4-8-3 in Combined Date & Time Chart


I received an email from Peter, who is residing in Indonesia. Peter was happy to own a copy of my book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” as it helped him to profile more people. Peter wrote, “In the Birth and Time Charts, I didn’t see the 4-8 pattern present, but in the Combined Date and Time chart, I see many 4-8 or 4-8-3 patterns. Does it mean the person has very complicated relationship problem?

I replied to Peter, “The complicated relationship is just one of the many characteristics associated to 4-8-3 (483) or 8-4-3 (843). Generally, we shouldn’t be too worried about the 483/843 patterns, like what many students learned from their PON/UCMHP trainers, i.e., divorce. That is at extreme cases. The Time of Birth provides extra clues to a person’s less-obvious traits, something you might not have noticed upfront. The Combined Date and Time of Birth provide even more clues to a person’s innate traits. So in your case study, the person might be a fast or sweet talker, but an impatient guy. The moment he feels agitated or needed to repeat what he is saying again, his “true colours” will surface. That’s where the 843/483 traits will manifest and be displayed.

I told Peter I would post a case study article here. My intent is to help him learn to profile a person from the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective. I wanted him to try to correlate the traits I’ve mentioned to the numbers that are present in Rajah’s EON chart.

CaseStudy_RajahLet’s look at Rajah’s chart. Besides being a fast talker, there are signs suggesting a person with traits like stuttering, critical, sarcastic, stubborn, and manipulative to the extent of getting others to volunteer themselves to help him achieve his goals. From an extended EON technique, Rajah is intuitive and has spiritual and/or religious senses, and his sexual senses might be high, especially this year (2016). As Peter did not disclose who Rajah is, there is a likelihood of Rajah redirecting his energetic and passionate vibes towards mental-invoked or religious pursuits.

Rajah needs to be mindful of his diet and cut down on sugary and high carbo food and drinks. Better still, reduced the urge to smoke and consume alcoholic drinks if he’s currently binging on such habits. Otherwise, the tendency of having diabetic related conditions might surface, if it’s not already happening. Rajah is a smart guy, and might have scored good results in his studies. If he isn’t, then it means there are strong influences that he might have faced in his schooling days preventing him from focusing on his studies, or intentionally refusing to study because of his rebellious nature.

BANNER8Rajah is also blessed with the street-smart genes, with the ability to find out the best of anything he needs and wants. However, that smartness (academic and resourcefulness) might create some form of self-egoistical attitudes and high expectations towards others. That’s where he might become impatient and make sarcastic remarks of others, like being “slow in doing things” or taking a longer time than usual. He has the warm, eloquent, charismatic, and chatty nature upfront. However, when invoked or feeling obstructed, the innate traits might surface, and that 843/483 characteristics became strong and obvious. It’s like creating a confusing personality, like someone who has mood swing attitudes. One moment he is caring and sociable, and the next moment he is shouting out loud, sarcastically with hurtful words. Using an analogy, he is like the burning candle lighting up many people’s life; nevertheless, when the candle feels at threat, it could trigger its worst behaviour – start a wild fire and hurt others.

Rajah must learn to self-control his emotions and tempers, if he wants a win-win lifestyle. Otherwise, those who helped him would be the one who would hurt or sabotage him, much like the popular phrase, “Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.” Rajah must hydrate himself more as he could often be feeling thirsty or dehydrated. In addition, the anxiousness and anxiety state is making him even more temperamental.

EDUCATIONIn my previous FEN (Five Elements Numerology) Advanced class, I shared the “Parental Health” sign in class and taught students how to identify them. In Rajah’s case, his father’s health (if he’s still alive) might be weak this year. Perhaps it’s just a case of prolonged cough, flu, or sickness due to the weather. Maybe his father could not sleep well as he’s worried over Rajah?

Whatever it is, and whoever Rajah is, what I have shared so far is just some of the advanced techniques you’d learn in my FEN class. What I have shared is mainly to address Peter’s question on the 843/483 patterns in Rajah’s chart. And as many students would know, I like to provide extra observations and insights on other traits that are present in the chart, usually at the spur of the moment when my intuitive thoughts are working. More often than not, it’s also to allow you to distinguish the difference in profiling techniques and capacities between the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles with the other methods like PON and UCMHP.

Getting the book and profiling more case studies is a good start, to get you to understand others to a greater degree; and in turn, to empower you to control your emotions and change to a better positive mindset once you know your true self.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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