Relationships: North Korea & USA, and others

With the frequent missile test launches as an act of defiance this year, I thought I might share some “lengthy and informative” insights on the energy vibrations of North Korea, and the relationships with China, South Korea, and the United States of America. According to this Yahoo online article, US President Donald Trump was quoted to have called North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un a “pretty smart cookie” and had “no idea” whether Kim is sane or not.

I had originally wanted this article to be a short one, briefly describing some analytical and profiling steps I have often used. However, as I started to note down my observations, the urge to explain more became too compelling because of fresh perspective that “comes to my mind” that reinforced certain observations made earlier. Be prepared to learn useful steps here. Reading is not the same as practising – so make it a point to profile the relationships of any two or more countries, and see if you could correlate the tendency signs. As always, having access to the FEON+ software could be more than just a productivity tool when relevant information is displayed on the screen to enable you to analyse from different perspectives.

Once again, what you’re about to read in this article, is an additional free technique that I’d like to share with you all, without reservations and as a “pay forward” learned-and-share initiative. I strongly believed in follow-up learning sessions and continuing profiling experience. It’s something that I’ve found lacking in the “I must pay and attend class to learn only” courses, or the “I must attend the preview to learn something” sessions. If you have not yet attended my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes before, then consider this as continuing preview sessions (at your own time, place, and convenience) where you get to learn many techniques for free. You may be here looking for answers or solutions. I’m confident you can find the answers to resolve your life aspect problems once you took steps to improve yourself for a better tomorrow. Even if you don’t face any problem right now, you can still apply the knowledge to help someone else, and enable them to enjoy the life they’ve always wanted but don’t know what’s preventing them from doing so.


Enough said, let’s continue with the intent of this article. I have based the birth dates of the four countries from information gathered from the Internet. These include:

It doesn’t matter if the “National Day” of North Korea, South Korea, or China is wrong, as there is much relevance on the energies manifested as the dates are still celebrated by the people. Of course, if you have the correct National Day (or birth date) of the countries, let me know ( so that I can factor that for consistency in future profiling. Thanks in advance.


Let’s start with North Korea’s chart. The multiple 9s could suggest continual visions of hopes and success for the country – to build a nation with sustainable economic growth. However, the multiple 9s could also have blinded and transform the initial positive strengths to negative manipulative and forceful competitive-like characteristics. It’s like having the “Either I survive, or you die” mindset, where either ways, it presented the self-centric and egoistical attitude. In many ways, the country’s leaders could be “a victim of its own success.” Perhaps, it could be caused by misunderstanding and miscommunications that lead them to the dark side, because of their “selective-listening” disorder, suicidal, and rebellious habits. As a result, others perceive them as uncommunicative (8-4-3) and easily provocative (5-7-3).

The Personal Year (PY2017) chart shows 9-1-1-2-1-3 pattern. As we could correlate the number 1 to long, metallic object, we could also associate it to satellite, missiles, military, civil, or defence weapons. What this implies is that the current defiant act of launching the frequent test missiles (doesn’t matter if the launch was a success or failure) would still continue this year. We could also associate the number 1 as lonely, leader, pride, and other traits associated with the Metal element. We can also interpret that for the missile test launches – as an act of military might, and shouting affirmatively, the “we have the means, capabilities, and weapons to counter-attack anytime when unfriendly forces attack us” message as a prideful showcase of its leadership and supremacy. From the PY2018 chart, there are signs of possible mediation, or diplomatic talks towards amicable solutions held at the later part of this year or next year.


We have read in news media and online sites that the relationship of China with North Korea is constantly on friendly terms, with China acting as a nurturing and controlling parent, and occasionally tightening its reins on the rebellious child. Okay, I’ll explain more on the parent/child relationship later. The signs are there, and it’s obvious enough with the 2-9-2-2-4-6 patterns present in the “Relationship / Compatibility “ (R/C) chart of North Korea and China. I’d interpreted that as [Feelings – Vision, Hope, Growth – Expression – Dialogues – Strategies – Financial, Economic, Political Stability].

Though there could be occasional disagreements (3-3-6) between them, the eventual outcome is usually accommodating (2-7-9) and influential. The multiple 2s and 7s are like the waves of the seas with the torrential downpour. It could also imply some form of closely-knit relationships, and “I need you, and you need me too” manipulations and collaborations on both sides. From a human behavioural perspective, it could suggest signs of flirtatious, sensuous and sensual feelings that might lead to transgressions and extra-marital affairs. When we put that into theory for the two countries, it could suggest signs of cordial-like but cautious friendships, with the common, shared purpose.


There seems to be surreal and uncanny likenesses between the two countries, with the double 5-1-6 criss-crossing pattern on their R/C chart. What it could imply is that both North Korea and South Korea have many common grounds and shared values. That reminded me of the popular phrase, “United we stand, divided we fall.” Of course, they are before the war broke out the Korean Peninsula. The 5-5-1 pattern (locations M-N-O of R/C chart) could depict a frequent and stubborn nature, where they often don’t see eye-to-eye on many issues with each country wanting to be a leader, and be ahead of the other. However, when the number 5 transform into its flexibility and “down to earth” traits, there might eventually be one “single, cohesive, and united family.

The 2-3-5 pattern (locations K-L-N of R/C chart) could depict a [Talk – Angry – Stubborn] tendency signs when both countries have its own agenda and ‘self-egoistical’ thinking. However, when they can come to common grounds and put aside their differences, it might lead to a [Communicate – Passion – Opportunities and Challenges] outcome. That’s where both could express their sincerity and feelings without reservations, and recognises their passions for unity. They must be willing to accept challenges and opportunities by working together, for better times ahead.


