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Now that Duterte has clarified the confusion over his “separation from United States” statement according to this Yahoo online page, let’s look at the man himself and see if we can gather tendency signs correlating to his working style, taunting behaviours, and personality.

ready_to_changeThe intent of this article is not to identify probable traits but rather, to correlate his publicly-known character and behaviours with the numbers and patterns in his EON charts. As this is a Part-2 article, you might want to check out the earlier Part-1 article, “Philippines and America” if you haven’t already done so.

Let’s begin by analysing Duterte’s EON Birth chart first. The 1-3-1-9 pattern (locations I-J-K-L) could reflect the [Self – Critical – Prestige – Vision] tendencies. What this suggest is a person likely to be more self-centric about his mental thoughts and feelings, and aren’t afraid to criticise others unhesitatingly. The ‘prestige’ is not about boastfulness and the egoistic leadership-like qualities. Instead, it’s the pride of achievement that “what’s wrong should get corrected, and he has just done that” kind of feelings, and to attain the goals he has envisioned. And since the 1-3-1-9 pattern is located at the “head” section and ages 1-20 level, it could imply Duterte might have such perspective and mentally-charged thoughts since young.

casestudy_duterte_2016_2017From another angle, we could interpret the 4-1-5-6-9-6 pattern as having the [Plan – Alone – Obstacle – Principles – Achievement – Stability] vibes. This imply he tends to act alone, strategising his moves with minimal consultation with others. Due to the strong self-principled thoughts, he prefers doing thing “in his own way” to attain the goals for better outcome. The signs suggest he prefers to spend less time on trivialities and more on what matters. And in his capacity as the president of his own country, his goals include resolving his country’s internal and political stabilities, and forging better friendships with other countries for better economic and trade growth.

There are signs in his Birth Code suggesting he should change his tactics – to create constructive dialogues with others; to focus and be clear in his message to others to avoid confusion and misinterpretations; and to align with his intellectual thoughts. This means the necessity to keep cool and remain calm, be less critical or blunt in his words, and to be more empathetic and diplomatic. He has the “selective listening” habit present in his chart, and the OCD-like tendencies too. Furthermore, the 4-8-3 (locations M-H2-J) could have somehow affected his EQ and create strained relationship effects on him. That could be why many people dislike his behaviours and/or misinterpret his true intentions.

On health matters, Duterte must take care of his respiratory and immune system. As the number 5 could inhibits the energies from surrounding numbers 1 or 6, it created a strong metal-cutting effect. There are tendency signs of having pneumonia-like symptoms, breathlessness, sleep apnea, and excessive mental worries. At extreme cases, it could trigger stroke-like symptoms if he don’t control his emotions and temperaments. On the other hand, it could imply medical operations, hence the “metal-cutting” effect. In the Five Elements principles, strong Metal will repel Fire. This means he must go for regular cardiovascular health checks if he desires to stay longer and create a positive-impact legacy.

Double Blessing or Double WhammyThere are just far too many emotional tensions in Duterte’s PY2016 chart, and that suggest even stronger strained communications with others. At extreme end, the 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3) could give rise to divorce or separations. And perhaps, these could have unconsciously “triggered” him to make frequent taunting statements toward others, including the United States. Duterte must be extremely careful now as he’s facing the “Double Effects Year” energies in 2017. As periodic energies are transient and constantly moving, there are possibilities he might have already been influenced by the 2017 energies since we’re now in the last quarter of the year. In a “Double Effect” year, your behaviours and actions could determine the outcome whether you can experience a year mainly having positive “Double Blessing” or a year mostly filled with negative “Double Whammies.” When he could take charge to control his emotions and temperament, consciously have constructive cohesive dialogue with others, and exercise regularly (including doing meditation or other self-relaxing and calming activities), he would attract the positive energies for better outcome next year. He might look strong and healthy, but the health signs are suggesting the need for vigilance to avoid manifesting the health symptoms.

casestudy_duterte_philippinesI’ll now share the “extended method” of analysing I have mentioned in the Part-1 article, “Philippines and America.” For politicians and president of the country, we could check the “emotional attachment” of the person to his country. In this instance, we could plot the “Relationship / Compatibility” chart of Duterte and Philippines. The obvious signs are these – the multiple 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3) and 1-8-9 patterns. The 1-8-9 signifies many different traits, and the common ones include the perfectionist mindset. This means Duterte already knows what he must do to pursue his goal regardless of the consequences. The 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3) are suggesting he isn’t concerned about impending separations from others when carrying out his plans to attain his targets. Could that contributed to his forceful approach to battle against the drug dealers and criminals, and taking drastic measures when these people resisted arrest or rebelled? I don’t know but the tendency signs are there in his combined chart.

There is one less obvious number in his chart that I’ve missed out earlier while analysing his charts, but caught my attention while drafting this article. The number 7 (location H5) in his “Relationship / Compatibility” chart with Philippines. That could suggest that for him to realise his multiple plans (number 4), he needs the the Philippines citizens to support him. Now, check the “Compatibility Year Chart (PY2016)” – it’s showing another “Double Effect Year” chart. That implies Duterte must take careful measures to protect his health (and possibly, life) while at work and during his personal times. There are much hatred around albeit the many supportive followers.

Whatever it is, the Philippines people can decide if they want to support Duterte and help him with his “clean-up” plans, or face recurring years of economic and political uncertainty. Let’s hope for more political stability and economic security for Philippines, and better trade relationships among neighbouring countries.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun

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