Anniesa Hasibuan: Ego & Temptations

According to this Yahoo article, titled “Leading Muslim fashion designer jailed in Indonesia fraud,” it was quoted that Anniesa “was sentenced to 18 years in prison Wednesday for a multi-million dollar fraud and money-laundering.

Let’s check out Anniesa’s EON chart, and examine if we can find clues leading to the beliefs that influenced her money-laundering activities.

Some brief observations of her character… the 1-5-6-7-2-9 pattern in K-L-N-V-W-X locations on her birth chart describes a person who’s inclined to grow their wealth through overseas ventures, be they through online investment or line of work, or selling presence in countries abroad. The 7-2-9 depicts a person who tends to use her feminine attractions to socialise, and impress others convincingly.

The multiple sets of 4-8-3 and 8-4-3 patterns depict a person who might face communication problems at times, with family members and others. It depicts the lack of sincerity once her objectives have been met, as indicated in the 1-6-7-4-8-3 patterns in her birth chart which we could interpret as [Self – Money – Supporter – Plan – Stress – Action] when using basic keywords. From an extended Elements of Numbers (EON) method, I could interpret that as [I – Make Money – from Customer –by Planning – and Stressing them (growing interest) – Through Creative means]. When utilising the signs in a proper business manner, as what we have read in her earlier business years, Anniesa could grow her clientele and customer base through creative pursuits. In the same Yahoo article, it was quoted that Anniesa is a “fashion designer who shot to worldwide fame with her Muslim-themed collection”and her designer collections were “shown at New York Fashion Week where all her runway models wore hijab head scarves and Muslim-inspired designs, a first for the prestigious event.” The signs of a successful and accomplish businessperson.

Then why did she walk on the wrong path after gaining her objective – the success and wealth?

Some time back, I mentioned about the UnZip Code that permits me to identify guiding signs that a person might be tempted to follow, subconsciously. And like in any kind of guided “information” it’s up to the individual, whether to “walk the path” through a positive or negative  mindset. It’s just like there are two sides to a coin, the left and right, and the Yin and Yang. Her Unzip Code pattern is similar to what I have described in the first place – with money in mind, she innovates and got customers excited about her products. There are tendency signs present in her Personal Year (PY) charts that could have influenced her greatly, changing the innovative mindsets to manipulate feelings instead.

In 2016,  her fashion collections were exhibited at the prestigious event at the New York Fashion Week. From a layman’s point of view, it’s a sign that she has “make it” to become a renowned designer. From her PY2016 chart, the 1-9-1-1-2-3 pattern is present in the M-N-O-P-Q-R locations, which further enforced the mindset of [I am now a – Successful – Leader – And I am able – to communicate and draw more customers – by expanding my business]. That boosted her self-egoistic mindset. Furthermore, it raised her high-handed attitude toward others, especially with the 4-8-3 pattern present in her birth chart. Based on a newly-formulated EFV FLOW code, her EVF2016 show conflicting guiding signs that she could either become more communicable and approachable, or keep the stubborn and principled person. As a person’s past actions could influence their present times, it is more likely Anniesa could have chosen to stick to the latter signs, i.e., to reinforce her self-principled mindset and self-interest beliefs.

Her PY2017 chart shows the 1-1-2-3-3-6 patterns [I – Alone – Present – Artistic works – Excited – Money] which kept her successful streaks, as the ability to portray herself as an established fashion designer, through her expanding collections is strongly felt. Anniesa has a choice to decide what she can do for 2017 – her EVF2017 suggested the need to go on her plans to extend her business outreach, or to focus on her self-ego and pride that she could convince others to buy her products because she’s an established and well-known person. She could have taken the latter due to the influencing materialistic vibes present in her PY2017 chart.

If Anniesa were to abstain from the dark-side influences, she could have enjoyed even more successes and wealth naturally, without working towards immoral or unethical ways. Her PY2018 chart is suggesting the ability to grow her wealth, with the 1-2-3 pattern present. Still, there are signs of “selective listening” that could have blinded her “self-belief” thoughts by focusing on quick successes rather than strengthening her business branding. As her EVF2018 signs show just that, she could have strayed towards instant success rather than investing her time to service her clients. Her Unzip2018 Code is suggesting the need to deliver more fashionable products to her clients as an established business person, and work towards accommodating customers needs.

The EFV FLOW is an interesting method that I’ve found and shared for the first time, with the 4th FEN WORKSHOP students. It is a simple and direct means to determine the potential effects and consequences based on the forward or backward flow of actions. For instance, when a person takes a forward (advanced, positive) approach to execute their plans, the likelihood of positive outcome is much stronger. When a person takes a backward (retreat, negative) flow of activity, they’re often driven by negative energies like greed and temptations, by taking shortcuts, aiming for instant successes, and not following business procedures  – these could lead to negative consequences that could affect them during the period.

For Anniesa, the temptations and greed to attain more money plus the self-ego pride, could have influenced her mindset, and blinded her towards quick-rich success ventures.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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