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I received an email request from Megan who wrote, “Can you check the career and possibly, the relationship aspects for a colleague?” Megan’s colleague (let’s call him Royston) is leaving the company to pursue his own interest. Royston wants to pursue a new career life to be an NLP mentor and coach; and wishes to know how he could manifest the positive energies around, for better career and love relationship.

casestudy_roystonThe first remark I had after plotting his birth chart was, “Oh no, not another chart with multiple 9s!” I’ve posted articles on birth charts with multiple 9s like the ones below where you can read through too:
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Let me share my observations on Royston’s EON chart, from the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles. Before I continue further, bear in mind that what you’re about to read does not imply Royston would inhibit all the traits mentioned. A person’s current behaviours, habits, and attitudes are influenced by the self-beliefs and perspectives formulated from working experiences, social lifestyle, family upbringing and living environment, and education during their formative years. This means Royston might not inhibit or display the traits mentioned as he could have unconsciously manifested the positive vibes beneficial to him.

The perfectionist mindset and attributes are strong, and these could inspire him to pursue higher goals relentlessly. In a way, he could attain the success needed, but when complacency overrules the humbleness, he could indirectly become a victim of his own success. The fear, envy, expectations, high demand on others, and kiasu-ism (a Singapore slang meaning “afraid to lose”) might manifest the competitive, arrogance, and scheming attitude.

desireLet’s check out the relationship aspect. There are tendency signs suggesting Royston’s relationship with others are either in competitive mode, or the fear of losing out. The multiple 9s is akin to Royston being constantly in the company of other equally successful people. However, like a tree among the many trees in a densely-populated forest, there is this competitive and survival instinct – the urge to be at the highest, the pride, and the feelings of being on top of the world. This means the contentiousness and tenacity are very strong, besides the aspirations, visions, and future-looking attitudes. Generally, there might be deceiving smiles around as others are on guard, cautious and scheming; and the relationships might be superficial or cordial than truthful. Royston must take extra care as there are ample backstabbers and gossipers envious and jealous of his abilities, passions, and capacities for achievements. While he might look successful in his social circles, the love bond with a woman companion might be weak. Although there are tendency signs of woman companions ‘coming‘ into his life sometime late last year or early this year, I noticed it is more like the “candle in the wind” where the flickering flame of the tiny candle is showing signs of extinguishing. In other words, though there are the desires to pursue the relationship further, there wasn’t strong hunger to advance the relationship. Alternatively, it could be he wasn’t really “interested” or was distracted by other more “meaningful” pursuits that could better his life purpose. Could this imply he prefers platonic female companion than a lifelong spousal partner? Nobody knows for sure, except Royston himself. Anyway, he needs to put in more sincerity and extra effort if he wants to enjoy a wonderful love relationship.

Numbers & HealthOn health matters, there are signs of consequential effects on him. The extreme high aspirations, goals, and hopes could give rise to emotional stress and unnecessary mental worries. There are tendency signs suggesting these might be hidden signs unknown to him. On the upfront, he might portray a confident and competitive person. However, deep inside, he might be cumulating excessive emotional vibes awaiting to ‘explode’ any time. He needs to cut down on sugary food and binge drinking to lower his blood sugar level. I’d encourage Royston to go for regular medical checkups, and MRI or ultrasonic scans, if necessary, to ensure he is in a fit and healthy state externally and internally. At the same time, he should explore the possibility of taking up meditation and other self-relaxing or calming exercises. This way, he can take charge and control his emotions and tempers. From EON perspective, it is important he maintains a healthier lifestyle as there are signs suggesting he might belong to the high-risk group of people with cancerous tendencies. From the Five Elements principles, strong Wood could affect Metal, which means the possibility of mental stress, especially this year as his PY2016 chart is suggesting he is facing a “Double Effect” year. What this implies is everything appears in duplicate proportions, including the good and bad ones. It could bring on the “Double Blessing” effects in many cases, and it could lead-up to “Double Whammy” outcomes too.

EDUCATIONNow, on his career aspects. The “Double Effect” vibes happening this year could have triggered the mental thoughts, worries, and innovative ideas. That could imply Royston’s action to resign from his current career could have accelerated this year, or began as early as late last year. His career change is timely, and there are positive signs. His career elements are enjoying favourable influences too. As we associate the Metal element to intellectual stimulation, Royston’s interest in pursuing NLP mentorship and coaching courses could bring positive outcomes. The 4-2-6 pattern in his PY2018 chart is suggesting the [Plan – Talk – Money] vibes. This means his plan to be an NLP mentor and helping others to become a positive person could materialise. Eventually, it means a successful and profitable career for him within the next few years.

Royston has the numbers 4 and 5 as his “missing numbers.” This suggested working harder on the attributes related to these numbers – the need for him to plan carefully and thoroughly, and the importance for humility and staying focused. Royston is more of an academic-inclined person; someone with book-smart genes which suggest little cognitive obstacle for him to build the NLP knowledge. Royston must lower his expectation as the perfectionist traits might deter him from experiencing the full benefits along the journeys of success. By understanding and recognising that nothing is perfect always, and accepting the fact no one is flawless each time, it’d help him to focus and carry out his plan timely instead of pondering and hesitating whether to get into the act or not.

nlp_eonSome of my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students and readers who bought my book (Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling) are NLP professionals. I know some of them are staying in neighbouring countries like Indonesia. I’m happy they have successfully combined the EON principles to enhance their NLP teachings, profiling, and consultations. Before Royston can apply the EON techniques to complement the NLP coachings, he needs to control his emotions and tempers, and lower his expectations. It is ideal that he avoids taking short cuts or looking for quick success as the 3-6-9 pattern [Fast – Money – Success] attribute is present in his natal chart. Apart from having frequent unrealistic aspirations, he is inspired and perhaps, motivated by short-termed material benefits.

As we could also associated the number 9 to compassionate activities, Royston can redirect the excess energies towards humanitarian and charity projects, by optimising his NLP knowledge and skills to help others improve their lives and enjoy more positive tomorrows.

Let’s wish Royston all the best in his new career and relationship.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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