Depression vibes on Michael Phelps

Mental health. That’s sort-of a sensitive topic for many people years back as people usually associate that as a person having to visit the mental clinic or hospital for regular checkups and treatments. These days, people are becoming more open with their mental health conditions, and willing to share their experiences and help others who are suffering currently.

Mental health is not just about becoming mad, and seeking professional help to try to get yourself sane again. From the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspectives, we associate mental health to the Metal element. This means beside madness (sadly, but it happened for some people); other health symptoms include desperation, bipolar disorder, sleep apnea, hallucination, fatigue, breathlessness, brutal or merciless attacks, hyperventilating, anxiety, stroke, and frequent unnecessary worries. And in the Five Elements principles, when Metal is strong, it could affect the Fire element which creates unhealthy signs, including cardiac arrest or heart attacks, extreme addictions (drugs, medicine, smoking). Strong Metal also affects the Wood element which could lead to emotional issues, including suicide, excessive scheming, and paranoid thoughts – like feeling insecure and having crazy, wild thoughts that everyone has ulterior motives helping you, and/or people are always taking revenge against you.

According to this recent Yahoo article, it was quoted that “Michael Phelps opens up about depression and contemplating suicide.” The first thing that comes across my mind is to check if I could identify the depression symptom and suicidal thoughts in his EON charts. So I quickly plotted his charts and noted some observations. And since I have conducted two FEN WORKSHOP classes in recent months, I thought I might want to get the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students to contribute to this article too, by encouraging them to maximise their curiosity and observation skills.

Here’s a sample of their comments in the FEN COMMUNITY (FC) WhatsApp chat group that I have set up to benefit all FEN students, for continual after-class lifelong learning session with me and fellow FC members.

  • Double-Effect Year in PY2012. Too many Metal presence. Could cause emotional issues. Also, and again, too many Metal, especially when 5 ‘change’ and inhibit traits from the numbers 1 or 6.
  • Reflection chart shows subconsciously he could be a perfectionist.
  • 1 & 6 suggest lots of mental stress due to obstacles.
  • Also, he has anger issues…
  • In MNO locations of his DOB chart, 5 changes to 9, creating too many Woods. PY2012 manifested as it is a Double-Effect year, very likely a “Double Whammy” year with strong Wood (temperamental) and Metal elements (mental stress). Apparently PY2011 also giving problem due to strong Wood.
  • On top of what everyone said, I’d like to add that he has lots of competitions in his career. Especially in PY2012, that affects his output. In PY2011, his career is in focus and gains him the resources or support.
  • Too much Metal causes stress and anger. Plan too much and focus on one thing, which made it so suicidal of this person.
  • There’s a possibility he’s very much into swimming because he lacks the water element in himself. It helps to balance himself, in a way. And again, in PY2016 – despite saying he’s retired, he’s back to compete because his career is very much in focus, and having high aspirations.
  • Two sets of 189 in another chart. Perfectionist, very relentless in pursuing his dream. Stressed himself too much.
  • In PY2011, he has the 944 and 444 patterns in his chart… displaying emotional & suicidal traits.
  • DOB chart – Strong stubborn earth element with demand for power, and very focused, result-oriented traits. Lacking resource or supporter in his or her life. Specific element could turn him/her as a hooligan gang leader or ring leader who is in command.
  • PY2011 – Strong Wood 944 weakens Earth and Metal result; he/she lost his rational (mental) but was driven (control) by the greed scheming plan with high aspiration.

While some (or many) of you might find the FEN students’ comments interesting, confusing, and/or even profound, it’s normal since you might have acquired only basic or ‘mastery’ theories elsewhere, and/or have not attended my FEN classes. I’m glad their profiling skills have improved gradually as many of them are applying the visualisation techniques and Life Structures Cycle methodologies that I have explained in class. I’m happy the participative FC members are showing progress with the profiling messages in the FC chat group.

I replied to the FC group, “In PY2012, the Double-Effect takes effect. When Earth is too strong, it produces Metal. That means further adding more Metal to his outer and inner self. When Metal becomes too strong, it produces Water. Swimming is one outlet. However, Water is about feelings, and that might sway his insecurity and mood swings. Next look at PY 2011, the strong Wood is already ‘hitting’ him hard on the mental side.

I’ve shared the Rhythmic Cycle theory. This allows us to review a chronological timeline of the past events that could influence his current health status; and how his present actions Michael could affect or influence his future health conditions. The Rhythmic Cycle is like a typical biorhythmic sine-wave chart showing the conscious and unconscious trends in a 9-year and 18-year Cycle.

Michael mentioned about his depression and suicidal thoughts in the year 2012. Nine years before, at around PY2003 or so, his strong Metal outlet is about drug addiction. Does that mean nine years later and at around year 2020 or 2021, Michael might resume his drug addiction, feeling signs of depression, and/or contemplating suicide again?

Now that Michael has opened up about his past health conditions, it means one thing – he is in control of his emotional and mental health state, and his fate is at present in his hands. The possibility of any relapse is slim, although not totally impossible because of the tendency signs in his EON charts. He is now aware of the choices, and the consequences; and is ready to help others suffering from similar unhealthy conditions. It’s just like Caleb Andersen, who contributed to the earlier article “How to Manage Your Anger in Sobriety” – someone who “woke upin time to realise what was happening, and found the strength and willpower to rid his addictions before his unhealthy mental and emotional stress could control him.

On a separate note, Demi Lovato has recently opened up on her bipolar disorder, according to this Women’s Health article. Once again, there are tendency signs of unhealthy conditions. You can acquire more in-depth knowledge on how to identify health signs using the visualisation profiling techniques from my FEN classes.

I’ve received few emails about the 3rd FEN WORKSHOP schedule. You can check the course outline and schedule from this link. You can also pre-register early. If you have recently completed UCMHP, PON, LifeQuest, Visiber, or any PON-style classes, and keen on improving your profiling skill sets using the EON/FEN extended techniques, just send an email to me at Remember, you’ll acquire a uniquely different profiling experience at the FEN WORKSHOP class than what you might have faced before…

Until then, it only takes one person to change your life. And it’s not me, or someone else. But YOU. Register early for the FEN WORKSHOP class now…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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