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Roland sent me an email recently and wrote, “We’re from the October batch of students who completed the UCMHP course, and have just completed our first revision. We left unimpressed, and was told that future revision class would come with a cost. We also had to form our own WhatsApp group as in the case of “blind leading the blind.” I am happy for your students to have your WhatsApp group support. I personally think it’s very important.

When I first started serious certified learning of Feng Shui and other Chinese Metaphysics subjects in 2004, we have our own chat group via MSN and SMS then among course mates. While it’s limited (in today’s context), we learned and build our knowledge along the way, without the mentor or trainer involvement. Now, a decade later, few people are using SMS for messaging, and the current essential social communication tool is via WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, and others – an effective messaging medium for cross-borders usage.

I decided to create a WhatsApp group (FEN COMMUNITY) for my students who attended the recent 1st FEN WORKSHOP on 28-29 October 2017. With setting up the WhatsApp group means heavier responsibilities to me, to provide lifelong, continuing learning lessons anytime, even when I’m at home relaxing and surfing the Internet during the weekends and weekday nights.

While both Dr Bernard and I know each other, we have our own unique training styles, profiling methodology, and information sharing needs. There’s little I can do about the comments his UCMHP students have made. While Roland and his course mates have completed the UCMHP course last month, and felt the negative vibes about their trainer or mentor, I noticed they are not alone. However, no trainer is perfect for everyone in class as we all have our own needs, wants, and expectations when attending a class. Anyway, the UCMHP students who attended the recent 1st FEN WORKSHOP, have shared similar gripes about their previous learning restrictions during their UCMHP lessons. However, they felt a complete, extreme reversal, and positive experience while in the FEN class (click here for their comments!). All I can say is, “to each his own” and I cannot comment much on Dr Bernard’s ego, teaching style, true intent, and life needs. And just like the UCMHP students who subsequently attended the FEN WORKSHOP, and other PON/UCMHP/LifeQuest students who subsequently attended the FEN (Basic) and FEN (Advanced) courses, their beliefs and perceptions in using numerology profiling changes toward a positive outlook while attending my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes.

I’m happy with the positive interactions among members within the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp group. Everyone, including myself, learn a lot about each other’s analytical views and opinions. The latest case study topic we are discussing is on the subject of brain tumour and Parental Health signs. While there might be clues when applying the Five Elements principles, the focus for us all is to determine if we can find additional clues beyond number patterns.

How I wish you could be in the FEN COMMUNITY group, and interact with all and learn from one another. However, the FEN COMMUNITY is just for FEN WORKSHOP students – it’s exclusive to my students only –  for after-class, interactive lessons. Previous students who have attended FEN (Basic) and FEN (Advanced) need only to attend the FEN WORKSHOP (at special ‘repeat student’ price) to acquire new techniques and profiling knowledge, and if you’re keen on joining the FEN COMMUNITY  group. Users who completed external courses (like UCMHP, PON, LifeQuest, etc.) conducted elsewhere are automatically invited to participate in the FEN COMMUNITY group after they have attended the FEN WORKSHOP class.

Roland asked another question, “I have seen the software which you did for Dr Oliver Tan many years ago, and felt it needs updating. That is why I have been looking around for a better version. I am wondering why you have created an Android version (FEON+) whereas the earlier one you created for Dr Oliver Tan is for Windows. It will allow me to see if we can adapt to your charting format since you can’t change it to the inverted triangle chart for our use.

I have learned a life lesson when developing customised software for other trainers. Until today, I have not received my payment from a popular PON trainer for development work since the software was launched (for Palm, Windows CE, and PC Windows) years back, even though we have signed a legally-binding contract agreement on the terms and payment. Today, the unprofessional trainer is still conducting expensive PON course elsewhere, while conveniently ignoring the overdue payment to me.

Anyway, there are reasons why I couldn’t customise the FEON+ software to include the inverted triangle chart layout as Roland has requested. These include:

  • I need to develop a new version from scratch as current features (like charts and periodic pillars) are designed for the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, and are not identical to the charts (and extended theories, if any) used by PON and UCMHP.
  • The UCMHP charting layout is different from the inverted triangle chart (used in PON). I wondered why Roland requested for the PON inverted triangle chart design and not the UCMHP layout.
  • The inverted triangle chart can even be copyrighted in one country, although I understand similar layouts and theories have been found in books published much earlier.
  • It’s inappropriate for me to include any external chart layout in the software unless licensed or authorised by the rightful owner. That is why the FEON+ software uses the EON chart, where the layout is like a person sitting down in meditation posture, with the S-T-U and V-W-X like the hands, and P-Q-R is like the legs, in a cross-leg sitting position.
  • I told Roland I could not customise my FEON+ software to include or replace the EON chart layout with the PON or UCMHP charts, unless I’m commissioned (and yes!… paid in advance) to develop a special version.

I also told Roland it was easy to read from the EON chart once he could put aside the perceived mindset, just like many users who registered the FEON+ software without attending the FEN classes. Of course, those users who attended FEN classes would be in a better position to utilise the software features as I used the FEON+ software extensively to quickly explain ‘live’ case study charts in the FEN class. It is a great productivity tool, and students can save non-sensitive birth dates and plot the charts on their Android compatible smartphones too, for later offline reviewing.

For now, current FEN WORKSHOP students are enjoying their benefits – interacting in the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp group with fellow members, and sharing their opinions. I’m glad I have made the right choice to commit myself and dedicate some time to get personally involved in student’s after-class continuing lessons by creating a value-add service through the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group. As I told the students in class, I look forward to the day when their EON/FEN knowledge is just as good, if not better than me. And through the continuing profiling lessons via WhatsApp, I believe they could become even better profiling professionals sooner.

Lastly, I have encouraged Roland and his group of UCMHP course mates, to come and attend the 2nd FEN WORKSHOP to experience a different learning exposure, without the “blind leading the blind” approach when questions can always be answered in class, or through the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group even after class has ended.

As seats are limited, mark your calendar and register early to reserve your attendance.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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