From the R/C chart between North Korea and the USA, there are multiple 2-7-9 patterns. To users who attended some numerology courses conducted elsewhere, this could imply a good, friendly communication between them. However, from an EON perspective, it could indicate extra sensitive and constant swaying feelings. It’s like “I still don’t trust you” thinking at the back of your mind while you openly “welcome” them upfront. Kind of manipulative at times. It also reminded me of two naggy people frequently complaining against each other. An analogy would be both of you are lost in a small boat at sea, just like the movie “Life of Pi” where you are cautious and worries about the tiger eating you when you’re not alert. It’s hard to build the feelings of trust, and yet, because of the bad weather and stormy sea, you have to accept the fact that both of you have to depend on one another, for survival. So, there’s a lot of endless NATO-like (No Action, Talk Only) comments made between them.

The 8-4-3 patterns are present on both North Korea and USA’s charts – suggesting folding arms, defensive-like body language, the apprehension emotions, and “difficult to talk to” attitudes. Unless both are willing to open up and strive for amicable solutions, it is hard for either party to get the message across positively. The 2-3-5 pattern in USA’s EON birth chart has similar tendencies as the North Korea and South Korea charts mentioned earlier. That is to say, the [Talk – Angry – Stubborn] tendency signs could suggest USA might be setting its personal agenda and ‘self-egoistical’ thinking too. However, if both could put aside their differences, they could build a wonderful diplomatic relationship, with both countries sharing the combined successes and transforming each other’s visions into realities in their individual regions.


Oh, no… not another surreal and uncanny sign, with nemesis-like patterns on the R/C chart when all four countries are ‘together’ with the 4-8-3 and 8-4-3 patterns present. To make matters worst, there is a Double-Effect pattern between the combined R/C chart and North Korea’s EON birth chart. This implies the cautious need to stay away from any direct four-party confrontation, mediation, or meeting. The best-case scenario is to get a neutral third-party involvement. That is, through China acting as the mediator to arrange for a more controlled discussion. Heh, that’s what these countries are doing right now, and US has been requesting China to ‘educate’ North Korea – for the “Nurturing / Controlling Parent” to impart good values to the “Rebellious Child.”

The multiple sets of 2-7-9 patterns in the R/C chart could depict an initial willingness to meet and discuss on the problems and issues, and hopefully, to agreed on amicable solutions. However, the external influence of the 6-6-3 pattern could incite mental tensions whenever there are disagreements between them on settling political (6), security, and stability (6) issues. If not handled well, it could lead to tensions, rebuttal attacks, and temperamental outburst (3). As a result, the 9-4-4-8-4-3 have similar positive and negative implications, just like what I have described earlier on North Korea’s EON birth chart.


In mid-80s, I attended a course on Transactional Analysis (TA) by Dr Eric Berne MD. On hindsight, it could have triggered my passion to know more about Human Behavioural profiling. In TA, we have three main ego statesParent, Adult, and Child. For a communication or transaction to go through smoothly and effective, the ideal interaction would be at an Adult-Adult ego state transaction. I’d correlate the following ego states to the four countries:

  • NORTH KOREARebellious/Adaptive Child
  • CHINANurturing/Controlling Parent
  • USAControlling/Critical Parent
  • SOUTH KOREANatural/Adapted Child

There is so much usefulness to complement the Transactional Analysis (TA) principles with Elements of Numbers (EON) profiling techniques. I have described the five remedies on Page 256 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” where you can apply to change your life for the better. You can also apply the TA techniques, as a remedial action, to harmonies the energies within and surrounding the person or country once you have identified the probable traits present in the chart.

Let’s review the “Relationship / Compatibility” chart for the four countries again. As you might have guessed it, the 4-8-3 (and 8-4-3) is present in the chart. On the positive side, we could interpret the 9-4-4-8-4-3 pattern as [Vision of Hope & Growth – Foundation – Plan – Responsibility – Aligned Strategies – Taking Action]. This means there is hope for common grounds, to work cohesive as global neighbours, with each country helping and contributing to the other economic growth and financial stability. Perhaps a dialogue or mediation that brings about the Nurturing and Adult ego states might have a positive, amicable outcomes. On the negative side, it could bring devastating conflicts and frequent communication breakdowns because of bad vibes (Critical Parent ego state) suggesting [Aspirations & Ideologies – Emotional – Changing Plan – Stress and Tempers – Suicidal & Survival – Critical & Fiery Outburst]. This implies the need to consider the survival and “nothing to lose anyway” suicidal instincts when unequal sanctions are frequently imposed against North Korea (the Rebellious Child ego state).

With the current ego state of North Korea, there is a need to apply a different “stroke” towards amicable dialogue. Otherwise, a little reckless act could trigger war and devastating damage around neighbouring countries, and surrounding regions. Perhaps, China might want to act on it’s Nurturing / Controlling Parent ego states to raise North Korea’s Rebellious Child ego state to an equal level, and that of an Adult-Adult transaction.

That said, USA must lower its Controlling / Critical Parent ego states and look at a different perspective on how it can resolve the issue, with help from China and South Korea, to work on amicable solution through mediation; and take effort to understand and comprehend the probable root causes behind the temperamental and erratic child who frequently show signs of bipolar disorders.

That’s all for today’s article. As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it, and it could trigger your curiosity to start profiling the relationships of any two persons, or countries, or even companies involved in joint projects.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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