On Jinx number

What? You mean they even distinguished the “jinx number” pattern on a person’s chart?

That was my first reaction when one FEN student shared some insights about the “jinx” number provided to UCMHP students. Before long, there were more questions posted, like:

  • What is your opinion? Trying to test from the people I know, but no definite pattern.
  • What is the implication of having the jinx number? Mark Zuckerberg has jinx numbers 5-5 on “weakness” side, and 4-5 within the chart.
  • Elon Musk – 28/6/1971 (but not with 2-7/7-2 or 4-5/5-4 though)
  • Avoid doing business with them, especially if they have 2-7/7-2 and 4-5/5-4
  • Can try Carlos Slim, jinx numbers 1-1 with 4-5 and 2-7 in the chart?

According to this Merrimack-Webster online dictionary page, the definition of the word “jinx” refers to: “one that brings bad luck; also: the state or spell of bad luck brought on by a jinx.

In the FEN COMMUNITY (FC) WhatsApp chat group, besides sharing insights on various EON/FEN related techniques, members also discussed “interesting” information gathered elsewhere and usually query about its relevance, implications, and perhaps, usefulness. Like in the popular phrase, “many roads lead to Rome” this means that there are so many “patterns” and ways that different people could identify with, in relation to certain aspects of a person’s character, behaviour, or trait. While the UCMHP trainer tends to focus on the negative or the weakness area or side of the chart, it is just a myopic view and focused interpretation of the person. I also found it ironic when the trainer indicated the “weak” side to be on the left part of the chart, where the Day number and Month number are located. Does that mean the right side of the chart is constantly showing the positive or “strength” part in a person? Does that signify a person with certain patterns, like the jinx number on the “weak” side of the chart, is doomed to be a jinx forever, and would bring bad luck to whoever they meet, partner, married, or even interact when together for a while?

It does not make sense to me when only the left side of the chart is deemed to be considered the “weak” side, and the right side of the chart is deemed to be the “strength” side. If such a jinx number does exist, and assuming the UCMHP trainer is correct in identifying the jinx pattern, wouldn’t he looked at ways to change the energies into positive ones? Like providing more practical solutions other than suggesting statements like “not to curse people, rocky marriages, good employees, avoid doing business with them, or a female may bring three worst things to three people in their lifetime.” Hmm… that reminded me of the ancient Chinese stories, where a so-called jinx person would bring misfortune to people up to three times. I’m curious to know whether the fourth, fifth, or more people would be jinxed by her as well. Next, when UCMHP students plotted a future date chart and noted it had the jinx number, they should advise their pregnant client to refrain from giving birth on that “inauspicious” date? Otherwise, their child, if born on that terrible day, would forever be branded and stamped as a jinx, in accordance to UCMHP principles.  Perhaps, they might end up becoming a witch-like person who could easily bring bad fortune to those they dislike.

Anyway – jinx or not – please perform your own analysis. The UCMHP trainer might be right in his focused reflections on some charts. The observations could be more of a generalisation assumption, and should be analysed in conjunction with other numbers on the chart, for better overall visibility to see the strength of the jinx effect.

I replied jokingly to the FC group, “Stay away from him (Carlos Slim)… he is jinxed. Frankly, I don’t mind him knowing me… since a jinx would not be a wealthy philanthropist.

Don’t worry too much about the jinx number. There’s none to worry at all. From other numerology methods, be they from Arabian, Indian, European, Western, Chinese, and even the Elements of Numbers (EON) systems, the day number and month number do have many positive signals as well, even when the numbers are 1-1, 5-5, 1-6, and so on. What this means is we should “take it with a pinch of salt” when the UCMHP trainer imparted definite fear-tactic knowledge, and analyse them from our logical standpoint. Just like what I always highlighted to FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students in class, that while certain patterns might be identified with specific behavioural traits, we shouldn’t presume that person would exhibit such traits at all. We have to remind ourselves that our life today, including the states of our career, wealth, health, and skill sets… depended on our experience and knowledge acquired, and the actions we did in the past. And that also included our family upbringing, living environment, social lifestyle influences, government policies, weather, colleagues at work. They do play a part, regardless of whether the influences were minor or major, in contributing to who we are today.

That is why I seldom reiterated the importance of number patterns. It creates a mistaken assumption on others, especially when knowledge is passed on to people who did not learn directly from the trainer. For instance, a person may misinterpret the meaning of certain patterns, like a jinx number, when he made unauthorised copies of the training notes from a friend who attended the course. And subsequently assumed when the specific jinx numbers appeared in any chart, he could confidently assume that the individual is deemed to be a jinx. Training materials and course notes can be read by anyone, photocopied or duplicated without authorisation, and easily misunderstood regardless of whether the information is originated from FEN or UCMHP courses. That is why it is significantly important to provide follow-up lessons, after class. It is normal for students not to grasp everything the trainer said in class, due to time constraints. With a follow-up session – should they attend class once more or interact via chat groups – student can then clarify on matters directly with the trainer, and not making assumptions that might hurt others unknowingly.

If you’re keen to acquire the EON methods of profiling (including the visualisation techniques, Qi Tapping, and understanding the Five Elements interactions), I’d highly recommend you to attend my 5th FEN WORKSHOP class, just like many of my FEN students who had previously attended the UCMHP, LifeQuest, PON, or Visiber courses.

You will know in my class, that there are always two extreme sides a person can fall into, and they have a choice to decide the best path to fulfil their life goals. You hold the ability to change and transform your life (or anyone’s else) to a better state than before. And you’ll recognise why a jinxed person, based on the UCMHP trainer’s observation, can easily be un-jinxed through understanding and identifying the positive EON signs, adopting right attitudes, and carrying out preventive actions… and not about not cursing others.

Do you still think people like Carlos Slim, Elon Musk, and Mark Zuckerberg are jinxed? I don’t mind them knowing me personally, so that I can tap on their positive energies and business acumen to “raise me up” to be more than I can be. Anyway, with or without them, I can still continue with my “pay-forwardcommunity service by sharing even more useful and practical knowledge through reasonable ways. I could continue to strengthen my passion and resilience with FEN students’ support, to sustain a lifelong learning experience. This way, they could happily interact and continue their profiling learning journey through the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group. I welcome you to be part of this special FEN Community group.

Register today (click here) for the 5th FEN WORKSHOP to take advantage of the early-bird offer.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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