What’s in 2-7-3?

For the past weeks and months, over 90% of the searches on this site are about number patterns. The only sensible reason I could think of is these users have learned about specific number patterns from other PON/UCMHP trainers, and hope to seek more info on other number patterns on my site here instead of getting the answers – though they probably know it’s hard – direct from their trainers.

While I cannot give them all the answers to every number pattern instantly, I can teach them how to interpret any number pattern anytime, once they are ready to learn from me through proper FEN classes. Remember it’s not just about surviving, but thriving with passion on the wonderful things you can change once you made the transformation.

One recent search was on the 2-7-3 pattern which was not mentioned in my earlier articles before. So I decided to share some observations on this pattern, because my EON/FEN students know I’m willing to share, and am unlike other trainers.

In basic keyword representations, we could interpret the 2-7-3 pattern as [Talk – Supporter – Fast] although my first thought would be on [Express – Supporters – Passion]. In short, it’s about having the characteristics of a person expressing his Creative passions to his supporters. And when I correlate the number 3 from a visualisation profiling aspect, it reminded me of the flickering fire-like of a wildly style of artistic artwork.

The first person that comes across my mind – about a passionate person, admired by his supporters for his creative pop artwork – is the legendary artist, Andy Warhol. So I quickly searched the Internet for his birthday, and enter them to the FEON+ software for further analysis.

True enough, Andy has the 2-7-3 numbers in locations N-O-Q of his birth chart. And if we arrange the 2-7-3 patterns in any order (sequence variations like 2-3-7, 7-3-2, 7-2-3, 3-2-7, or 3-7-2) we could also say that Andy had similar patterns in locations O-N-V of his birth chart.

Beyond basic keywords, we could as well interpret the number 2 as expressions or social communications, feelings, and sensuality. The number 7 would be about mass media, global acceptance, and of course, the large supporters. The number 3 is about focused, being critical, haphazard actions, wild and fiery thoughts, non-consistent patterns of behaviour or actions, and creativity and wows, just like the sparks from the fireworks.

In the Five Elements theory, Water and Fire elements are just like the rain and fire – both could conflict or control each other when its energies become tough and dominant. Fire, when strong, could heat up the water and transform to vapour. In the process, it could cause frustration, distractions (out of focus), isolation, and temperamental feelings like exposed to the steaming water. We could also correlate that to the feelings of being in a sauna or spa room – the good pleasure at the start, but when the temperature gets higher, we couldn’t withstand the heat. The number 3 could also incite fiery outburst and eccentric-like characteristics.

On the other hand, the Water element, when strong, could extinguish the fire and creating a sizzling-like effect. The creative passion is short-lived, and the focus span and energetic vibes are short too.

From extended EON principles, people with similar patterns might have great visions and egotistical traits. While they take pride in their passions, they might be living in a self-centric environment. Of course, not everyone with the 2-7-3 pattern would exhibit traits that I have mentioned earlier, as there are other numbers in the chart that could influence the person’s thoughts, feelings, behaviours, habits, and actions.

As the number 3 shares the same element with number 8, we could interchange the 2-7-3 as 2-7-8 as well, including its other number sequence variations. This means a person with the 2-7-3 or 2-7-8 patterns (and all its sequence variations) could display or exhibit similar traits. The major difference I could relate to being the time span period. The number 3 is short, immediate, and critical; and number 8 is wider, slower span, and takes longer time.

In general, people with such patterns tend to be popular with their passions. People like Michael Schumacher, Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, and Pablo Picasso have the 2-7-3 pattern (or 2-7-8 and sequence variations) in their birth chart, or time of birth charts.

Once again, I’m glad and feel blessed to have formulated the time-tested Time of Birth charts to display essential clues and extra signs, providing me (and all EON/FEN users) a fast and immediate way to identify a person’s inner or subconscious traits.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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