Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

No, today’s article is not about predicting who will be the next 45th United States president. Let’s leave it to the Americans to decide who they want to be their leader and safeguard the national interest.

I recently received a WhatsApp message from a friend who wrote that there is high chance one of them would win the presidential election. I replied, “need to plot the charts again and see. You also need to look at individual Election Day charts for both. At the same time, look and compare their Combined Relationships against Election Day too.

As I will be describing numbers in specific locations in the EON chart, it is equally important for you to know where the locations are, to avoid confusion. If you’re unsure, or new to the EON principles, I’d recommend you to buy a copy of my book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” at major local bookstores like Kinokuniya, Times, and selected Popular Bookstore outlets. You can also refer to this link on how to order the book online, or purchase from me direct.

CaseStudy_HillaryClintonThere are obvious signs on the EON chart for Hillary Clinton suggesting a person with traits like selective listening habits, sensual, intuitive, perfectionists, critical, temperamental, and is always thinking of planning the next move. From an extended EON interpretation, the 9-3-3-6-3-9 could suggest [Visions – Fast – Impatience – Stability – Quick – Success]. This implied she is a “cut-the-crap” person who’s more inclined to focus on immediate or short-termed results than long-termed goals. It’s like presenting her strategy to resolve or stabilise the current crisis than talking about her hopes and plans to work on the American visions.

There are obvious signs on the EON chart for Donald Trump suggesting a person with strong cognitive intellectuals, self-sacrificing, egoistical, and always talk about his plans and visions (2-4-6). The multiple sets of 6s in locations PQUX is suggesting some form of extreme mental, political or financial responsibilities, stabilities, and management. The hidden 8 in H4 location is suggesting a crazy-busy approach towards transforming his plans. His PY2016 chart is suggesting relentless talks about his visions and plans to stabilise the country’s uncertainties (2-9-2-2-4-6).

When Hillary and Donald are together, there is nothing much to talk about as there seem to be obstacles and frustrations. Check the 2-5-7-3-9-3 [Talk – Obstacle – Support – Critical – Vision – Tempers] pattern in their “Relationship / Compatibility Chart.” This further reinforced the signs that fiery sparks might fly off with an emotional outburst when both are trying to communicate with each other, especially to agree on common goal. This means both are normally at loggerheads on a hypothetical case if they are in a personal relationship. The multiple 5s (in locations N, H4, and H5) denotes stubborn attitude and unwilling to change and adapt, similar to the phrase, “to each his own” interpreted from a negative perspective.

CaseStudy_DonaldTrumpOn 8 Nov 2016, both are facing the 4-5-9-5-4-9 pattern together, which could imply some form of [Plan – Obstacle – Success – Obstacle – Plan – Success]. This means both have been creating obstacles and stumbling blocks towards the other party, to negate the opposition’s vision plans and indulging in character assassination.

Donald is facing a “Double Effect vibe on his PY2016 if he competes in person with Hillary as their “Compatibility Year Chart (2016)” also shows the 2-9-2-2-4-6 pattern. Could that day be a “Double Blessing” moment for him, or a “Double Whammy” instead? The multiple 9s in Hillary’s PY2016 chart is suggesting nothing matters to her except the success she aspired. Could she be blinded by success and become a victim of her own success, fighting competitively and forgotten about the humility?

The eventual day (8 Nov 2016) is special too, with the 1-9-1-1-2-3 which could imply [One Person – Success – Leader – Alone – Communicate – Action]. What this implies is that there can only be one person who can succeed to become the leader of the country – the president. And it is this people-appointed president who can then get things moving by carrying out his or her promises for the country.

CaseStudy_HillaryClinton_DonaldTrumpHillary has the 1-3-4-7-5-3 pattern in her Combined Day chart. This could imply a day where she would simply shut off her ears (remember her selective listening habits?) from negative comments or information, or avoid direct answering questions that could further implicate her; and that could create potential carelessness or legal implications. Donald has the 3-2-5-7-8-6 pattern in his Combined Day chart. This could imply a day of fast talking (critical dialogue) that could create opportunities (or challenges) on his visions, and the need to focus on his self-sacrifice sincerity towards his supporters to stabilise and resolve the country’s current domestic and international issues.

So who will eventually be the winner and become the 45th United States president? Let the Americans decide their preferred choice. And for the rest of us, there might be tell-tale signs that could forecast the potential candidate, especially when you interpreted correctly. Could the winner be the one who receives more sympathy votes, the one who seemed to be more responsible, the one whom Americans think is more trustworthy or prefer taking risk and gamble on, or the one who talked facts and hit the hard truth? Here’re some clues for those keen on analysing – look at the Day’s chart again, and observe the Universal and Personal Day interactions. Then determine the eventual outcome in locations P-Q-R.

One more hint… I have so far focused on the persons, both Hillary and Donald, and their charts. There is one important aspects that we should not neglect when forecasting who will be the president of a country, that is, the need to plot the country’s chart as well. With additional charts on hand, there are supplementary clues that might help you identify who the eventual winner shall be.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


(Updated 10/11/2016. Amended 58th to 45th)


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