Relationship Compatibility – Jack Ma, Najib, & Mahathir

There were searches for “compatibility chart,” “3 compatibility chart” and “3 compatibility chat relationship” on this site some weeks back. It could be from the same person or different people coincidentally searching for similar topic during that period.

I have included up to four charts, including the main subject person, in the FEON+ software where you can analyse the Relationship and Compatibility of two, three, or four people on one screen. Yes, I have added simple but unique feature in FEON+ where you can “enable/disable” the relationship views of any of the three people with the main subject person. While it was fun and exciting to have such a feature for overall analysis, it was more of a necessity for me personally. I had originally wanted to add charts for up to ten or more people, but decided it’s more of a nice-to-have feature than a real need. Furthermore, the mobile screen size is unsuitable to display all ten charts at one go, which defeats the intent of “overall view” of all charts.

Now, back to the question of “3 compatibility chart.” If the user wants to know more about how to analyse three people with their combined Relation / Compatibility (R/C) Chart, and wants to plot the three charts quickly, then installing the FEON+ software would be more practical than manual plotting. Of course, as there isn’t any secret about the steps to plot a chart or R/C chart, you can always use Microsoft Excel as a profiling automation worksheet as well.

The first individual who comes to mind to use as the main subject person was Jack Ma. And with the Malaysia’s 1MDB scandal still fresh in my head, I thought the other two “ideal companions” would be Najib Razak and Mahathir Mohamad. What a perfect trio to analyse… and a fun one as well.

As this article is not about analysing Jack Ma’s chart, let’s begin by checking out the Relationship / Compatibility Chart between Jack Ma and his two “business associates.”

When I first plotted the relationship between Jack Ma and Mahathir (using his July birth date as reference), I was distracted with Jack Ma’s EON chart initially. No wonder he could gather and grow his wealth. He has multiple 1-2-3 patterns in his birth chart, which imply a person who has potential ability to achieve wealth and own assets in a much easier way than others. Only that doesn’t imply everyone with the 1-2-3 pattern present in their birth chart, would be wealthy and have assets. On the contrary, the presence of such patterns is like the energies abound. You still need to plan and take the right actions to control and manage the energies around you, and you still have to face challenges too. Else, you merely “see, touch, and count the money, but not own them” like the normal bank teller staff handling huge amount of cash on each working day.

When Jack Ma is with Mahathir, the R/C chart shows Root 1. We could interpret that as each recognising the leadership of one another, demonstrating respect, pride, responsibility, foresight, and intelligence. There are signs of good communication and positive dialogues between both as well. This is besides the true intent of hasty and short-termed goals and successes, by collaborating together to achieve the “perfect” plan. That’s what the EFV FLOW Code on their R/C chart suggests too. They could either challenge each other by introducing obstacles or stumbling blocks, or work cohesively as a team with shared understanding and focus for a mutual goal. According to this Channel NewsAsia online article “Alibaba founder Jack Ma meets Malaysian PM, ‘surprised’ by Mahathir’s tech knowledge,” Jack Ma was quoted to have said, “during the one-hour meeting,  they [he and Mahathir] shared a lot of ideas and discussed how to lift more Malaysians out of poverty and support more young people and small businesses.” It’s all about being responsible leaders or partners in hand, to raise the esteems and potentials of the people.

Now, let’s look at the R/C Chart of Jack Ma and Najib. The 4-2-6 pattern is present and from one perspective, it’s about the plans to work as a team for financial profits. Last year, their Compatibility Year Chart (PY2017) was solid as they experienced a Double Effect year. This means the energies manifested by the 4-2-6 pattern were doubled and strong. According to this different Channel NewsAsia online article, “Alibaba to set up logistics hub in Malaysia’s new digital free trade zone,” Najib was quoted to have said, “I strongly believe that together, we can achieve a more prosperous economic landscape that benefits the industry and people.” It’s all about making more money through globalisation. What this means is that when Jack and Najib are together, it’s all about “money talks” with both working together to achieve the successes through the “perfect plan” they have agreed.

Unfortunately, their plan was short-lived as the Compatibility Year Chart (PY2018) shows multiple sets of 4-8-3 and 8-4-3 patterns. From one perspective, this entails some form of separation from their official relationship. As we know, Najib is no longer the current PM of Malaysia, and his political relationship agreement with Jack Ma has to be “separated” this year. The EFV FLOW Code suggests they could concentrate on working together for the people (more towards humanitarian projects), or partner together to increase the capacity (and power) to achieve quick and hasty, short-termed goals and successes.

It is comparatively easy to plot the Relationship / Compatibility Charts of two to four people from the FEON+ software. It is even more comfortable when you learned the correct visualisation techniques that’re part of the EON/FEN principles. And when you include the newly-introduced EFV FLOW Code that lets you identify the behavioural inclination trends, finding out the clues is so much faster and fun.

Oh, I almost forgot… this article is concentrating on three people, and analysing their relationship jointly. This entails, in a hypothetical case where Jack Ma, Mahathir, and Najib are in official cooperation to discuss mutual benefits. With the threesome meeting in the boardroom discussing, what would you guess the outcome might be? In reality, the chances of Najib partnering Mahathir, and join hands to collaborate with Jack Ma, is slim.  Anyway, for the purpose (and fun) of analysing their R/C Chartin my FEN classes, profiling is always a fun learning and enjoyable experience – let me share some reflections here.

The R/C Chart for three of them combined, is showing Root 4. Besides talking about their plans and setting foundations (like putting the groundwork), it also suggests signs of emotions and mood swings between them. In addition, there are obvious signs of selective listening disorder traits, which implies they are talking in unison at the same time to get their message across, but not listening attentively. In normal conversations between three people, when everyone is talking aloud without listening, tempers, frustrations, and heated argument could develop quickly. And each person unwilling to give way because he assumed his plan is perfect (8-1-9), and the other person’s suggestions would not function as such plans could result in potential financial loss (5-7-3). In utmost cases, it could result in contractual non-compliance.

Their Compatibility Year Chart (PY2018) is showing the 3-6-9 and 6-3-9 patterns. This implies potential influence on establishing the fast buck, and short-termed goals. However, with all three couldn’t agree to put aside their prides, beliefs, and egos, and arrives to a common goal, it is hard for the three of them to join forces to achieve the success needed, without losing money or involved in legal entanglement.

As said earlier, learning the correct approach to profile needed not to be so serious and with one-way, “no or little questions asked” lessons. Rather, learning to profile can be fun, creative, and affordable. That’s when you understood and got the correct visualisation techniques shared in my FEN WORKSHOP class. No reliance on number patterns and naïve assumptions that all people with specific patterns in their charts, would display certain traits definitely. That’s so, oh… untrue.

Come and find out for yourself how you’ve missed the fun time learning the extended EON/FEN profiling techniques. Register now, and you won’t regret signing up for the FEN class. Besides gaining the profiling techniques, checking on the trainer’s attitude, interactive discussion, and sharing commitments for lifelong coaching is significant.

Have fun, and a wonderful week ahead.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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