Multiple 7s

The wonderful thing about applying the ‘Visualisation Profiling’ technique that I have shared with past FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students, is the ability to analyse a chart, or the elements and numbers present from a dynamic perspective. This means you are no longer restricted or constrained by a single set of silo rules or guidelines to identify traits, characteristics, or events associated to the elements present or missing in the chart.

Take the case of today’s article. I noted someone posted a search for “multiple 7s” recently and wondered which approach should I use to identify the tendency signs, and then share my observations with you. After much pondering, I decided to adopt a fresh perspective that suddenly came across my mind just before drafting this article.

Let’s begin with the number 7. As described in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling,” we could associate the number 7 to support, supporter (friends), networking, and socialising. Taking a step forward towards using symbolic representations, we could depict the number 7 as a walking stick, elderly person, and legs. Now, one more step ahead towards the Elemental representation, you could identify traits like feelings, sensitivity, insecurity, and thirst (oh, and trysts too). And if that is not enough, we could interpret the number 7 from the Five Elements principle by looking at the symbolic shapes. The number 7 depicts a wavy or curvy shape. So when we list down the probable characteristics of the number 7, it would include fear, insecure, sensitive, flexible, manipulative, elderly person, leg problems, sensual thoughts, charismatic, smooth-talker, and much more. You might want to check out my book for additional details on the number 7.

Next, let’s check on the 7-7 tendency signs. Using the earlier traits associated to the number 7, we could now extend them further, perhaps through cherry-picking approach and combining the traits, like Fear-Insecure, Charismatic-Manipulative, Sensual thoughts – elderly person, Wavy feelings –trysts, and so on. The last two examples showed a natural interpretation towards the sensual kind, like an ageing person going for extra-marital affairs, and a highly sensual person looking for “sex-tisfaction” or gratification. Ok, perhaps that is not exactly what you’re looking for. On a tone-down approach, it could be two supporters (friends) giving you different advices. This means you are distracted, and swayed by feelings because you agreed with the friend standing to your left. And at the same time, you also agreed with the other friend standing to your right. To appease both, you decided to accept both advices, much like “saying one thing now, doing another thing later” which implies a sweet talker who tends to over-promise but under-delivering them. And because you agreed with both friends, whether to appease them or to make them think both have provided great advice; you are manipulating their kind thoughts. Eventually, your friends might want to avoid you because you don’t trust them, and they could create further obstacles to your plans. Well, I can continue to share more examples with 7-7, but decided you should try thinking hard and explore more on your own.

Now, let’s look at the “lucky strike” number 7-7-7, blackjack triple 7, or 21. Hmm, it seems like 7-7-7 (or 777) tend to have more fortunate vibes than the 7 or 7-7. In a way, it could depict three friends supporting or making use of you. And you’ll have more headache, frustrations, and angst trying to appease them. As the popular phrase goes, “too many cooks spoil the broth,” which means when there are many supporters around, it might generate more uncertainties and more distractions. It also implies having stronger trysts and sudden sensual urge. It could suggest having serious leg problems, and creates the mindset of a charismatic and appealing person (on the positive side) or a professional charlatan (on the negative side). It grooms you to behave like a boss (with the bodyguards and supporters around), think like a superior and proud person (a “superman”), and probably act with mafia-like or antagonistic behaviours. And it might give rise to the crazy, madman mental attitudes due to insecure and sensitive feelings. Oh, it could also implies the ability to show off your passion and creativity easily while working with others in a team. Hmm… there we have yet another set of the characteristic list that you can expand on.

What I have described on the possible traits is not something that was “plucked from the air” or some spin doctor creations. Instead, they’re based on the elements, shapes, and other associations of the number 7, using the Visualisation techniques.

It’s fun and exciting when you could unlock your profiling potential with the right knowledge and fundamentals. Learning the Elements of Numbers (EON) method might be a sure-fire way to improve your observational skills.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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