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I hope you have enjoyed reading the earlier two articles “Susan: Work Relationship” and “Susan: Changing Job” as it provided a refreshing perspective on how I applied the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to analyse and profiles a chart. In the first article, my reflections are based solely on the relationship aspects of Susan and her boss, John. In the second article, I based my observations on Susan’s birth chart and her Personal Year charts, to identify clues that might contribute, in some ways, to her career issues and working relationship with John. In today’s article, I will complete the three-part article with my analysis on John, and possibly, share the contributing elements that might have aggravated his working relationship with Susan.

Let’s start with the visualisation technique. I’d always share the many ways to untangle the clues to the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students in class. Students learned to interpret how the Five Elements principles work, including its cycles, interactions, and effects on other elements. With that, while it might seem daunting at first, it is really simple and easy to identify the many traits and characteristics of a person after I’ve shown and explained how the visualisation technique works.

In this article, I’ll briefly explain the resultant force of the elements, one of the many extended methods you will get to learn from the FEN class. If you enjoyed learning from this article, you’ll get even more valued-added experiential learning in my FEN class. Click this link to read the students’ comments about the FEN workshop classes.

Just picture in your mind, a barbecue (BBQ) pit.

From one visual aspect of profiling, John’s birth chart is like a typical BBQ pit. To be exact, the numbers and its associated elements are like the fueling charcoal, the burning fire, and the metal mesh. Easy to picture that, right?

Now, below are some questions that I need you to list down the diverse possibilities of what might happen when:

  1. The charcoal is burning and running out?
  2. The fire grows too hot, and quickly consumed the charcoal?
  3. The metal mesh gets too hot and melted?

Pause for a while and see if you can note down your observations. Once done, continue reading…

I love pressurising my FEN students to work out their brains and minds while in class, and encouraged them to actively participate in the lessons to be learned. Similarly, I want you to think likewise, if you can, as I want you to acquire one simple trick in profiling. That is without relying too much about remembering number patterns that other trainers have persistently adopted as part of their course syllabus and teaching, and probably because of their limited knowledge and basic methodology used. Once again, I’m introducing how you can use just one of the many ways to look at a person’s chart. John’s birth chart is about the responses related to the three questions on the elements present. These are the Wood (numbers 4 and 9), Fire (numbers 3 and 8), and the Metal (numbers 1 and 6) elements.

Here’s briefly, what could have taken place:

  1. About the charcoal or the Wood element. You felt really emotional and easily got worried that life is too short. You knew you do not hold much energy left to fuel the fire (your passions and creativity), and decide to rush things out hastily and quickly, without bothering about its consequences. You felt very tensed and temperamental when the flame is burning. You felt stressful and pressuring too, recognizing that whatever contributions you have made; your recognitions are short-termed and easily forgettable. Few understand your caring nature, and your humanitarian acts as your plan is to fuel the fire, preferring to work in the background. You also call for pride in your creations, like having each charcoal having different unique designs, and hope others could recognise your efforts by igniting sparks occasionally.  You relished the success that comes along (to light the fire) and yet you also became the victim of your own success (when all the charcoals run out). You provided smoke when you run out of energies, and cover-up (or garbled) the visions whenever necessary.
  2. About the burning fire and the Fire element. You are hot and passionate, and like a burning blast, you enjoyed the joys and laughter when inspiring others with your wonderful flames of lights and hopes. You handed out the warmth, passion, and lighted up the lives of many others. However, your passion and behaviours are short-sighted, like the candle in the wind. You’re easily swayed by emotions and tempers, and readily become agitated, frustrated and temperamental, especially when your burning desire gets too excited. You depended strongly on other’s to seek recognitions, and rewards. You can be too critical, focused, penetrating, and hurtful at times by throwing out sparks abruptly and haphazardly. You acted hastily without caring about the results. You enjoyed working hard to light the fire until your passion runs out.
  3. About the wire mesh and the Metal element. You took pride in providing security and stability, and shielding others from injury. When the flame gets too hot, you felt mentally unstable as you realised you might suffer from a breakdown or mental depression once your intellectuals and self-worth is destroyed. You looked strong and cool when you are serene, but you became fragile and temperamental when you are hot. You worried you might crack down or doesn’t bother at all, and simply get mentally stressed up without prior warnings.

