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Many of my friends know I’m not as commercially competitive as other numerology trainers. I’m more of a researcher and coach rather than a commercially-profit trainer. From the feedback gathered, FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students love my teaching style, insightful profiling information, and captivating presentation slides, besides the regular articles posted on this site!

Anyway, I’ve encouraged participative learning from students in class. I love ‘real-time’ analysis as it’s beneficial to everyone in class – while I imparted my knowledge to the students, I’m also learning from their alternative views, and it widens my profiling horizons. I’ve always believed in illustrating how I’d analyse birth dates provided by the students in class, including explaining how I’d applied the various extended EON techniques in my analysis. It is partly one reason why I seldom conduct classroom-style preview talks – in that short period of time span (three hours?), it might be harder to conclude how you felt about the trainer’s passion and sincerity, beyond the presentation slides and preview information. The presentation style might be influenced by the time constraint too. At the very most, you could only “guesstimate” what you might learn in the actual class. It takes some time to observe a trainer’s style, and determine if you’ve found their teachings beneficial, logical, and practicable. That is why I prefer conducting “preview-on-demand” lessons where you can ‘attend’ at your own time, pace, and place, over a longer time-span. Just in case you aren’t observant enough, I’ve during the whole while been conducting regular preview lessons for many years – posting different case study articles where you can read and benefit, and gauge my teaching style.

Go ahead and attend the classroom-style preview talks from PON, UCMHP, and others, if you are compelled to. And while you’re at the preview class, makes it a practice to gather some clues on your self traits and personalities. Learn to plot your birth chart if the lessons are available. To become a good profiler, you must first build the observational skills and curiosity thinking. While you’re enjoying a fresh profiling experience, do interact with the trainer too. Ask profiling questions during the preview session or email them, and then observe their replies. Observe how the trainer answers your question, and if they’re willing to spend time later doing a preliminary case study. If questions can only be answered if you attend the actual class (and not during the preview talks or email replies), you have a pondering option to decide if you want to attend the class. However, if you get the answers during the preview talks or through email replies, you know you can make a comforting decision.

Alice attended the preview sessions conducted by different trainers from PON and UCMHP. From her email, I gathered she might not have comprehended the basics fully or misinterpreted what the trainers shared; or conversely, she received only basic information at the sessions. Alice wrote, “I am actually checking the birth chart for a friend and wondered what will he face this year (2017). So when I plotted the chart (12 Oct 2017), I noted the number pattern 7-5-3. It got me worried, especially when he did mention about debts, etc., which already happened in 2016 but has not ended yet. I was wondering if that means things will be bad.

Technically, plotting the birth chart of a person born on 12 Oct 2017 has similar patterns (i.e., the numbers 3-1-2-8 are found in locations I-J-K-L) to the specific Personal Year chart of someone else born on 12 Oct 1971. Even so, that is not the correct method of plotting a person’s yearly chart. As the information displayed in other essential charts differed between the two birth dates, it would affect your observations and judgement. Here’s one reality check – a person born on 12 Oct 1971 is 45 years old, at the time of this article posting. The other person has a future date of birth – 12 Oct 2017. Anyway, I might have misinterpreted Alice’s message when she mentioned plotting the chart for 12 Oct 2017. To avoid future misunderstanding, it’s recommended to plot the separate Personal Year 2017 (PY2017) chart of a person born on 12 Oct 1971. This helps eliminate assumption on the birth date, and allow us to plot the birth chart and other essential charts correctly. It also reinforced the importance of learning the right method instead of just assuming the “I know the basics now” thinking after the preview session. I’d suggest Alice to check out my book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for the proper steps to plot the differing charts, and read over the relevant topics on interpreting the different charts.

Now that I have “cleared” the earlier confusion, there’s another area of confusion regarding the placement of numbers in a chart. Take the case of Alice mentioning the 7-5-3 patterns in her friend’s chart. If you learned from other trainers, the locations and layout of the chart for S-T-U are different. The traits and potential outcomes of a person with 7-5-3 pattern are not entirely similar if you plot the birth date, and the chart shows the 5-7-3 pattern. Using basic keyword associations, we could decode the first set with 7-5-3 as [Support – Stubborn – Fast] and second set with 5-7-3 as [Stubborn – Support – Fast]. The first set of pattern might suggest a person having the stubborn nature only after communicating with others – like “I disagree with your views.” The second set is suggesting a more defensive and obstinate person who subconsciously forged the “don’t tell me as I’m not listening” or “Nah, it doesn’t matter since I know what I’m doing” mindset before communicating with others.

