What’s in 4-8-8?

At this wonderful time of the year, lots of people are celebrating in their own unique ways all over the world. Besides buying gifts, going overseas for holidays, pursuing some charity projects, doing homework or spring cleanings, some people preferred spending quality time meeting up with friends and relatives over the campfire or BBQ (barbecue) sessions. That’s where much useful information and unfounded gossips are shared through the grapevines.

Let’s check out a typical BBQ scenario – setting the fire with charcoals (as fuel), and see if we can identify familiar signs looking from inward (internally) and outward (externally) perspectives. I’ll begin from an external perspective. When the fire in the BBQ pit is too strong and few fuels left, we hurried to replenish the charcoal. We got excited, became tensely nervous, and feeling emotional when we realised there isn’t enough charcoal left to last the entire BBQ session. What are the probable feelings then? For some people, there could be temper arising, tension, squabbles, nagging, and heated disputes among those in attendance. And in another case, there might be “I told you to buy more…” accusations and ‘finger-pointing’ excuses at those assigned to the task. Eventually, many of them would get disappointed when they could not grill their favourite food (like the seasoned meat, satay, chicken legs, and sweet potatoes) and enjoy eating them. Gone are the moods – from happy and positive feelings to disappointment, stressed, and frustrations. From another perspective and to another group of people, it’s only some inconvenience as they could easily have dashed out to buy more charcoals. To them, it’s just some hiccups and delay, and nothing serious. And so there is hope, and everyone’s anxious to resume the BBQ grilling chores, eating, and talking moods.

Now, let’s look at the probable signs from an internal perspective, and that requires you to imagine you are the charcoal. You are the fuel for the fire, and everyone depends upon you. You feel proud but emotional tensed. You fear there wouldn’t be adequate charcoals to last the entire grilling session. So you started planning what to do, in case of any hiccup, or when the fire gets too hot and exhausted you. You don’t want the fire to burn you out too strongly and depleted you quickly. And when the fire finally started, you excite others with the warm glowing light. You displayed your best mood and abilities, and began grilling the food. And when the people placed more food on the wire-mesh platter (or barbecue grill mesh), you felt insecure and sensitive as you’re worried when the task becomes overwhelmed, you feared you cannot handle them anymore. You needed help (more charcoal) to distribute the workload evenly. Else, you might lose attention, and get emotional and temperamental in an uncontrollable state of the mind when you realised you’re depleting soon.

Imagination. Visualisation. If you can imagine and visualise how you might feel, internally and externally, from the scenarios mentioned in the earlier two paragraph, you’re on the right path to profile someone from wider perspectives. And with more clues, the chances of you identifying more traits and tendency signs are higher. If you still cannot visualise or correlate the BBQing and charcoal scenarios, don’t fret or worry unnecessary. You have come to the right place (yes, here!) where I can share more insights with you. That’s where you can improve your profiling analysis using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method and learned the “visualisation techniques” along the way.

So, what’s in the 4-8-8 pattern? Well, we can easily associate them using keyword interpretations as [Plan – Stress – Stress]. That means to say no matter how much planning you have done, you will still feel stressful and tensed up. It might not be because you planned badly, but the likelihood it’s a result of your attitude. You focused way too much on the end-result, and have overlooked to learn and enjoy the experience during the process. Consequently, you neglected or ignored issues of more importance and impetus, and instead pursued less trivial matters. In some cases, you blamed the fault on others for not forewarning you earlier. It’s all their faults and not yours, and you hastily began “finger-pointing” accusation excuses. You quarrelled with others, made blunt and sarcastic remarks, and nagged on past resentments. Your lack of good EQ finally shows, and others started to avoid talking to you. You became lonely, sensitive, and felt insecure as you’re concerned with loneliness. You wished to talk, flaunted your talents, and boast about your ‘limitless’ abilities. However, due to your temperaments and wanting everything fast and immediate, you lose attention and became judgmental. The chances of you getting what you desire, grows dim as you repeated the process again. You’re like the depleting charcoal in the BBQ scenario. That means, everything I’ve described right from the start of this article, is related to the 4-8-8 pattern!

From the Five Elements principles, we can associate the 4-8-8 as [Wood-Fire-Fire]. Oh no, that reminded me of the “inadequate charcoals with plenty of fire burning” effect, similar to earlier BBQ scenarios.What if you have the 4-8-8 pattern in your Birth chart, and have similar traits like those I have mentioned? How can you reduce or control the emotional stress within you, and what can you do to improve your behaviours, habits, and attitudes toward others? There are ample (and often, free) ways to resolve or dilute this negative vibes if you seriously mean to control or resolve them.

Now, let’s revisit the BBQ scenario again. When the fire in the BBQ pit gets too strong, some people would break the charcoal into smaller pieces, to spread the fire to other areas. Some people would quickly throw water to extinguish the fire, especially when they’ve finished grilling the food. Then there are other people who just left the fire burning in its current state, with no intention to add more charcoals.

In the above first action – breaking the charcoal into smaller pieces is like breaking the hardheaded mindset to disperse the emotional tension into less stressful hurts. This means the eventual outcome of feeling more relax, calm, tactful, and compose. There might be fewer pickiness, blunt, nagging, and fiery outburst. In the second action, when you stop to drink some water, you break the temperamental flow, and unfounded fears and insensitivities. In the Five Elements, we could associate Water element to a person’s feelings. Drinking water introduces some form of a momentum slowdown to reduce the wavy and insecure feelings. And when you paused to drink a full glass of water in the midst of a quarrel, the heated feelings would normally not be as strong as it was moments ago. The third action is like everyone getting out of the room, living you shouting alone in the room, with no one to argue with. It could imply nobody cares much about you or your squabbles, as they have more important tasks on hand. What this means is the need for you to be less self-centric and egoistical. You must apply consultative collaboration at work, gain the respect of others, and enjoy the teamwork effort and contributions from everyone.

Learning the Elements of Numbers (EON) method and practising the visualisation techniques takes little effort once you stop occasionally to drink some water. While you’re drinking some water, it could influence your thoughts – you can set aside the norms and assumptions that numerology profiling is exactly about numbers, and number patterns. Applying the science and power of the numbers is only one layer to the entire profiling analysis. You must include other elements of observations too, for more clues and tendency signs on the person’s charts. You’ll find it so refreshing knowing there are different ways to interpret the elements and numbers present in a chart.

That’s my quick observation on the 4-8-8 patterns on a person’s chart. If you have the pattern in your birth chart, the tendencies to exhibit them frequently are strong. If the pattern only appears in your Personal Year chart, then it implied you might display such traits around that year. Learn to control your emotions and tempers, and drink more water to cool down.

Remember the past is over, and there’s nothing you can do to change yourself, the world, or the events happened earlier. However, there is something you can do for the future – your tomorrow! And that means doing something important today. Do yourself a favour – start practising meditation, yoga, or other relaxing healthy exercises for holistic well-being. Don’t forget about healthy eating and moderate drinking! Oh, one more thing… strive to change your perspectives and attitudes too.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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