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Melissa was concerned about her daughter’s well-being and health. In her recent email, she wrote, “my daughter Sheila now lives in another country due to a bad and abusive relationship breakup with her boyfriend. We have not heard any news from Sheila for almost two years. When she finally called us, her boyfriend was angry and left her. Sheila became lonely and stressful, and had anorexia symptoms.

It is important for Sheila to seek professional medical help to reduce her painful relationship experience, and her unhealthy eating disorder symptom. There is so much we can do in terms of profiling, but when someone is at a ‘experiential’ stage, it is important and urgent to take action fast, to get rid of past resentment and instead, reinforce the mindset positively, and bring back the confidence level the person once had.

Sheila is both an intelligent and resourceful person, who can excel in her studies, especially when she was young. If her academic results were bad then, it might be more of a rebellious action because of her prideful and stubborn nature, and not the difficulty in her studies. She is also an intuitive (and spiritual) person who doesn’t mind sacrificing her time and resources, including financials, for the sake of others. There are tendency signs suggesting while she is an intellectual person, her gullibility towards other people are strong. Perhaps, as they said about love being blind, she was too trusting and readily accepting people’s views without thinking about her own benefits. Her abusive boyfriend could have recognised the good traits and took advantage of her gullibility, all for the sake of love.

casestudy_sheilaA person’s character, behaviours, and habit are a formation of actions that starts from childhood state. There are signs that suggest Sheila might be sheltered with abundance of love from her father. Sadly, it is not that the kind of paternal or family love she needs, but the material love she got instead. Her father, being a businessman, could have been busy building up his career (overseas?), and instead of spending quality time with his family, might have indirectly pampered her with “what she wants.” Sheila’s mother, on the other hand, might have created a ‘heated and unpleasant’ atmosphere at home, and leaving Sheila to become independent from a young age.

What Sheila needs is family love, and someone she can talk and confide to. Perhaps that is what her previous boyfriend did – to “care” for her, to show his “concern and understanding“, and to convince her that he is the only one that matters to her, and there is the little point in contacting her parents since they are busy and couldn’t “care and do” much for her. Although Melissa did not share much about Sheila, there are tendency signs suggesting Sheila might have experienced what I have mentioned earlier, including her lack of parental love. What Melissa and her husband can do now is to reinforce their love for their daughter, and help Sheila get back on her feet, full of confidence and with healthy eating habits.

The 8-8-8 pattern is present in Sheila’s Personal Year (PY) 2016 chart. This implied stressing times for her this year. With the 8-9-8-8-7-6 pattern in locations M-N-O-P-Q-R of her PY 2016 chart, it denotes the need to accomplish her visions, at the expense of self-sacrificing herself. We could associate that to [Busy – Success – Responsibilities – Working Hard – for Others – Home/Money]. In short, she’s busy working hard, for the money, to ensure her supporter (boyfriend?) is happy. Sheila’s bad experiences could have started around 2013 as she was facing the “Double Effect Year” vibes, with the 8-6-5-2-4-6 pattern in her PY2013 chart. These could have triggered the urge for a “fatherly love” or a male companion who could help her carry out her plan to be loved, or start a family life. The 8-7-6-4-5-9 pattern in her PY2014 chart could suggest some form of risk, challenging times for Sheila, and her frustrations and stressing moments might have aggravated in 2015, with the 8-8-7-6-6-3 patterns in her PY2015 chart. That could suggest double-stressing times for the sake of her boyfriend. It might be related to the 6-6-3; that is, quick money. She might have built up the confidence and courage in 2015 (or early 2016) and sent a distress signal to her parents.

DO_BETTERIn the Five Elements principles and the elemental cycle, Earth produce or support Metal, and strong Metal will exhaust or weaken Earth. As we could correlate the Earth element to the digestive systems, and the Metal element to the mental thoughts, this could imply Sheila was constantly thinking and worrying, putting her hunger aside. Over time, the thoughts overruled the hunger, and eventually it manifested the “anorexic” habit. Besides that anorexic symptom, it is important that Sheila overcomes her anxiety and unhealthy worries. She also needs to take up some form of exercises to strengthen her breathing and respiratory systems, as there are signs of hyperventilation and breathlessness (at times) that might affect her liver and kidney. Melissa and her husband might want to encourage Sheila to go for a thorough medical health check to ensure her health is at a good state. Of course, as said earlier, what Sheila needs now is parental love and support.

It is equally important for Sheila to put aside the resentment and not to tweak her goals, to the extent that she must not repeat past mistakes. Not every male friend is like her former boyfriend. She shouldn’t be so hypersensitive and started grouping which male friends she should socialise. The multiple 1-8-9 (8-1-9) is present in her PY2017 chart, and that means some form of perfectionist traits. As long as she’s aware of nothing’s perfect, and it’s OK to make mistake and not be pressured to get the best, ideal boyfriend.

Sheila might be obsessed in making plans and getting them right. What she needs is to prioritise and focus on the plan that matters to her most. It’d be great for her to execute the most important plan and see it to fruition. Although she might easily get distracted, it is important to stay focused to ensure her plan is carried out from start to completion.

Let’s hope Sheila can recover fast, be healthy and strong again, and have someone who loves her as much as she loves him. And someone whom she wants to marry and live together as lifelong companion and spouse.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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