Solutions on 8-4-3, 5-7-3, and others

Pat is from Thailand and recently discovered this site. She was also happy to buy my book directly from me, and keen on attending my FEN course. In Pat’s recent email to me, she wrote, “For my work here in Thailand, I encountered some problems. When my customers discovered they had the number patterns (like 8-4-3, 7-5-3, 7-1-8, and others) located in the middle of their charts, they asked if such signs would happen? They seemed worried about the negative effects.

One area that I’ve noticed so far, is the way some profiling consultants like to impose on the “fear tactics” primarily because they learned the technique from their Trainers. Pat attended the PON course before, and I’d presume she might have indirectly inculcated the habit of identifying key signs – mainly with negative connotations – and associated them when such number patterns exist in a person’s chart. To me personally, it’s unethical, detrimental, and could create unnecessary tension, suicidal thoughts, divorce contemplations, and stress on the person when assertive words like “confirmed, chopped (endorsed with a legal stamp), and signed” are communicated to the customers. Sure enough, and naturally, it created an impact and made peoples’ worries when they discover they have such patterns in their charts.

Pat then asked, “In such cases, how will we give them a solution?

That’s another area that I felt needed improvement in the way other trainers taught their Advanced or Mastery level students. These students, when they became profiling consultants, should provide alternative suggestions, and share their findings to customers in a tactful and reasonable way. Telling or hinting to the customers they have no choice and will be divorced, no matter what; or they will have cancer and die soon; or they will go bankrupt – is not the correct approach at all. We shouldn’t diminish that little positive hope, and turned off the lights at the end of the tunnel. Instead, we should provide all options – from good to bad – to the customers, giving them the choice to decide which extreme ends they’d want to be.

There is no such thing as guaranteed outcome, even Doctors and Medical Specialists cannot be 100% certain of health conditions deteriorating quickly especially when early signs or symptoms have surfaced. You might have heard or read about some cancer patients being told they only have six months to live, but yet they lived for many years. Sure, some patients might have lived for six months or less, not because the Doctors were right, but because they gave up their fighting spirit, and waited aimlessly for their last breath. Of course, there’re many good and respectable doctors, who are ethical, caring, and considerate. Thankfully, not all profiling consultants and numerologist behave in the provocative and assertive way like what some lawyers do – interpreting the laws shrewdly just to win their case. And in relation to our case, interpreting the numbers with negative views just to create fear.

I have highlighted to past FEN students on the need to identify contributing factors behind the number patterns; and to watch out for signs of manifestations and dilutions. When a certain number pattern is present in a person’s chart, you can always present the LOW-HIGH RISK rule. This means that when the customer adopts proactive actions to achieve the LOW-RISK outcome, then the possibilities of them being affected by the HIGH-RISK effects are minimal or reduced. On the same note, if a person is aware of potential threats associated with certain number patterns present in their charts, and still don’t do anything about it, they might ride with the tide towards the extreme end, and eventually faced the HIGH-RISK outcome. A person with 8-4-3 (or 4-8-3) pattern in the birth chart, does not necessary imply they would be an entrenched divorcee. A woman with multiple 2-7-9 (or 7-2-9) does not imply she’s a definite whore, mistress, or surely has higher-than-usual flirtatious tendencies.

Life is not about the blacks and whites, and not the way many lawyers are trained to look at. Life is like a picture canvas, and how we see it is in our minds. Which means, we have the choice to take charge of the outcome – whether we see it in black or white, in 64 shades of grey, or in million of colourful shades, is entirely up to us once we are aware of its presence and given alternative ways to decide the practical path to take.

From EON/FEN perspectives, many solutions and alternatives are available to the customers, without the need to impose fear and compel them to purchase expensive jewellery, numeric ornaments, or special plaques that could cause more harm than good when used wrongly over time. Life Code patterns are not permanently energised and definitely unsuitable for everyone. When applied wrongly, it could be detrimental over time. The best solution is for the person to take conscious effort to change. For example, a person with 8-4-3 (or 4-8-3) could consistently work on improving their communication skills and remind themselves to be more tactful. They can always take up stress and anger management lessons to control their emotions and tempers. They can constantly work on meditation exercises, or listen to soothing music to calm their thoughts. A person with 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) could always work on improving their money management skills, and not spend lavishly like there is no tomorrow. In short, spend within or below their means, to ensure, they can still enjoy the life they aspire, without burning too many holes in their pockets and wallets. They should always remind themselves to be more careful, and take the time to read between the lines before signing legal contracts, to ensure fair terms are stipulated clearly. And when they are faced with the extreme situations, going bankrupt is a choice they can make, or work with the banks for repayment alternatives.

It is always easy to identify the LOW and HIGH extreme ends, once you realised there are actually alternative paths to take when such incidents happened. The important task for professional profiling consultants is to understand the underlying or contributing factors why some people behave differently, even when they are born on the same day, and have the identical birth chart. One area is to plot their Time of Birth chart to identify clues that might have imposed influential effects on the person’s character and behaviours. You’ll get to learn how to apply and interpret the Time of Birth chart at the FEN WORKSHOP session.

Earlier on, I mentioned about identifying the contributing factors, as if doing a root-cause analysis. That can easily be done by understanding, interpreting, and applying the Five Elements principles in our profiling analysis. Once again, the FIVE Elements principles are the essence of the Elements of Numbers (EON) System, which sets it apart from other methods like UCMHP and PON (and other variations). You will learn to understand the interactions, dependency and effects of the elements present in a person’s chart, and identify clues that may attribute to a person’s behaviours or health symptoms, again at the FEN WORKSHOP session.

I haven’t conducted any FEN courses for more than a year. As a result, many of you could not learn personally from me on how to apply the EON/FEN theories in your Profiling case studies. I apologised for the long waiting. Now that I have scheduled to conduct the FEN WORKSHOP next month, I hope Pat and the rest of you could attend the workshop session, and discover what you have been missing.

At the FEN WORKSHOP session, I’ll provide you with the extended techniques and knowledge to profile yourself and others better, and to be an aspiring life coach. Whether you want to be a fortune telling wannabe, is your choice.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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