urgent projects to handle. My passion is not restricted only to the classroom, which is why I make it a point to post articles whenever I could, on the continuing learning process. My articles are freely accessible to allow anyone, including non-students to learn something useful. It also acts as a reference to my style of teachings – that I’m passionate about imparting the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles without hesitations. It is difficult for me to compare my teachings with others as I’ve always considered myself first as a researcher and developer (software) which requires a different set of discipline from a person who only teaches. Furthermore, I’ve published my own book and post regular articles; a task that calls for passion, time and effort, commitment, and dedication. Something I hope other trainers could do, likewise, to benefit everyone.


John: Your explanation on the matching of time and birth chart is also acceptable. As no one can prove the outcome of this Science of Mathematic in this regard. We can only experiment, and that may take years to really come up with a proven answer. Numerology involves the energetic and vibration of frequency and numbers in our life’s time. This is just my personal opinion.

Time of BirthI decided to incorporate my knowledge in certain Chinese Metaphysics systems and years of experience in developing metaphysic software to explore and formulate the Time of Birth (TOB) chart. John is not the only one who commented positively on my TOB method. The TOB formula might not be the best, but a suitable one I had so far, that allows me to look beyond a person’s birth chart, and identify extra clues to innate traits and behaviours.

I noticed increasing visitors from certain country clusters checking out my articles. Feel free to email me (at SunTzu2796@gmail.com) with your profiling questions, just like how John did knowing he can start his self-discovering journey now. I will post your questions as case study articles on this site, whenever possible. If you know other numerology methods, you’d be surprised how familiar but yet different the Elements of Numbers (EON) system is.

Have fun. Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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