What’s in 2-6-4-8?

The “Two Steaks for Eight (dollars)” phrase comes to mind when I first noted someone searching for the 2-6-4-8 pattern recently on this site. In Singapore, it’s hard to enjoy a ‘western-style’ meal with two pieces of decent-sized steaks for S$8 at a local hawker centre. Just imagine the low profit the hawker could make? Whether or not the hawker is passionate about proving his culinary skills and eagerness to provide “good value” meals to his customers, there will be times to reflect on the sustainability of the business. Briefly, profitability and cash flow are important to the business to thrive, unless you’re running a charity organisation. It could lead to stress and emotional build-ups. And when need-to-survive rules the “value for money” passions, it might lead up to temperamental mood-swings and heated disputes with others. And the feelings of insecurity and uncertainties.

Now, putting the sentiments of the hawker aside, there are many similarities to the traits I’ve mentioned earlier to the 2-6-4-8 patterns. By using the visualisation techniques that I’ve always shared with previous FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students, it is easier to associate them into different keyword interpretations.

For instance, in basic keyword interpretations, we could associate them to [Talk – Money – Plan – Stress]. Does the talk about money, bringing about stressful planning appears like what the hawker faces when money becomes a major concern? Would that tempt the person to deliver the “Two Steaks for Eight (persons)” instead? Like shortchanging others via delusive advertisement.

I’ve just interpreted the positive and negative influences on the number pattern. Certainly, it’s not about money matters every time, as the 2-6-4-8 could suggest other meanings too. Let me share more observations by using similar analytical approach adopted for my earlier 6-1-1-6 article. Below is the four-column table consisting of some common traits of 2-6-4-8 pattern.

Talk. Communicate. Express. Sweet-talk. Feelings. Snaky. Kidney. Gossip Money. Materialistic. Home. Security. Stability. Respiratory. Mental. Plan.. Foundation. Visions. Emotional.
Fickle-mind. Fragile. Crafts. Caring.
Stress. Busy. Passion. Temperaments. Fiery. Hurting. Exhaustion.

To the security and law enforcement agencies, the 2-6-4-8 could imply [Talk – Security – Plan – Busy]. This could suggest telling the people about the security and enforcement plans, and requiring the citizens to follow the guidelines and act responsibly. These mean explaining the need for cooperation and getting everyone to stay in vigilance and calm; the need among the people to follow the guidelines (like be the “moving cameras”), and report to the police immediately should they spotted anything suspicious.

In the office environment where politicking is obvious but seldom reported, we could interpret the 2-6-4-8 as [Gossip – Money – Emotional – Hurting]. This means spreading rumours on a colleague having kickbacks, and frequently tend to become emotional and raising their voices each time they feel threatened at work. Conversely, it can imply [Talk – Whistleblowing – Plan – Busy] which basically means someone who decided to report on colleagues “conflict of interest” tasks at work, indirectly to the higher Management via whistleblowing method, resulting in almost everyone in the department fearing about being investigated or busy fine tuning workflow processes to prevent recurrences.

Of course, there’re many ways to interpret the 2-6-4-8 pattern, and the observations made would depend upon the area of identification. I’ve shared areas like office politics (rumour monger and whistleblower), passionate pursuits (hawker), and country’s stability and security (law enforcers). Now, if we probe the health aspect, we could interpret the 2-6-4-8 pattern as [Feeling – Mental – Emotion – Stress]. This could suggest a person feeling mental and emotionally got stressed up, like someone displaying traits correlating to hypersensitiveness, suicidal, or bipolar disorder. People frequently exhibiting such traits are aggravating their health conditions and could lead to strokes, high blood pressure and hypertension, and cardiac arrests when they cannot control their emotions and tempers.

Here’s more if you find there’re not enough interpretations and analogies. Well, let’s focus on less profound aspects, like checking out on a hardworking person. It’s like the feelings (2) and yearns to earn more money (6); and these require them to focus and fulfil their plans (4) relentlessly (8) until they reached their target or have achieved their goals.

Although it is handy to interpret the number patterns directly, it is often useful to identify the subconscious mind or indirect influence that might trigger a person to behave or act in certain ways. For example, if you know of a person with the similar 2-6-4-8 pattern in their chart (be they found on their birth chart or Personal Year chart), and agrees with what I’ve described earlier, you can still find out more underlying clues on the contributing reasons. Here’s one of them – the person doesn’t mind working harder to achieve instant successes, and would unhesitatingly change their plans frequently, if need be, just to reach their goals. This could imply hardheaded attitudes toward achieving their goals, for self-beneficial and self-fulfilment goals. In some way, the tendency signs are suggesting the person wouldn’t mind using hard tactics or manipulating others, to achieve the success needed. The possible sign I can think of is of an insecure and sensitive person with wavering thoughts and mood-swinging feelings.

I know it’s hard for those who couldn’t visualise what I’m describing earlier. It’s probable that you might be thinking I am actually spinning some stories here. Truth be told, you can always profile a friend’s chart, especially if they have the 2-6-4-8 patterns, and see if their current attitudes or behaviours are like many of those mentioned earlier in this article. You might be exposing or influenced by the traits mentioned, or inclined to exhibit them at later stage subconsciously if you aren’t aware of its effect. It can turn out to create a good outcome, and it can create bad ones too. The point is to recognise the traits and act on them accordingly.

Whatever it might be; it is important to the person, or even you, to stay calm and relax, and control your emotions and tempers to avoid accelerating health symptoms. Oh, by the way, you don’t just profile a person on the basis of the number patterns on their charts. You must analyse their charts in totality and look beyond the number patterns. There are extra clues you can discover or explore once you applied the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to analyse a person’s chart.

Until my next article, happy profiling…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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