What’s in 1-7?

I’m not a fan of diligently chasing after number patterns and immediately associating them to perceived traits, a method adopted by other trainers as a quick way to attract students. As many of my FEN students have observed, perhaps it’s because I think uniquely and creatively, the Elements of Numbers (EON) method is different, and I adopted the visualisation techniques for my profiling analysis.

I prefer spending productive time chasing for answers on the underlying reasons than just the numbers and its confirmed traits. Even if you have nothing else to do, it’s a time-wasting effort to hunt down almost a thousand sets of patterns from 1-1 to 9-9, and 1-1-1 to 9-9-9, record down, and try to remember its ‘confirmedtraits. Furthermore, it is foolish, impractical and unrealistic to stereotype certain traits to specific number patterns, like reinforcing through YouTube videos that a woman with 2-7-9 (or 7-2-9) pattern in her birth chart is a mistress, or some married man’s secret sexual companion. Firstly, there is no such thing as a confirmed trait to one pattern. We are human beings – ruled by our varying emotions, intelligence, beliefs, laziness, habits, and temptations. We are not robots, taking pre-defined, fixed actions when certain conditions are met. We acted differently – our behaviours and actions are influenced by our moods, and the transient, moving energies within and around us. That’s one reason why we dislike eating the same food every day, when choices are available.

Call me lazy if you want to. It doesn’t matter much to me since I prefer to think smart and focus on five areas instead of checking close to a thousand patterns, to identify the traits. During the interaction session at the recent 1st FEN WORKSHOP, one FEN student reveal that he learned (from the UCMHP/PON classes that he’d attended previously) that the 1-7 pattern is about backstabbing. I told the class that I was not aware, or the “1-7 pattern = backstab” was not in my EON reference. However, I could immediately explained why it could be associated with the backstab nature. I then suggested the class to recall what I had just shared with them about the symbolic representation of the numbers. For example, we could visualise the number 1 as a dagger, sword, penknife, or a sharp blade. We could also visualise the number 7 as friends, supporters, customers, and even competitors. So when you have the 1-7 patterns, it is easy to interpret them as [Knife – Supporter], just like someone taking a knife, quietly walking behind you, and then stabbed on your back. In the modern context, it’s an act of betrayal – someone backstabbing you.

Often times, there must be a reason why others want to backstab the victim in the first place. In many cases, the victim could have been the unconscious aggressor at the beginning – agitating, spreading gossips and fake news, revealing secrets, stressing, or even sabotaging the backstabber, who was then compelled to taking revengeful actions. The reason: 1+7 = 8 (stress). In a way, a person who’s backstabbed by others, might be a backstabber too. This means, we could also interpret the 1-7 pattern from both extreme views – backstabbed and backstabber.

Just do a simple Internet search for “celebrities betrayed by friends” and you have a ready list of celebrities who were reported to have been betrayed by others. Plot their charts, and you will notice the 1-7 (or 7-1) pattern is in their birth chart. In some cases, you need to include their birth time too, as the 1-7 might be present in their Time of Birth Chart, or the Combined Date and Time of Birth Chart instead.

According to this Heart articleCelebrities Who’ve Been Betrayed By Friends And Family,” Jennifer Aniston is one of the celebrities reported to have been betrayed, by her mother in 1996. I was curious and plotted her chart, and sure enough, she has the 1-7 pattern in her birth chart. Her PY1996 chart is suggesting a Double-Effect Year for her too. I was checking the Astro page on her, and one area that caught my attention was her multiple relationships. From the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective, one possible area that contributed to her relationship issues is present in her Time of Birth (TOB) Chart. Once again, I’m happy and relieved to formulate the steps to plot the TOB chart as it allows me to unveil hidden traits in a person’s subconscious behaviours. I’ve explained the significance and sensible reasons why my TOB charting formula differs from the UCMHP method, putting aside the feedback received from some UCMHP users about my charting steps being more practical and useable. I have also explained in class why I could identify more signs at the S-T-U locations in the EON chart layout, which is more logical than the U=S-T sequence order used in PON chart design.

Now, back to the 1-7 pattern. There isn’t any need to stress up your mind trying to visualise the 1-7’s betrayal tendencies. Just apply the symbolic representations can help in many cases. And if that is not enough to provide extra clues, then you need to delve into the visualisation profiling techniques and start thinking creatively.

This year 2017 is a period of scandals, sexual harassment, flooding, extreme wet weather, pipes bursting, transport disruptions, and the perfect storms. Well, perhaps not the “perfect storm” as no storm is considered perfect if it damaged or destroyed homes, lives, and families. Whatever it is, it is not “pure coincidence” that sexual harassment and the #MeToo hashtag in social media is creating a floodgate (no pun intended) of people opening up and telling their harassment stories. It is simple to identify the signs from the year’s numbers. Just interpret the 217 (removing 0 from the 2017) as [Female – Male – Female]. And if we extended the year patterns to (2017=1), we could interpret the 2171 pattern as [Female – Male – Female – Male]. At extreme cases, it could imply multiple partners, group relationships, and gays (LGBT) too, in one way or another. Whether they’re engaged in some form of sexual harassment, orgy activities, and sexual modesty, is depending on their relationship preferences.

I’ve shared the steps to identify the Hidden Patterns and its significance, to the FEN students in class. While we read about countries facing wet weathers like severe flooding, torrential rains, typhoons, hurricane, and so on; we also read about countries facing extreme hot weather, forest fires, and drought. The conflicting weather signs are present in the Year 2017 vibes. I was telling the FEN students that they can now create their own yearly forecast, and need not have to wait for my coming Year 2018Numerological Predictive Observations” article scheduled to be posted on 1st January 2018. I also explained how I had forecasted past year’s probable events by sharing with them the visualisation profiling method, and extended EON techniques to scrutinise and identify likely signs.

Oh, one more thing that I almost forgot… I mentioned preferring to focus on five areas in the second paragraph – it’s all about understanding and applying the Five Elements principles. Visualising (again) how each of the elements – Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal – interacts, control, exhaust, and repels with one another, would allow you to identify possible traits in any pattern. It is very simple and easy to visualise quickly once I have shown the steps.

I’m looking forward to sharing more in-depth insights with you at the January 2018 class. I’ll show why it’s not important and necessary to remember almost thousand patterns, when you can just focus on the Five Elements and the symbolic representations using your five senses.

Have a wonderful time profiling.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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