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Some of you tried seeking for articles related to the coming Malaysia’s 14th General Election (GE14), and disappointed as there isn’t an article.

Yes, FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students discussed the GE14 in the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group when the polling day was officially announced, with some sharing their views interestingly, from fresh perspectives. The result on who’ll win the election, remains the same and status quo, although we noted one or more party might receive increasing voters.

Anyway, today’s article is more about the steps required to analyse a typical General Election, in broad perspective. I will describe one profiling approach that I’d usually adopt when analysing different charts used for such major events. Hopefully, you’ll gain something useful and practical after reading this article.

If you have the FEON+ software installed, that’s even more dependable.  Otherwise, using a pen/pencil and paper will do. Now, plot the following charts so you can correlate and analyse them quickly:

  • Malaysia’s birth date – 31 August 1957
  • Najib Razak’s birth date – 23 July 1953
  • Mahathir Mohamad’s birth date – 20 December 1925, or 10 July 1925

One FEN student brought up the subject about Mahathir’s birth date as there are two differing dates. According to this Wikipedia page, it was quoted “Mahathir’s birth certificate gives his date of birth as 20 December. He was actually born on 10 July; his biographer Barry Wain explains that 20 December was an “arbitrary” date.

So which date would you use to plot Mahathir’s chart? You decide.

In Chinese Metaphysics, we read on the Qi energies influencing us. Professional metaphysicians and Feng Shui experts provide services like names changing, mobile and telephone numbers, vehicle licence plate numbers, auspicious date selections, and so on. Many of them rely on one common aspect – manifestations of the changed energies on specific date engagements. Some people – while not for all, and not every time – felt better after changing their birth names or business names, or their mobile contact numbers. It’s principally because of the “law of attraction and manifestationswhere what you magnified (positive and negative ones), you tend to get equilibrium or more results.

I acknowledge I know little about Malaysia’s birth law, but when a date is indicated on a person’s birth certificate, it becomes his or her formal or authoritative birth date. And for official documents (like passports and other security information), reports, and validations, the authority would authenticate the person’s birth date from their identity cards, passport, or birth certificates.

I’m puzzled and curious why Mahathir has not taken action to change the “arbitrary” birth date on his current birth certificate while he is still alive, or when he was the Prime Minister then. Technically, when there are substantial evidence and proven facts, he could easily obtain an updated birth certificate with the correct birth date printed, and close the case. Well, he might have his reasons for not making the change.

Anyway, what’s indicated in the birth certificate becomes the official date used to validate a person’s birth date. It doesn’t matter whether Mahathir is really born on 10 July 1925, as the Qi energies of the 20 Dec 1925 date is substantial as it’s being “formally” manifested every year. In some cases, it might manifest strongly than the birth date (10 July 1925) that he personally celebrates every year.

In any case, it does not matter much when it comes to profiling using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, or even Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny, Phat Chee, 8 Characters) or Zi Wei Dou Shu (PurpleStar Astrology). Just plot the two charts for each date – 10 July 1925 and 20 Dec 1925. You can then analyse past major events, the health signs, and other aspects to the tendency signs present in the charts, and determine which chart shows more correlations to the events that took place. From there, you can reach the decision on which birth date to use. Who knows, and for that matter, the chart showing Mahathir’s 10 July 1925 birth date might provide more relevant clues than the 20 Dec 1925. Or vice versa… Whatever it is, Mahathir needs to take special care of his health as his PY2019 chart shows unfavourable clues. In EON theory, this means his health might worsen from as early as the next few months of this year, to the following year.

Once you have the charts done, then plot another chart for 9 May 2018, the Polling Day. Thus, eventually you have four (or five, if you want to include Mahathir’s other birth date). Analyse the charts and identify the tendency signs related to the country’s political stability, and the person’s career prospects. In addition, find out if there are opposing elements on the election day’s chart that could influence and impact the person.

When time allows, you can also plot the charts of key person from other opposition parties, and repeat the same profiling analysis. Alternatively, and if that isn’t enough for you to come to a conclusion on the winner, plot the biorhythm charts of Najib and Mahathir, and see who has stronger vibes on that day. Or better still, plot their NSQ charts (for students who’d attended my previous NSQ Profiling classes) and combine them with the polling day’s chart, to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the various arrows.

The above are just one of the many ways that I’d usually adopt when analysing major events like general elections. You might want to read my earlier articles on Donald Trump in the last USA Presidential election, and try to understand the way I profiled his charts.

While it might make more confusion to those not familiar with the extended EON theories and visualisation techniques, there are plentiful of clues you can find by plotting the charts that I’ve suggested, identifying them, and correlating them to what you want to focus on. Beyond that, it all depends on your profiling knowledge and the level of your understanding on the methods used, be they from UCMHP, PON, Visiber, and LifeQuest. Luckily, for FEN students, help is just a click away to reach out to fellow students and myself on the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group.

The 4th FEN WORKSHOP is confirmed for 2-3 June 2018 (Sat-Sun). Register now to learn more underlying root causes. Learn how to apply the visualisation techniques for quicker identification of traits, behaviours, and personalities; plus what you need to control or manifest during certain periods, be they on the year, month, or day.

See you in class.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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