The 4th FEN WORKSHOP class

Once again, I’m glad students who attended the 4th FEN WORKSHOP class over the past two days (2-3 June 2018) were happy with what they’ve learned and discovered.

They could now build the knowledge to identify tendency signs beyond number patterns. This signifies, when practised consistently, they would be able to associate any number pattern to certain characteristics and traits easily, without waiting for me to provide the pattern list. This way, I have freer time to do more research and focused on more relevant clues than the number patterns. For instance, the students learned how to apply the visualisation techniques to extract clues from each element and numbers, and when combined in a series (like number patterns), they could correlate the interactions (conflicts, enhance, relations, and inflictions) between the elements and numbers present in a person’s chart.

And for the first time, I introduced a new method to the students. The EFV FLOW code is an unique and exclusive method formulated by me, to allow the students to identify the potential behavioural trends a person might carry out the actions when their energies are strong or weak, or positive or negative. We are exposed to situations where we have to decide what action to take, to realise our goals – to go for it or to wait, to go left or right, or to make the yes or no decisions. When we are confident and our energies are positive, we tend to take a stride forward to take charge to do what we want to achieve, and became more optimistic. When our energies are weak or lacking, we tend to adopt a step backwards for fear of resistance or the unexpected, and thus, we become a little unsure or negative. Eventually, we turned more pessimistic. I also shared a quick way to remember the EFV FLOW code sequence, and how we can use the EFV FLOW code for any periodic charts, besides the birth chart. You can determine the potential outcome and consequences a person might encounter, depending on their actions for a particular day or year.

I elaborated the UNZIP Code to the class, and shared how we can identify the guiding signs that might tempt a person to take certain actions based on their focused and planning targets. We can look at the positive aspects when a person follows the guiding sign correctly, and the negative aspects when a person misuses the guiding sign or act on it inappropriately.

I also introduced a new “work in progress” 9-year Luck Cycle Pillar, which permits students to determine the positive and negative energies, together with a combined energy pattern that could influence a person in a specific nine-year period. The rule was based on my earlier experiences in certain Chinese Metaphysics System and my knowledge in developing metaphysics software previously for Palm PDA devices. I also told the students to explore and feedback to determine the usefulness and relevance of the “inconclusive” method, so that we can all learn and apply on the techniques cohesively as a team due to positive group energies around.

Students learned the life and birth forces method, and recognised how the different cyclical periods could influence a person as well. This time around, I employed a fresh approach in the 4th class to explain how to apply the various life forces on a person, and identify the influencing vibes present at different cyclical periods.

Yesterday was successful, thank you Ron, for your guidance and techniques on Qi Tapping. It must have helped because I actually tested at MBS and RSW.  The timing you have indicated was really accurate.  1 minute after your indicated “auspicious timing” my luck really did change. I shared with a few people earlier today how I “tested” the direction calculation, and the result were exactly as shown on my directional chart.” – quote from Su, a happy student from Thailand.

Besides sharing how the Relative Extended Direction and ‘Qi Tapping’ works, I also shared the steps to use the technique to accumulate the positive energies to achieve specific targets. Although I just taught the Qi Tapping and Extended Directional Charts on Sunday (3 June 2018), I showed Su (on Saturday, 2 June 2018) how to apply the techniques as she was very eager to go to the casino, after the Saturday class, to try her gambling luck. While this is an example of achieving the outcome through understanding how the energies are accumulated, I forewarned the students not to misuse or abuse the EON system that I have shared with them. Do not be so obsessed and apply the techniques for gambling luck, which to me is unhealthy, and an unconventional and indirect wealth creation. Furthermore, there could be repercussions and effects when a person becomes obsessed and addicted to gambling, as there is no such thing as a sure-win luck, every time. The reason is simple – we are totally influenced by the transitional and transient energies around us, and the influencing energies could affect us positively or negatively. It is important to exercise self-control and understand the life path vibes present in our own charts. Finally, you need to know when to quit (due to the different energy influences at specific time periods) even if you are on your winning streaks’ luck.

I’ve shared many techniques in class. I’m aware the 2-day, power-packed lessons might be too short for practice,  understand, and apply all the theories learned. That is why I told the pupils that they could always post the queries and observations to the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group, where we can treat it as a continuing after-class lesson, to follow up with what was taught and shared in class.

I’m glad the students were happy and satisfied they took the time, effort, and opportunity to learn more about the extended Elements of Numbers (EON) techniques. They trusted their instincts and gut feelings, and they were not wrong.  It was a missed opportunity for those who wanted to attend but couldn’t due to the June school holidays (family trip overseas) and other study/family commitments. Don’t worry… you can register early when the next class is scheduled. 

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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