France Presidential Election 2017: Macron’s the winner

In today’s article, I will share how you can step up your profiling skills by analysing a chart where the outcome is already known. In fact, these reverse-engineering steps help me to identify more clues beyond the conventional methods, especially when trying to correlate certain actions or outcome with the signs present on the charts. Over time, with such persistent correlation exercises, I believe your profiling and observational skills will be better than before.

Today’s topic is about the recent France Presidential Election 2017, where we know the President-elect Emmanuel Macron would be the next French president. You may want to check out my earlier two related articles for some background analysis if you haven’t read them earlier – “France Presidential Election 2017: First Round” and “France Presidential Election 2017: Second Round.

In my second article, I wrote, “The 9-7-7-5-7-3 in his “Combined Day Chart” could imply [Vision – Supporters – Supporters – Challenges – Supporters – Criticism] or [Vision – Supporters – Sensitive Supporters – Stumbling Blocks – Real and Fake Supporters – Frustrated]. On the positive side, he has the supporters and votes. On the negative sides, there could be a floodgate of fake supporters who might eventually affect the voting counts.

Could the “floodgate of fake supporters” be resulting in more sympathy votes for Macron because of the sudden increase of character assassination against him?

Nobody really knows whether the “last-minute hacking leaks” against Macron is for character assignation or thoughts manipulation. That is, a direct attack on opposing forces, or applying the Sun Tzu’s Art of War strategy to sway feelings and mindsets. Unless a non-biased investigation by neutral 3rd-party team is done to determine the source and true intent of the leak, the truth is out there. Anyway, we all have two major faults – greed and laziness. To look forward to positive outward visions of Macron for the same or better France is still much preferred by many than the uncertain inward visions suggested by Le Pen. It could lead to some form of “wake-up calls” to those citizens who couldn’t care less, but had to play their individual part in determining the country’s future, at least for the next few years.

Here’s the key clue in determine the probable winning vibes – the “Combined Day Chart.” Le Pen’s 7-7-5-3-3-6 could denote some form of [Supporters – Support – Obstacles – Critical – Anger – Mental]. We could interpret that as increasing support for Le Pen but there is a problem – the mental stigma many people had on her. While there were increasing support, it was not enough to swing the votes in her favour.

Let’s review the phrase I wrote in my second article, “The 9-7-7-5-7-3 in his “Combined Day Chart” could imply [Vision – Supporters – Supporters – Challenges – Supporters – Criticism] or [Vision – Supporters – Sensitive Supporters – Stumbling Blocks – Real and Fake Supporters – Frustrated].” In an election where voters’ counts are important to determine who gets to be the winner, it is all about the “law of attraction” and accumulative energies. The 7-7-7 in Macron’s Combined Day Chart signifies a sure-fire, solidified block of [Real Supporters – Fake Supporters – All Support] outcome. That’s where voters who might initially wanted to abstain from voting was ‘compelled‘ to become unwilling supporters in favour of him, because of mass media awareness. The massive computer hacks could also contributed to the angst of disgust, creating the “how can she do that?” negative feelings toward Le Pen.

Now that Emmanuel Macron would be the next French president, there are worrisome signs highlighted in the mass media. In many ways, the true test about his leadership has just begun.

Macron should just focus on what he’s supposed to do, and not to refute on past resentment people had in him. In this INDEPENDENT online article, Macron was quoted to have said that, “if his wife was younger than him, nobody would question the validity of their relationship,” and started blaming “Reports concerning his relationship were due to “misogyny” and people ascribing to “traditional, homogenous” views about society.

Does he need to make such clarification but unnecessary remarks since he has already won? Or was he worried about his acceptance, fears, and support during the coming French Legislative Election next month in June?

Let’s look at Macron’s charts again, this time on the “Relationship / Compatibility” chart. We could interpret the multiple sets of 4-8-3 (and 8-4-3) to bad communicative skills, often resulting in disputes and disagreements with others. With such signs present, Macron has to learn to control his inner emotional feelings, improve his tactfulness, and strive to be more diplomatic. He should put aside past resentments, as otherwise, the excessive charcoals (numbers 4 and 9, Wood element) would eventually deplete when the strong Fire (numbers 3 and 8, Fire elements) are burning furiously. This means, unless he changed his attitudes and behaviours, like from a banker (improving shareholders’ wealth and lifestyle) to a country’s president (improving citizen’s welfare and livelihood, and economy), people might lose faith in him eventually. Once the charcoal in the BBQ pit is gone, the emotional fear lingers on as the passion and hopes in the fire would gradually fade off.

The positive sign in his Birth Code is all about the need to stay focused, accept and listen, and be more compassionate. And there is the need for him to light up the hopes, warm, and caring signs through passion and sincerity. The negative signs are like the phrase, “more haste, less speed” – only focusing on short-termed visions, and less on sustainable future. That means putting the entire bag of charcoals into the BBQ pit at one go would not make the fire burn furiously and longer.

Whatever it is, the French people have made their choice, and it’s time for Macron to deliver his promises to all. Let’s look forward to a better and happier France.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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