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I received an email from Lauretta, who wrote, “I’m writing again to seek your kind opinions to see if there is more I should take note on. I’ve recently met two guys whom I’m considering getting into a relationship with. I’m really seeking for a long-term and ideal marriage partner here. I understand the 2-7s are stronger this year thus I’m also worried that the romances are once again just superficial.

Lauretta previously wrote to me about her woes around two years back, and in her recent email, she wrote, “Am still one of my regular readers. I’m glad the emotions have somewhat been controlled so far.

There are limits to what I can do, or for that matter, what other counselling or psychology professional can do when persuading a person to follow our advices. We can only advise the person to ‘follow the suggestions” to achieve the desired outcome. Whether they carry through the advice or not, is entirely up to them. In EON profiling perspective, I could only suggest the person to take the responsibility to change their perspectives, fears, feelings, behaviours, and habits. I’m glad Lauretta have controlled her emotions, and encourage her to continue doing so.

Let’s briefly revisit Lauretta’s chart again. The 3-8-4 (locations M-O-P) has similar vibes as the 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3) effects. As the patterns fall within the “internal influence” sector, it could imply Lauretta might not have totally controlled her emotions as she thought she did. She might not have let go past resentment, and the fear (and angst) could still have subconsciously remained in her mind. Thereby, it might create the critical and nagging habits, the stubborn behaviours and reluctance to accept imperfections could become a hindrance for her. No matter how “crazy busy” she is with chasing her relationship pursuits, things somehow might not come to fruition smoothly as expected. Perhaps what she needs now is a companion whom she can confide with, and someone whom she can enjoy the good times together. She should not hurry her thoughts into rushing him for marriage. Let the friendship flows naturally. Meantime, seeking a professional counsellor might come useful to identify the root cause that has been troubling her. They could have helped untie the knots to set her free from past resentments and unhappy memories.

Now, let’s assume Lauretta has controlled her emotions (and possibly, her tempers too), and is in good state of mind to advance with her life positively and confidently. Lauretta wrote, “Man #1 treats me really nice, and I feel he is a stable and committed guy. However, we seemed to have communication problems which I noted and took effort to improve our relationship better. Man #2 – seems to have many 2-7-9 combinations. Attraction level is definitely higher with him (than Man #1). Even so, I noticed there are 4-8-3 and 3-3-6 patterns in his DOB, and that sort of set me back.

Let’s check the “Relationship / Compatibility” chart for Lauretta and Man1 and see if we can identify signs that Lauretta noted. We could interpret the 7-8-6 pattern as [Supporter – Responsibility – Stability]. Perhaps Lauretta feels this way whenever she is with Man1 – the nice, stable, and committed guy. Are we able to identify the “communication problems” she had with Man1? Well, the relationship chart shows the cohesive energies when two people are together. To identify the root cause to the communication problem would require checking on their individual birth chart. That allows us to determine if certain characteristics or traits are present that could contribute to the communication gaps. Firstly, Lauretta can act to improve her tactfulness, lower her expectation, and put aside the “need to get married” thinking as she might be stressing herself unknowingly when they’re together. Perhaps, she can change her ‘tune’ and treat Man1 as a casual platonic friend first, and let nature takes its course, rather than rushing to pursue relationship commitments. Now, let’s analyse Man1’s birth chart. The 4-3-7 could suggest [Plan – Fast – Support] and that could imply he might have quick-thinking foresights, the ability to conceptualise fast on things to do, and the “no-crap” approach when supporting sensible ideas. That might be the “supportive” feelings Lauretta had while with him. However, I observed that he might be higher expectation, and that could have triggered occasional disagreements and squabbles – due to the presence of 3-7-1 pattern. Man1 might be enjoying material comforts and possibly rich, and he has similar 4-8-3 patterns too. That imply he might have negative and fearful experience during his youth, and these could forge strict self-beliefs that might influence his expectations on life pursuits and relationship commitments.

