Anita Moorjani and Near Death Experiences

I’d like to share a brief profiling observation on a new ‘topic of interest” in today’s article. Before that, I’d like to thank Roy, a long-time friend of mine, who has been providing constant streams of resources for analysis. He’d email or message me with the birth dates of people having special issues, health conditions, positive and negative outcomes, and unique experiences, for my EON research.

Today’s article is on Anita Moorjani, author of the New York Times best-selling book Dying to be Me. According to this Wikipedia page, Anita had a coma in 2006, and reported, “to have crossed into the afterlife during what is often referred to as a Near Death Experience (NDE).”

That triggered my curiosity to determine if it is possible to find out, from the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, whether a person has a likelihood to face some form of NDE conditions when exposed to severe life-threatening situations. The first few trait patterns come across my mind immediately when I applied the quick 60-second correlation observation. I told myself since it is related to the spiritual and heavenly-like experiences, the likely associations would be on both the “Spiritual Senses” and “Heavenly Send-Off” patterns. I’d shared these two patterns with my previous FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students in class, and explained the underlying reasons with case study chart examples.

I plotted Anita’s birth chart using the FEON+ software, and as well as the Day chart when she went into a coma – 2 Feb 2006 (see sample screenshot of her chart). I noticed the two patterns are present and at certain locations in her charts. It got me excited as I could affirm my correlations. Soon after, I had my moments of excitement after plotting charts of famous people and celebrities like Sharon Stone, Elizabeth Taylor, Erik Estrada, George Foreman, and Ronald Reagan. They, too,  were reported to have Near-Death Experience (NDE) before.

By the way, you might find pattern-like similarities quickly when you plot the charts using the FEON+ software tool. Remember to tap the LIFE PATH option, and select the date (or year when no specific incident date is known) where the celebrities had their NDE moments. If you are sharp or observant, you might discover some patterns quickly even if you’re anxiously waiting to attend my FEN class. That’s one reason why I designed the layout of the LIFE PATH screen in such a manner – the elements and numbers in various charts and tables (periodic pillars) are represented by the Five Elements colours. These allow you to spot the extra clues quickly, especially when you use the FEON+ tool regularly. It’s an inexpensive time-saving tool you might want to get it installed on your smartphone for regular EON profiling use.

I’d considered my current observations – of the relevance of both “spiritual senses” and “heavenly send-off” patterns – that led me to conclude the possibility of a person having NDE moments, as inconclusive for now although I could identify similar patterns in many of the celebrities’ charts. After all, I had only spent the few days of quality time to identify the signs. In some cases, I noticed I had to apply the multi-layer technique to identify the signs. Furthermore, there might be other signs or patterns I’ve yet to explore especially when the person’s birth time is not known. While more research is needed to profile additional birth dates for analysis, I’m glad I could shorten the “testing” time with the FEON+ tool on hand. In the meantime, you might want to check out my earlier articles on “Spiritual Senses” and “Heavenly Send-Off” patterns for some insights into what these patterns are about.

That’s all I can share my brief observations and initial clues – the two patterns mentioned – that might be related to NDE moments when the person is exposed to life-threatening situations. And of course, you can always learn to unravel the underlying reasons behind number patterns when you attend the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) class.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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