On Alex Man’s diabetes symptom

Of course, it’s always easier and convincing to tell others how you’d analysed a person’s chart and confidently explained how you’d identified his health symptom. That assertive profiling and information sharing is made only after the person had disclosed his health conditions publicly. For example, if a trainer (let’s call him Olsen) tells everyone he has correctly predicted a celebrity person would definitely have diabetes, many people would be amazed by Olsen’s superb analytical skills, and oblivious to the fact that the truth (about the person having diabetes) was already made known before.

Fortunately, this kind of assertive profiling is not part of the Elements of Numbers (EON) teachings and principles. To me, the intent of profiling a person’s chart from EON’s way of analysis, is to identify the tendency signs. This would then allow the person to take preventive measures to minimise the health symptoms from worsening, or take control not to manifest the symptoms from breaking out. When made known of the potential health symptoms, the person can have the choice to decide if he or she wants to manifest and aggravated the health symptoms, or changes their eating and living habits to healthier ways.

That was why I’d included special slides focusing on specific health conditions in my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes. I’ve also explained the probable underlying reasons how specific elements and its correlative number patterns, when closely-linked might manifest the health symptoms like diabetes, high cholesterol, and cancers. Conversely, the symptom may not surface or worsen especially when the person takes charge to control his health and lifestyle early.

I was reading a recent Yahoo online article about a Hong Kong actor, Alex Man and his comeback movie. I was surprised when Alex was quoted to have said, “But everything will depend on my health condition. The most important thing is that my diabetes is under control.

In this separate Jayne Stars article, Alex had gained weight after suffering from diabetes, and it made him forgetful, which affected his career and reputation as a popular HK artiste. Alex was also reported to suffer from gout and high cholesterol.

I have shared with FEN students how to identify the diabetic signs, including whether such symptoms could be inherited or manifested through unhealthy eating habits. Yes, Alex’s EON charts do show signs of diabetic tendencies, including the health condition being a hereditary possibility. I’ll share the method to identify the gout symptom – which is also present in Alex’s EON charts – in subsequent FEN class.

The possibility of having high cholesterol is related to the Metal element. Unhealthy consumption – like frequently eating fried, fatty, and oily food – could strengthen the high-cholesterol signs, besides aggravating the heart and respiratory problems.

While it’s important to go for regular health checks on his liver and lungs, it is equally essential for Alex to get his kidneys checked too.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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