Having the Wealth Number In Your IC

In the current money-loving world where money is important, many businesses recognise the needs to promote wealth-creation training to satisfy our greed and laziness. Whether you’re a believer or sceptic about the importance of money, the fact is money is power – we need money for our living expenses, lifestyle and maintenance upkeep. Many people consider money as a barter-trade tool. Then, there are people obsessed with making tons of money, ignoring the potential consequences when their greed and wants are stronger than their needs.

I was reading an unrelated article from a local Yahoo news site and came across a paid advertisement that says, “Do you have wealth numbers in your IC?” While the title caught my attention, I noticed it was about the WEALTH number in your IC (Identification Card, for Singapore citizens). It’s, in fact, about the birth date printed in your IC, and promoting the UCMHP course. Nothing’s wrong with that, in reality, since we know that your birthdate can tell the historical story about yourself, the current events or situations you face, or what may happen to you or affect you when you don’t take steps to tweak your behaviours and attitudes towards the recommended positive ways. By all means, you don’t have to follow the suggestions thoroughly if you don’t want to live a better tomorrow, and/or the possibility to succumb to the negativity from the periodic influence coming from the hour, day, month, and year vibes. But then, when you really wish for a better tomorrow, you’ve to better “wake up” to reality, and start looking at ways to improve your attitudes and get rid of bad habits and negative mindsets.

Here’s a cautionary note that I’d like to highlight for those who seek wealth, or rather, believes in the information that when you have a wealth number, you will forever be rich, be above-average than many others, or would never be poor (or bankrupt). While there might seem to be some truth (in the wealth number), it doesn’t reflect the entire truth. Have you done any case study profiling exercises lately? If yes, have you ever wondered why not every wealthy celebrity, tycoons, billionaires, and popular entrepreneurs had the wealth number in their birthdate.

If you are referring to the number 6 or 1-2-3 pattern in your chart, then you’re analysing from a single one-way view. These numbers or patterns are like the “positive quotes or symbols” printed on T-shirts – they don’t truthfully reflect the positiveness of the person who wears it. Have you seen a sulky-looking person lately wearing a T-shirt with the big yellow-coloured smiley face printed on it? Mismatched clothing-personality identity? LOL…

Anyway, wealth numbers are just symbolic association. You still need to do something about it rather than becoming complacent and hoping the bags of cash would drop in front of you every time you need money. It’s entirely up to you and your actions, to determine whether you want to manifest the favourable or beneficial vibes, and act on it at the opportune moment. And at the same time, get to increase your wealth along the way. Elvis Presley, Kim Kardashian, and Sarah Jessica Parker do not have the basic wealth number in certain locations of their birth chart, and we know they aren’t living a poor person’s lifestyle.

Don’t worry unnecessary even if you don’t have the specific wealth number (like those promoted by other trainers elsewhere) in your chart. There is always a silver lining when you know where to look for in the dark clouds. In the extended Elements of Numbers (EON) method, your personal wealth number may not be the number 6, and you don’t have to rely on patterns like 1-2-3 or 9-6-6 to strengthen your financial state. Well, that makes it more practical and fun, and logical too. That means when you apply the EON principles and identify your personal wealth number, you can grow your wealth when you adopt the right positive mindset to prepare and take action when opportunity comes along. And yes… from the EON perspective, Elvis Presley, Kim Kardashian, and Sarah Jessica Parker do have wealth numbers present in their charts.

The truth or practical aspect is, having the wealth number is just a bonus. It’s like how some people are born with silver spoon, with easy access to almost unlimited pocket money or expenses during their childhood schooling days. Sadly, some of these born-rich kids became poor during their later years after their parents died.

Don’t be so obsessed by the wealth number present in your birth datethey’re useless if you don’t know how to maximise it. As said earlier, you still need to work extra hard to gather what you aspired – your goals, target, and life purpose – if you want to attain the success. Apart from the numbers or patterns present in your birth date, you need to learn about the life path numbers – those are important and essential sets of numbers and patterns from your periodic charts, and other complementary charts too.

Even if you don’t have wealth numbers in your birth chart, you can always tap on the wealth numbers present in a specific year – that’s where the “ad-hoc wealth energies” are much stronger. On the same note, don’t despair when you don’t have the lucky numbers in your birth chart, or fear you cannot tap on the yearly energies to grow your wealth. It doesn’t matter if others had a head start with the wealth numbers present in their birth chart. As long as they don’t take conscious effort to manage the wealth, their money will slowly run out.

Now, what’s important is to tap on the wealth energies when it appears. That means building the knowledge to understand the underlying principles in the system used and make preparations after identifying when the positive energies would be manifested. And when the energies come along, you simply take action to ride on the tide or go with the flow, and enjoy the rewards. Today, you can apply the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to identify more than wealth numbers to identify attributes that could help grow your wealth. It’s always easier to start from small by making the first step – get my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” and read them. Learn the basics at your own time, pace, and at anywhere – without anyone compelling you to sign up for their class before you get to learn the basics and a few of the advanced and extended theories. Like, knowing that besides the birth date, your wealth number (if that is what you’re after) could also be present in your Time of Birth chart.

Be practical and logical. Don’t wait until your health suffers while you chase wealth, and could not enjoy the fruits of your labour. Choose how you want to identify your wealth number, and what you are going to do about it once you attain them. It doesn’t matter whether life’s short or long. What matters most to treat your life as a fun and enjoyable journey, and live it to its fullest in a healthy and happy way.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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