Kate Spade & Anthony Bourdain: Apparent Suicides

According to this HuffPost article page, “The world lost two beloved people this week with the tragic deaths of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain and fashion designer Kate Spade.

Mental illness can happen to anyone, irrespective of age, culture, races, religion, or wealth status. If you know anyone who suffers from mental illness, do refer to the same HuffPost article for a list of support hotlines available in various countries.

Let’s look at Kate Spade’s EON chart. There are too many 9s in her birth chart, and like what I’ve depicted in previous articles on multiple 9s, she could be a “victim of her own success” as well. And from the Five ElementsCycle theory included in the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, strong Wood could affect various elements, including the Metal element. We could associate Metal element to traits like mental depression or mental illness.

I have shared in past FEN Workshop classes on the “Yin & Yang” aspect of an element. This means we could also correlate the number 9 to some form of suicidal tendencies when the person is under emotional stress. Besides, Kate has the “perfectionist” trait. It could affect her behaviours that everything has to be set properly, and in could affect her thinking that ending her life might be the best way to solving her problem.

She was also facing the Double Effect vibes with the 2-2-4-6-6-3 pattern present in the Selected Day Chart (for 5th June 2018) and her Combined Day Chart. This could mean that she could have been overwhelmed with insecure and unsure feelings, and distorted visions (due to the manifestations of the number 2, being a Water element). In addition, Kate Spade is constantly facing a different “lifelong” set of Double Effects vibe throughout her life as the 9-9-9-9-9-9 pattern in locations M-to-R in her Reflections Chart is identical to the same positions in her Birth Chart.

While there were rumours of relationship strains, I tried looking for her husband’s birth date and was surprised Andy Spate’s birth date is also indicated as 24 December 1962. And there aren’t any online sites (that I’m aware of) that highlighted both Andy and Kate are sharing same birth dates and celebrating their birthdays together, I decided to put aside analysing Andy’s chart. He could be facing similar signs, unless he is in full control of his own emotions and sensitivity. Or, his birth date was wrongly reported. Email me at SunTzu2796@gmail.com if you know about Andy Spade’s actual birthdate, or could confirm if his birthdate is the same as Kate’s.

Sadly, Kate Spade died on 5th June 2018, from apparent suicide. She was 55. May her gentle soul rest in peace.

The week also saw another apparent suicide case – Anthony Bourdain passed away on 8th June 2018. He was 61. May his noble soul rest in peace.

From Anthony’s chart, there aren’t “sufficient” clues to correlate his death to suicidal tendencies, or using suicide as a way to end his life. I shared my observations with the students in the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group, and noted that when the 5-5-5 pattern in the Combined Day Chart (8th June 2018, the day he died) transformed virtually into the number 1, it manifested the Metal element. Besides the mental depression or illness, we could also associate the Metal element with drugs, chemical, or medication. Could his death be linked to overdosing of drugs or excessive mixture of medication?

Now, if the same 5-5-5 is transformed to number 3, it could manifest the strong Fire element. Could alcoholic binge drinking or certain liquid triggered some kind of cardiac arrest, and subsequently, the heart attack? Furthermore, the “cardiac arrest” signal is present too in his chart. Thinking wild, the 5-5-5 pattern could also be due to excessive sexual activities.

Yet, from another perspective, we could relate the Earth element to the digestive system – could he have consumed wrong food that subsequently triggered health symptoms or conditions leading to his death?

I’m focusing on a different perspective here.  Apart from mental-related issues that might ensue in the suicidal action, the contributing factors leading to his death might also be due to the observations mentioned earlier. I really don’t know, but from the tendency signs present in his various charts, suicidal tendency is simply one contributing factor. Possibly it’s just might be the case, or maybe it’s not.

For now, let’s wait for official medical reports on the contributing factors leading to his apparent suicide.   

Maintaining good mental health is important for everyone. Mental illness and depression can strike any time. It’s best to seek help early and learn to master it. You might want to check the past few articles contributed by Caleb Andersen (click here for links) who pulled through the mental depression, and is now helping others to overcome the illness by empowering them to manage their lives healthier, and in many positive ways.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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