On the Korean Summit – Part II

I’ve shared some signs regarding the vibes displayed on the Relationship / Compatibility (R/C) Chart between South Korea and North Korea, in my earlier article “On the Korean Summit – Part I.” And I’ve also shared extra clues on the Day chart of 29 March 2018 – the day they met, discussed, and agreed on a formal summit on 27 April 2018. Do check out the article (click this link) if you haven’t read them yet.

In today’s article, I will share more insights on the tendency signs suggesting what might be on their minds throughout the Summit day. While nothing is right or accurate, or wrong or inaccurate, and just like the weatherman’s raining forecast, any uneventful disruption might happen on that day, and this would create a different outcome. Placing all these disruptors aside, let’s begin to look at their charts in its entirety and identify tendency signs from an Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective. By the way, you might not find similar signs if you’ve completed courses on PON. UCMHP, LifeQuest, Visiber, or other PON-style classes as their methods are different.

For easier and shorter identification, I’ll reference South Korea as SK, and North Korea as NK.

The 5-6-1-7-2-9 pattern on SK’s Birth Chart denotes an enterprising character since we can constantly decode the 5-6-1 as venturing overseas, and in ancient times, crossing the mountain to another city or country. From another angle, it’s like openly knowing that there’d be challenged and stumbling blocks beforehand, the focused is to be the leader and ahead of its competitions by facing these ‘blockages’ upfront and finding the technological opportunities to make more money and be the innovative leader.

The 7-2-9 pattern is about the masses, finding the people within the country, and beyond their shores, to embrace SK’s technologies and products, including women products and K-Pop music and bands.

SK was facing the Double-Effect vibes last year (PY2017). And that could likely be one factor why we heard so much on SK too, including the negative outcomes like corruptions, scandals, and deaths of K-Pop artists. After all, the numbers 1 and 6, from EON perspective, are also about money, and life. 

The Day chart for the Summit event is interesting too. The 8-4-3 in S-T-U locations denote some form of self-controlled but emotional stress by both SK and NK in-between their dialogues.  At the back of their minds are the 9-4-4 pattern which could evoke the need for them to focus on bigger issues than personal preferences. This means because of the visions they set, there is the strive to focus on the plans, including revising them if needed, so that both can come to a positive understanding. The 4-2-6 is about delivering their sets of plan and strategies, and as required by the outsiders too (4-2-6 also at V-W-X locations). Eventually, they’re required to agree on the perfect plan (8-1-9) and lay the foundations and delegate follow-up actions to take.

The Combined Day Chart shows how the day event could influence SK personally. The 9-3-3-6-3-9 pattern could imply SK’s willingness to concentrate on whatever is needed, and act upon to come to a promising closure. I’d translate that as [Vision – Action – Focus – Stability – Action – Success].

Now, it’s time to analyse NK’s charts. NK’s Birth Chart shows far too many 9s and 4s; all these are of the same Wood element. From a visualisation profiling perspective, this could suggest unrealistic high aspirations, greed, elevated social lifestyle, and visions, like the many trees in densely-populated forest, struggling against each other to be at the highest, to get the best sunlight and air possible.

Regrettably, because of the competitive nature, the affected traits include destructive force (like the trees, uprooting and damaging the grounds, walls, and houses), creating obstacles and challenges for others (like spreading their branches sideways to prevent others from getting ahead upwards), and forcing others to adopt their “follow or die” plans (like causing landslides). And of course, there are the tendency signs suggesting suicidal and upheaval inclinations too. The sign of “selective listening disorder” is present and their means that they often like to hear only the good words.

Nevertheless, all is not bad, as there are positive signs too. The multiple 9s could also imply the humanitarian acts as well, and a success-driven mindset with its own competitive edge against others.

NK’s PY2018 Chart depicts the communicative characteristics of number 2. These include getting more expressive and diplomatic, and willingness to talk and listen. The 9-2-2-4-2-6 is about [Vision – Dialogue – Talk and agree – Plan – Deliver – Stability]. This means there is much influence (from the periodic energies?) for NK to “walk the talk” by being more forthcoming to their plans to come to amicable terms with SK. Still, there are signs that it might just be another NATO (No Action Talk Only) outcome where there is much that needs to be discussed later before they could agree on a combined plan.

On the summit day, the 4-6-1-7-5-3 pattern could imply formal talks about what NK promises – the denuclearisation of their defence weapons – so that they can be equally treated as a leader as well. Besides the carelessness and the spendthrift nature of the 7-5-3 pattern, it is also about lawful and legal issues. This implies, for NK to deliver what they have promised, there is the need for others to reduce the challenges and stumbling blocks so that NK can focus on what they need to do. That is, [Plan – Denuclearisation- Leader – Supporters – Change & Transform – Focus & Action]. This could indicate some form of upper-handed approach with conditional “if you want me to do something, you must first complete the tasks that I want you to do earlier” actions needed.

The 3-3-6-9-9-9 in their Combined Day Chart is also about the desire for them to hastily come to amicable terms for a promising and huge successful outcome for NK. Generally, there are signs suggesting the dialogue to have a lopsided swinging outcome towards one party, and that is to say, both sides might not win on equal conditions.

That’s all about my short reflections on the tendency signs present in both SK’s and NK’s charts.  In the Part 3 article, I will focus on the summit day itself, and what are the tendency signs that might surface on that day.

Until then, I hope you have again enjoyed reading my articles and greatly benefited from the clues and tendency signs I have provided. Do share your profiling experiences with others, and look at the “two sides to a coin” approach rather than just focusing on the negativities and the fear tactic approach that you could have learned elsewhere.   

Happy profiling…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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