Tomorrow is NOT the end of the lessons, but the beginning of a new journey that we can walk together.

That’s the WhatsApp message that I have sent to the eight FEN students who attended the 1st FEN WORKSHOP session over the two weekends on 28-29 October 2017.

The vibes in class were overly exciting, with repeated “one more question” asked by the same student, and others as well. And like what one student who previously attended UCMHP class, said, “in your class, I have ample opportunities to open my mouth and asked many questions, and I got the answers. I just kept quiet when attending the UCMHP course.

The class is mainly made up of 70% who studied UCMHP earlier, and the remaining 30% who studied PON mastery courses previously. And as I’d advised them a few times, they need to put aside any “negative feelings” about their previous trainer’s style, the “Sifu-student” teaching mentality, and the lack of participative and interactive learning. Now that they are in my FEN class, they can ask any questions anytime, as my training approach is different as I have always believed in interaction and ensuring students got their worth, and even more than what they paid for my course. I also told a few students while we’re on the way back to the class after lunch, “we, including me, are all students of a lifelong profiling learning journey. It’s just that I happened to know more than them in some aspects which they’re willing to learn. And likewise, I’m also learning from them as well, from their own experiences and observations.

Great, Ron. Something new and interesting, I learned today that will enhance my profiling reading. Looking forward to tomorrow’s lessons. – quote from one happy FEN student after the 1st-day lesson.

The participation and interactions in the class were at all-time high, with the classes ending around 8pm (instead of 5:30pm) because of the “don’t want to go home” feelings as there is so much to learn NOW. They could finally seek answers behind the reasons – the cause and effect, underlying factors behind each pattern, traits, and characteristics behind the elements and the numbers. On a separate note, I was told later in the evening on Sunday night (after the class ended) that I had to pay extra for the extended time used (as classroom was booked for 9am-6pm), and that to me, was worth paying the additional classroom rental cost for the overrun training because I want my FEN students to enjoy the fun learning in class, with positive adult-adult learning experience, and not a TOP-down master-student or “Sifu-disciple” approach. Furthermore, I said whatever I know, without hesitation, and also told the students what I don’t know when they asked specific questions. However, I could share my opinion by interpreting their questions through the visualisation profiling techniques, and why the certain number patterns (which they learned elsewhere at PON/UCMHP classes, but unknown to me) can be explained easily. That is what the students like being in the FEN class – the ability to understand the underlying reasons on any number pattern, anytime.

“As I haven’t gone through your chart [layout] before and I had a bit difficult at first. But you guided us with your patient explanation. As such, you had broadened my view towards your element profiling. Now I find [it] interesting and look forward to tomorrow’s lessons for more new discoveries.” – quote from another happy FEN student after 1st-day lesson.

One student from Thailand (yes, her plane tickets, travelling, and hotel expenses are more than the FEN course fees) told me that while she had attended a few PON courses, she still felt the remedies and solutions taught by her previous trainers was inadequate. The standard five solutions are actually mentioned in my book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” and there is the little need to pay so much for the course when it’s described in the book. Now, if you are learning to become a profiling expert with paid customers asking you questions, you need to provide alternative remedial suggestions beyond the need to meditate, or apply any of the five basic solutions. According to her, many Thai people (and that includes every one of us living elsewhere around the globe) want practical solutions that they can try out to resolve their problems. Asking them to meditate could help improve their calmness and emotions, and perhaps creating clearer thoughts and physical and mental health. However, it might not resolve their external problems. She was glad she could now provide more practical, realistic, and achievable suggestions after attending the FEN WORKSHOP.

“The approach is very into understanding numbers and the co-relationships between the numbers. Very informative and a lot of depth rather than just simply [on] the negative side of some bad numbers, or the very positive side of some good numbers.” – quote from another happy FEN student.

I’m very confident and positive that the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students are now able to use the visualisation profiling techniques to analyse a chart, to find and identify more clues in a number pattern, and to share or provide more observations in their profiling analysis. And as I told them, all they need to do from today onwards, is to practise what they have learned over the weekends. I also encouraged them to post questions on the special WhatsApp chat group where everyone, including me, can share our views. And one day, their analysis and profiling skills would be just as good as mine, if not better. And I looked forward to that day as more people could seek answers to their behavioural and personality issues, and have practical, logical, and achievable alternative solutions to help them, by applying the FEN techniques. And I know many of them would share their learning experiences with other UCMHP course mates and get them to learn the EON/FEN methods too. I look forward to creating similar, if not better, positive experience at subsequent FEN sessions.

“Thanks to Ron for sharing his knowledge, and all of you for the interaction and friendship.” – yet another happy FEN student who enjoyed the cohesive interactions among all in class.

If you have studied PON, UCMHP, or from other trainers or organisations teaching similar PON-style of knowledge, I would suggest you put aside the negative vibes you had on the trainer who taught you. Let go past “regretful feelings” or gripes about “spending so much to learn, and yet obtained so little,” as you cannot quantify a course fee by the amount of information learned. Instead, you need to look at the quality of the course in its entirety, the trainer’s teaching style, and most essentially, the freedom to ask questions and seek answers, and have birth charts analysed real-time, during class. And of course, the accessibility of after-class, continuing interactions with the trainer and course mates through WhatsApp chat groups.

Some users could not make it for the 28-29 October 2017 class due to other appointments, and a few asked if there is a December schedule. There are no plans for a December class as I’m not rushing for one. Instead, with the new year coming, a more suitable schedule is to have a January 2018 class, before the Chinese New Year festive holidays in February 2018. This way, apart from knowing the Year energies, and FEN knowledge fresh in their minds, students can have ample opportunities to do many case studies during their CNY visiting.

As I prefer conducting quality, value-added classes on an “on-demand” basis, let me know if you are interested. Check this link to pre-register, and know more of the FEN WORKSHOP course outline –you can expect upfront what you will be learning, rather than having little clues about what you are expecting from courses elsewhere.

“My exact sentiments too! It’s not a class of being taught A-Z by the book and dead memorising it, nor is there any right or wrong with how we decipher the codes, but rather, just sharing our views on what we see from the numbers. It is confusing at first, honestly. I was just staring blankly at the numbers at home… but when you refer back to the workbook, things start rolling out of the tongue. This is a very, very insightful weekend and a very well spent weekend! Thank you Ron and nice to know so many like minded people.” – quote from one happy FEN student who could now understand the underlying meanings of the numbers.

Lastly, I’ve enjoyed an excellent time over the weekends, and like to take this opportunity to the eight students who have supported me, and helped make the sessions an extraordinary and insightful experience. Thanks again and welcome to the FEN community.

Once again, and as mentioned in the first paragraph and in our WhatsApp chat group, “Tomorrow is NOT the end of the lessons, but the beginning of a new journey that we can walk together.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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