Now, let’s analyse the cohesive energies when Lauretta had with Man2. The 9-7-7-5-7-3 in the “Relationship / Compatibility” chart could suggest how Lauretta is feeling about him – “Attraction level is definitely higher with him as well.” The multiple 7s could denote over-friendliness, and these could create some form of usual social activities and high-living lifestyle when Lauretta and Man2 are together, and among his friends. The 5-7-3 pattern could imply over-spending of some sorts, perhaps in view of his frequent social-spending and pursuits of happiness. The multiple 5s could suggest while Lauretta feels comfortably with Man2, there is much profound mystery around him. It’s like the thoughts, of “I thought I knew him inside-out, but yet I realised I still don’t know him enough” feelings. I’m concerned the multiple 2-7 patterns might create false togetherness and insincere happiness as there is abundance of closed companions. It creates the impression of enjoying with friends at social or club gatherings rather than two people going on lovely-dovey dates together. Lauretta was worried about the 3-3-6 pattern (locations V-W-X) in Man2’s birth chart. I’m not sure what concerns she might have, other than the possible signs that he might be rich or financially-stable, and spend on things without second thoughts. That could have influenced the 5-7-3 spendthrift habits reflected in their “Relationship / Compatibility” chart. Conversely, the 3-3-6 could denote [Fast – Fast – Money], and that could also imply he’s frequently pursuing quick, short-termed success among his business circle of friends. Certainly, it could also imply a charismatic or sexually-attractive person too.

In subsequent emails, Lauretta wrote, “Sorry, just an observation that I’ve noticed. Male number 2 has the number 4-8 at the “private parts” section. I recall this is a tell-tale sign of homosexual. Gosh this is puzzling.” Indeed, it’s baffling to me too, especially on the 4-8 patterns and the “private parts.” Lauretta gathered that from a trial class she’d attended, that was conducted by someone else. I’ve nothing to comment since I have not yet linked such a pattern to a person with homosexual inclinations. However, Man2 does have signs of higher sexuality traits than Man1. That might also be due to Man2’s over-friendliness nature (multiple 2-7 patterns and number 7s), and it created the impression of Man2 having bisexual preferences.

I applied a new profiling step and plotted another chart (not shown here) as I was keen on identifying the energies (elements and patterns) influencing Lauretta’s confusing thoughts with the two men in her mind. The chart displayed the 4-1-5-6-9-6 pattern which we could interpret as [Plan – Alone – challenges – Stability – Success – Home]. That implies she might be planning alone, amidst the challenges and stumbling blocks, seeking lifelong partner to build a home where she can enjoy the wonderful family time together. Coincidentally, it suggested signs similar to what Lauretta wrote, i.e., “I’m really seeking for a long-term and ideal marriage partner here. I understand the 2-7s are stronger this year thus I’m worried the romances might again be just superficial.

It’s up to Lauretta to decide who her compatible partner would be – it could be Man1 or Man2, or someone else. Meanwhile, I’d suggest she put aside the pressure (of getting a marital companion) for the moment, and instead, gets on with her life to the fullest and enjoys the togetherness of others who likes their companionship. Marriage does not guarantee true, lifelong happiness until both parties are sincere and committed to make things happen; to accept and tolerate each other’s faults; and to embrace and pursue similar positiveness together as one loving couple. It takes time and effort to understand each other and adjust our expectations and tolerance. Having wonderful friends around, for the present moment, could reduce the boredom, loneliness, and sadness. Lauretta can be happy if she seeks to be happy. She has to remember… happiness comes from inside her and not from the circumstances around her.

A note to Lauretta – the choice is yours to make. Think carefully and don’t rush into any relationship that you might regret later. You can continue the relationship and treat Man1 and Man2 as social or platonic friends and “go with the flow.” Avoid being a “two-timer” as it’s unhealthy, stressful, and unethical. It might have caused more emotional and temperamental tensions. Join other gatherings for social networking, seek professional counselling help, if need be, to get in control over your emotions and set free from the fears and untie the knotted thoughts inside you. Even if you cannot find the man of your life today, just remember there are many caring and truthful friends waiting to share their joys and happiness with you. Who knows, you might find your loving partner among them sometime later. Have fun and enjoy the blissful moments… and happiness!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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