What’s in 6-1-1-6?

Someone searched for the 6-1-1-6 pattern recently on this site, and received a negative result. That’s not unusual as I have yet to cover all possible number combinations. It’d take much of my time and effort to share them all. Like describing the possible traits and tendency signs (health, career, etc.) for two-digit patterns like 1-1 to 9-9; three-digit patterns like 1-1-1 to 9-9-9; four-digit patterns like 1-1-1-1 to 9-9-9-9 combinations. Instead, I rather spent quality time to impart my analytical and observational skills, plus the techniques to identify underlying signs to number patterns, personally in my FEN classes. This way, you can assemble all discovered clues to aid in your analysis quickly.

You will discover there are different ways to unravel more clues from a series of numbers, rather than just speculate purely on pre-defined traits associated with specific number patterns.

For a change, I’ll touch base on the number sequence on an “as is” basis for today’s article, to illustrate what I meant in earlier paragraph. There are distinctive ways to interpret number combinations. Don’t worry if your observations are different from mine. And if they do, I hope you will learn something useful in this article. I’m taking a different sharing approach to make your learning today interesting, like putting sample keywords associating to the numbers 6 and 1, in a four-column table to present the 6-1-1-6 pattern.

Below are some of the traits associated to the individual numbers. I have placed them into four columns to represent the 6-1-1-6 pattern. Just randomly pick a keyword from each column and put them together as a word sequence.

Money. Mental. Materialistic. Home. Security. Stability. Respiratory. Alone. Leader. Self. Ego. Pride. Backstab. Blunt. Forceful. Innovate. Alone. Leader. Self. Ego. Pride. Backstab. Blunt. Forceful. Innovate. Money. Mental. Materialistic. Home. Security. Stability. Respiratory.

For example. I can analyse the 6-1-1-6 pattern using basic keyword associations, as [Money – Alone – Alone – Money]. The 6-1 could suggest the “No money, and I’ll not do anything” mindset, and perhaps, including the “If I don’t see or get the money, I’ll not support you” thinking. The 1-6 could suggest using or spending the money alone. It’s like describing a miser, or someone who prefers spending money for self-benefit reasons. When we pieced the 6-1-1-6 pattern together, it’s like describing a materialistic person who cares or works purely for the money, and a “penny pincher” who prefers spending the money selfishly. Briefly, the traits include miser, spendthrift, greedy, selfish, and capitalistic.

Using the random keyword from each column from earlier table, we could derive various interpretations on the 6-1-1-6 pattern, like [Home – Innovate – Pride – Money] and [Security – Leader – Forceful – Mental]. It’s up to you to decode and interpret what the 6-1-1-6 pattern can represent. To me, it could also imply a warm and homely person, or someone decorating their house regularly, or a person who likes organising parties and celebrations at home. They enjoyed doing all chores, usually because of financial status. Additionally, we could interpret that as a person forced to become a leader, and had to resort to use hard tactics to impose on others for the sake of security and stability control. Eventually, these stressful actions could create mental issues that might cause health conditions like mentally-charged emotions, headache and migraine, and perhaps, the breathlessness and sleep apnea symptoms.

Once you surpass the basic keyword associations, you’ll notice your observations would get more interesting. For instance, people with 6-1-1-6 pattern in their charts have a tendency to surround themselves in the company of others. And while there is an urge to speak up freely, they might find it a challenge to communicate their feelings and deliver their messages well across to others. This is partly due to their mental intellectual and innovative thinking. In simple words, it means they are occasionally on different “frequencies” as others.

On health matters, as the numbers 1 and 6 are Metal elements, this could imply easy exposure to accidental cuts on limps, medical operations, mental worries, anxiety, hyperventilating, kidneys and urology health conditions. And depending upon their birth dates, there might be the tendency for them to inhibit liver problems or hepatitis-related symptoms. Naturally, these are just on extreme cases as you still need to check the person’s chart for clarifications.

Now, assuming if the 6-1-1-6 pattern is on I-J-K-L locations of the birth chart, it implies the person might have split-personality tendencies. Beyond that, they will exhibit traits similar to the elements and numbers shown in the chart. These include the double 5-7-3 and 8-4-3 patterns, implying a spendthrift, careless, and poor EQ person. And not forgetting, a highly sexual person or someone who has frequent strong sex desires.

There are many more areas I can correlate on the 6-1-1-6 patterns, and I hope you have acquired some useful knowledge and profiling tips here. You can test your observations and EON knowledge if you have a copy of my book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” or have attended my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes or EON (Elements of Numbers) workshops. Get a copy of my book if you haven’t already bought them – it can help transform your mindset, behaviours and habits.

Meanwhile, I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and the many other articles I have posted earlier. Don’t keep it to yourself as all good things when shared, is doubled. Let them know they can improve their lives easily by visiting my site at www.ElementsOfNumbers.com

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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