Mental stress and migraines

healthI posted an article “World Mental Health Day“ on 8 October 2012, and shared my observations using the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles. That’s four years ago. I received an email last month from Ms Jennifer McGregor (from Public Health Library) who wrote, “As a medical student, I’ve seen the impact that mental health has on our overall well-being. We should all embrace our emotional health the same way we do with our physical health, so I appreciate sites like yours (and especially pages like this one: that encourage people to take charge of it.

Jennifer plans to write a reader-friendly researched article about mental health and asked if I’m keen on posting the article to this site. I responded and welcome her contributions, particularly when her articles could come handy to help us improve our physical and mental health from a medical perspective. You can apply the ‘remedial‘ steps to better your life, especially when you have many numbers 1 or 6 (both are of Metal element) present in your charts during a particular period. I have received Jennifer’s article and will post it soon. I look forward to receiving more articles from her.

Although there might be insufficient scientificevidence’ in profiling a person’s health tendencies from the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles, oftentimes, it might be easier to find the health signs to ‘non-scientificcorrelations when you give thought to the issues from another perspective.

EDUCATIONThe Five Elements metaphor is included in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practices for centuries. Understanding the elemental “cause-and-effects” could help isolate the problem analysis. Let me share a true story that happened to me. I’d migraine almost daily, a result of undue stressed from office politicking and “firefighting” in the late 90s. I went for a complete medical checkup, including the CT Scan. The doctor gave me the thumbs-up sign and confirmed I’m healthy. I was happy for a little while until the migraine kept coming back. About two years later, I decided to go for another medical check-up. Once again, the specialist doctor checked and confirmed I’m OK and suspected my migraine might have been caused by work stress. During my conversation with the doctor, I shared an observation. I have not experienced migraine after drinking a bottle of probiotic cultured milk a day. I noticed the remarkable differences consciously and decided to stop drinking the probiotic milk to see if there was an impact. A few days later, the migraine made a comeback. I then continue drinking the probiotic milk, and expectedly, my migraine was gone. Again, the doctor could not find any relevance other than emphasising my migraine was due to work stress. He then suggested I continued drinking the probiotic milk since it helps. I was prescribed with paracetamol tablets, something I’d often refrained from taking unless it is really necessary when the pain was too hurting and unbearable.

HEALTHI started attending Chinese Metaphysics classes in 2004, and learned the Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny) which encompasses the “Five Elements” metaphor. That’s when I discovered the “root cause” to my frequent migraines in the mid-90s. To the doctors who studied Western medicine, it’s all about stress. Nevertheless, to the medical doctors and professionals who’re also qualified in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), stress can be originated from deficiency in different body organs. In my case, it’s related to my digestive problems. Drinking the probiotic milk aids in digestion and improving bowel movement. My migraine was no longer a daily experience ever since then. These days, when I had a slight migraine, I’d control my emotions, tempers, and stress, and put myself in ’relax’ mode. If these steps don’t work, I know I could just drop by at the local supermarket to buy my probiotic milk drinks, minus the paracetamol tablets.

That’s one main reason why I’d incorporated the Five Elements metaphor into my enhanced numerology method, hence the introduction of the “Elements of Numbers” (EON) method. You must learn beyond the traits associated with the numbers. You must understand the underlying reasons causing specific health conditions to surface and affect a person. The numbers in a chart don’t lie, but they don’t reveal much. Associating traits or behaviours to specific number patterns is insufficient. It’s like telling you the 4-8-3 pattern would create quarrelsome vibes, and could lead-up to divorce, separation, or poor EQ problems. When you understand the underlying reasons by applying the EON method, your observational skills change. You recognise the “cause-and-effect” leading to the quarrelsome vibes. You noted fiery emotions in the 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3) pattern – the number 4 being a Wood element (emotions); and the numbers 3 and 8 being a Fire element (like critical, destructive, fiery outburst, and tempers). You realised that understanding the elements is more important than identifying the number pattern. Using an analogy, it’s like knowing the symbol of a STOP sign, and not understanding why it was painted in red colour; and why they use a consistent typeface (font) in many countries to denote a warning signal. That’s one of the reasons many students discovered the differences and advantage after attending my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes.

health_wealthSo the “World Mental Health Day” for 2016 has just passed (10/10/2016) lact month. Even so, that doesn’t mean you can neglect looking after your mental health. It’s an ongoing health regimen you must seriously practice, for your own good.

Not all migraines are caused by poor digestive conditions, like in my case. These days, I took the probiotic milk occasionally more of a healthy drink. I have since learned to manage my stress levels. Don’t get too excited if drinking probiotic milk doesn’t help reduce your migraines. There could be other deficiencies in your body system. Profile your charts and identify the probable element manifesting your health symptoms.

Until then, don’t stress up and worry unnecessary. Binge drinking and heavy smoking could also cause mental, immune, and respiratory problems. And just in case you aren’t aware, these health symptoms are all correlated to the Metal element.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


Updated (4 Nov 2016) Check Jennifer’s article: 3 Steps to Take When Helping a Mentally Ill Loved One


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