Nevertheless, there is another third area of confusion that Alice might have assumed. The 7-5-3 pattern is found in the S-T-U location of her friend’s EON birth chart. For easier reference, let’s name her friend as “John.” That means the 7-5-3 pattern is in the formative years‘ sector, and in the father’s sector too. What this means is that John has this 7-5-3 pattern “permanently” in his birth chart, which is also present in all his Personal Year charts, including in his PY2016 and PY2017 charts. When a set of number pattern is in the formative years’ sector, the person inclines to create some form of self-beliefs and expectations, forged through:
• their experience since young;
• the social living, culture, schooling, and environment during their childhood days; and
• the family values, ethics, and moral upbringing from parents during their growing-up years.

Such self-beliefs, including the perfectionist and arrogance traits, when applied regularly, could have become a habit, and it could influence John’s current behaviours and attitudes.

John’s debt issue is not an overnight symptom. Instead, the signs are suggesting it is an inbuilt habit that formed the traits of a careless person, and someone who is weak in money management. Put it in another way, John has the tendency signs of someone who usually spend more than he saves. Furthermore, the carelessness part could have attributed to his ignorance and gullible nature – believing what others said and not verifying the facts before making decisions. There are other tendency signs suggesting the principles minded John might also have the “selective listening disorder” symptoms, and these could have boosted his self-confident and pretentious nature. Eventually, this behaviours might have created the “I know what I’m doing” or “my hunch is right” thinking, and that could influence his carelessness attitude. The consequences – money loss or potential legal implications, especially towards financial matters.

Now, what you have read is just concentrating on the 7-5-3 pattern that might influence John’s behaviours and habits. There are other areas that could have strengthened (or hardened) John’s beliefs and spendthrift nature.

Look at the 1-8-9 patterns in his EON birth chart. His parents, and more likely towards his mother, could have inculcated the importance of becoming a perfect and social standing person. Henceforth, the importance of “study hard and have a well-paid job” advice. That could influence John to strengthen the book-smart intelligence during his schooling days. He’s a smart and academically-inclined person who might have done well in his studies; and probably likes doing things “by the book.” Even so, unknown to him, he’s also like a person who dared not explore his subconscious desire, or doubted his abilities, especially during his youth – to optimise the resourcefulness of the 4W1H (Why, What, Where, When, and How) aptitudes. I hope he has overcome this fear today.

John is now 45 years-old today. His character, behaviours, and habits might have changed through the years but not entirely. It’s just like the phrase, “a leopard can never change its spots.” Nevertheless, we do know a leopard breed in a zoo since birth is inclined to have different behaviours and eating habits than another leopard born in the wild forest. Likewise, two people having the same date of birth could inhibit different beliefs, behaviours, and habits because of family upbringing values, cultural and economic environment, and social influences.

Besides the perfectionist mindset, there’re tendency signs suggesting John might be a “quarrelsome” person who lacked the EQ and diplomatic tactfulness. He’s like an emotional person who has the temperamental and mood swing nature, and someone who might be emotionally and mentally unsure of himself. He’s like a worrisome person who might inhibit health symptoms like hyperventilating, breathlessness, pneumonia, sleep apnea, headache and migraines, and probably including heart and limps (hand or leg) problems.

One more thing… John must remember to eat healthily and avoid consuming sugary-rich and high-carbo food and drinks as the tendency signs are suggesting he might have diabetic symptoms, or his blood-sugar level is frequently above the safe limits. It doesn’t matter whether John has the “diabetic” symptom today or not – he must moderate his consumption habits as the signs are suggesting the symptom might be an inherited health condition within the family.

John is extremely motivated this year (2017) with potential profits and beneficial rewards with the 4-1-5-6-9-6 patterns present in his PY2017 chart. He needs to control the urge to “feel rich” and avoid taking actions hastily without careful thoughts. This means having proper strategies, getting the advice of others and use them when it sounded reasonable and practicable, and implemented tasks with a fallback plan. His “annual code” clue is about communicating more with others passionately by inspiring them to innovate with creative ideas and alternative workarounds to the current problems faced. He could work on improving his EQ skills, and that could create an open path for others to help him transform the obstacles and challenges into amicable resolutions and opportunities for better financial outcomes.

There’re other areas to unlock more clues found in John’s birth charts and other charts available that I’ve not discussed here. If you’ve registered and installed the FEON+ software on your Android smartphone, plot John’s birth date and explore the clues from the various charts suggesting financial mismanagement.

My passion on researching to enhance the EON principles and sharing them to others are strong. That’s why I could provide another free lesson like in today’s article to everyone, despite whether you’re my FEN student or not. So, start learning the Elements of Numbers (EON) methods today to strengthen your profiling skills.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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