Essentially, those are the tendency signs affecting John. He might display or inhibited the characteristics, traits, and behaviours that I have mentioned through the above analogies. In addition, as his Birth Root number is 6, he is also a principle-minded and mentally-charged individual. The 3-6-9 (including other sequence orders like 3-9-6, or 6-3-9) depicts a person who prefers quick or instant successes, and doesn’t think twice to invest ahead to ensure he makes out his goal quickly. This means he might show signs of recklessness, control freak, making hasty actions, and possibly, blinded by successes and materialistic pursuits. The multiple 3s in his birth chart could also indicate a person with high sexual desire, critical, forceful, and sharp-tongue.

There might be a possibility, and I might be wrong anyhow, that the relationship between John and Susan is more than just on a working relationship level. Both could be drawn to each other’s appealing personality, and they could be platonic friends (or more than that) at some point in time previously. Or it’s just nothing up close and personal, but a one-sided affair…

And like a laser pointer, they can be really focused and hurtful when they set their attention on something. In this case, he could be focusing on Susan as a potential “wealth creator.” The 1-8-9 pattern depicts the perfectionist trait which implies he might have less tolerance and display impatient mood swings when project executions are not aligned to his ideals.

The 6-6-6 implies a money-driven person, and when someone who is likely to go for monetary benefits just for fast and instant success. On the other hand, when he can control his mindset, the 6-6-6 could also depict a homely person, or individual who takes pride in his home, or providing homes to others. From another perspective, 6-6-6 could depict a person who “fires” repetitively, meaning somebody who doesn’t care about other people’s feelings and instead, voice their criticism time after time, and is hurtful. Susan might have felt that, and it affected her emotions, and worries about him checking her. While the 9-9-9 could depict a person with beneficial success streaks, it could also imply a person with humanitarian and caring nature. And so again, when greeds rule the mind, there is the likelihood John might turn to the forceful and competitive habits of destroying others without mercy, just so that he could accomplish things without obstacles and distractions.

Last year, there were signals of poor EQ or communication problem (8-4-3) with others, probably due to financial-related matters. Maybe there might be heated argument (with Susan?) over customers, and insisting his way of doing things is the best approach. Those are the signs present in his PY2017 chart. This year, his PY2018 chart shows there might be potential financially-enriched projects or investment from overseas, and John is pursuing it crazily and relentlessly, to achieve his goals.

John needs to take charge of his health too, as his mentally-charged, emotionally-invoking, and temperamental mood swings could affect his heart and lungs. Over time, these could cause strokes, heart attacks, or having cardiac arrest. He should refrain from eating too much oily or fried food to reduce the potential bad cholesterol levels. And yes, as the signs are proving a “drier body” from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective. He should drink more water to hydrate himself, instead of going for binge drinking and addicted smoking (if he’s currently doing so). While he constantly needs water to quench his thirst, he is also attracted to people who could “wet” his thirsty desires too – like anyone with ample Water elements in his or her charts.

Not everything is bad or negative about John. There are signs in the charts suggesting a person with high intellectuals, visions and ideas, and success-driven. These are the signs that establish or break a person, depending on whether he’s standing on the “moral and ethical”or “blinded by greed”  line. He could also be a victim of his own success. What John needs to slow down his pace, and redirect his excess energies toward humanitarian or charity projects. Instead of focusing too hard on monetary rewards, he could, instead, focused on providing family care and shelters for the less fortunate people. Sure, he has to earn his keeps, and that can even be done without unethical and immoral means at the expense of his colleagues and team members.

That’s my brief observations on John. I hope you’ll find this article interesting, as it presents you a refreshing view of how you can analyse and profile a person from another angle. This approach, and more, are what I’d usually share with the FEN students in class and explaining how to use the visualisation technique to profile a chart, putting the familiar number patterns aside. That means you get to take to look at charts from an “out of the box” approach, and to picture the canvas before zooming in on the details; rather than simply looking straight to find recognisable number patterns and quickly concluding the chart with the usual negative connotations.

The FEN WORKSHOP class is not for beginners. If you have attended PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest, Visiber, or any PON-style courses before, you are the right person I need to impart more knowledge and techniques to you. The reason is simple – because of your prior knowledge, you’d be able to judge my teaching style, and the lessons learned. And most importantly, you’ll know whether you’ve received an exciting profiling learning experience in my class.

There is not much time left now. Act today to register for the 3rd FEN WORKSHOP class.  Do it and save some money while the early-bird offer is still valid until 31 March 2018. You pay less to get a lot more! For instance, you get a free copy of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” and a free registered code for the FEON+ software for your Android smartphone. Plus, you get to be part of the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group where you can continue the lifelong profiling lessons with me and/or fellow students until your smartphone battery goes flat.

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Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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