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This week’s recent discussion among members in the FEN COMMUNITY (FC) WhatsApp group is about “PARENTAL HEALTH“, which is something I identified some years back and quickly shared with FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students who attended the previous FEN (Advanced) modules.

Since I have reorganised the FEN WORKSHOP (click here for comments from students) to include both basics-to-mastery modules, current students will benefit more as they start to acquire more techniques to apply. It’s just like what I have told the FC group members – it’s their choice to determine which method to use or apply during their profiling analysis. All I could do is to present the various options to them – to create awareness and knowledge about the additional methods, as they could come handy when certain signs could not be identified straight away, or are less obvious without knowing the extra clues. Checking on PARENTAL HEALTH is just one of the additional methods exclusively to EON methodology, and not shared in PON or UCMHP courses.

Let me share some basic info in today’s article to allow you to know there are so many methods only the FEN students are aware, and you aren’t. Considerably, I have to give them as much privileges and practical techniques as I could in appreciation of them attending the FEN class. You can learn and benefit, just like the 1st batch of FEN WORKSHOP students, at the coming 2nd FEN WORKSHOP on January 13-14, 2018, and be part of the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp group.

And now, let’s use a family example here – Albert (the main subject person we’re profiling), Mike (Albert’s father), Cindy (Albert’s mother), and Sheryl (Albert’s sister). When determining Albert’s health, we analyse his charts – be they on his Birth chart, Combined charts, or Personal Year charts. Similarly, when we want to check for possible health issues that might affect Mike or Cindy, we probe into their own charts individually.

The Parental Health checking is different as we look for possible signs from their children’s chart. That is to say, we look at Albert’s chart to see if there are possible health weakness on his parents. Similarly, we can also look at Sheryl’s chart for health indications on Mike or Cindy. While these signals are not definite and not absolutelywill happen” it does provide indicative signs on the general health state of Mike or Cindy when we look at Albert or Sheryl’s chart. Once again, if we want to check on the probable health issues that might affect Albert’s mother, we need to look at Cindy’s charts directly.

When the Parental Health sign is present in Albert or Sheryl’s chart, there is a possibility that Mike or Cindy’s health might not be as good as the year before. In usual cases, we can say that their health is weak or failing. Oh, by the way, we cannot anyhow assume that it would invariably lead to death or hospitalisation. That’s a naïve and absurd assumption we should avoid speculating, since such thinking could force others to worry unnecessarily. The fact is, if we want to know about possible health issue on Mike or Cindy, then we need to plot Mike or Cindy’s charts, and analyse them directly.

Anyway, while there might be coincidences and signs already appeared in Albert or Sheryl’s previous PY charts, the purpose of identifying the Parental Health is not about its accuracy, but more on proactive preventive measures. As a person’s PY chart is similar (numbers in locations’ M to R) for every nine years, it is illogical to repeatedly suggest the respective parent (Mike or Cindy) might die “this time.” We don’t have nine lives, and I’m not certain if all cats do – so what we need to do is to take good care of our health. As we get older, our health state is not as good as when we’re young, hence, the more you should ensure you also have adequate active medical or health insurance policies that could offset expensive hospitalisation bills.

If you’ve children, you can also check out their PY chart and use the Parental Health sign as reference, to find out if you can identify the Year when your health is weaker than preceding year. While in some cases you might not see any sign, it doesn’t mean your observation on the Parental Health sign is incorrect, it’s just that your current health state is still on the excellent level. Another analogy here – suppose your health state is like a vehicle’s petrol meter gauge. The level indicator shows F (for FULL, and not “Finish”) when you’re born, and gradually goes down (as you aged) towards the E (for EMPTY, and not “Enough”) marker as you drive along your destiny path, until you reached your final goal (destination). This means, the more you should take proactive actions on your own health, and that of your parents, whenever possible. Don’t wait until the symptoms appear, as it might be “too little too late.” One FEN students posted a colleague’s chart in the FC chat group where the Parental Health sign of the Mother is present in the colleague’s PY2017 chart. Sadly, her colleague’s mother died of liver cancer this year.

We have roughly two weeks before the early-bird offer for the 2nd FEN WORKSHOP is closed on 19/12. Don’t wait until the last day to register. When you take action to register during the next few days, I can then confirm the class date and pay the classroom booking. Right now, there isn’t an enough student quota yet to organise a class, although many are showing interest but yet to register. It is a chicken-and-egg issue, where I need the confirmed registrations before I can finalise the course date, and some of you suggested that I need to confirm the course date first before you register.

Register early so that I can share more insights with you in class, and you can carry on with your profiling lessons through the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp groupDon’t envy the FEN studentsyou can be part of them too after you have attended the FEN WORKSHOP class, and know the steps to identify the Parental Health and other signs. You will then realise you can stay happier (and hopefully, be less opinionated) knowing that you have direct and easy access to a passionate mentor (that’s me) and fellow FEN students ready to advise or guide you, anytime through the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp group.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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