The 2ND FEN WORKSHOP ended early this evening  (14 Jan 2018) with 14 students attending the class. These students came from different backgrounds and have attended various basic-to-mastery courses conducted by other trainers, including UCMHP and PON.

During lunch time on the first-day lesson, some students raised concerns on the knowledge they gain elsewhere, as while they learned about profiling techniques, they remarked about the lack of solutions provided. While these external trainers covered the common five solutions, also described on Pages 255-260 of my book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling,” these remedies and actions are insufficient or not practical for many people as they’re overly general.

I’m glad I have covered many solutions the FEN students could suggest and apply to people they are profiling with the several extended techniques I shared with them yesterday and today. As usual, I shared the various Energy Forces that could act upon a person’s dominant, secondary, and Life Cycles.

I have also explained the reasons behind, and need to restrict the use of LifeCode remedies as these are short-termed and detrimental to people with certain charts. I have shared the periodic codes (Birth Codes, Annual Codes, Daily Codes) a person can identify and apply as these periodic codes are more practical, relevant, and logical as tendency signs, as a person is constantly being influenced by periodic energies. LifeCode is limiting as its lifelong patterns had energies depleting over time. LifeCode patterns do not factor in a person’s periodic influences for any year, month, and day, and it is unsafe to assume that the moving energies are always constant, stagnant, and identical. As we know, every year, the numbers during the year are different (like 2017 and 2018), and a permanent set of LifeCode is inadequate to provide sufficient or relevant remedies to prevent unwanted energies from affecting a person. Hence, the importance, urgency, and seriousness to know that the LifeCode has limits and short-span effect, and could even be harmful.

I told the FEN student about an incident that happened to a former student who bought multiple LifeCode plaques for his family before attending my class. It created more problems than helping them, and the student had to follow my suggestion – keep them in an obscure place, best is to put these expensive and unusable plaques in a location that is “out of sight, and out of mind.” And the ideal place is to put them in a cupboard, drawer, or somewhere in the storeroom, and not displaying them in prominent places. What a waste, as these commercialised plaques cost couple of hundreds of dollars, and still aggressively promoted by some trainers as lifelong remedies.

And as always, students got carried away with questions during lessons, and I’m glad I could address most of the relevant questions in class. I also told the FEN students when class started on the first day that should questions be left unanswered, they can always post the questions, including new ones at the special FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group I’ve set up for continuing ‘after-class’ lessons. I could do that because I am a profiling researcher, an author who published findings and observations in a book, and a committed trainer who encourages active participation’s, questions,  and could analyse live case study exercises. In short, the FEN students knows that I am not a textbook trainer.

Thanks Ron for imparting new methods on understanding underlying reasons behind numbers sequences, the interactions of elements present hinting certain tendencies associated with health, behaviour, actions, career vibes and etc. Due to time constraint, several questions could not be answered but i am pleased that there is after class support with Ron and other students ready to assist without obligation. Thumbs up Ron for this initiative. Any yes, the course content is indeed unique from the rest of the course provider, thus providing new learning experience to the students.”– Quote from 2nd FEN WORKSHOP student.

Some of them have already asked me when the 3rd FEN WORKSHOP will be organised. I told them I didn’t have the schedule yet. What’s more, some even asked when I could organise the NSQ PROFILING class. What’s interesting is some FEN student even asked when I could conduct Bazi or BaziShenGua class. Hmm… my current focus is on EON and FEN-related courses, and that also include the NSQ PROFILING.

For now, it’s resting time for me to revitalise and recharge my energies…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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