The 5th FEN WORKSHOP class

Even though the number of sign-ups for the 5th FEN WORKSHOP class held over the weekend on 11-12 August 2018 was fewer than earlier classes, the amount of knowledge that I’ve shared is not lesser. Instead, the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students at the 5th class learned extra techniques. This is “unavoidable” as I’d usually share new or enhanced techniques whenever it’s concluded and/or explaining interesting discoveries in class. Hence, the lessons learned and experience gained in each FEN class, is different. As I’ve told the FEN students in class, I’d prefer to share the “glass filled with water” with others, so that it becomes “half full or half empty,” whichever way you look at it. I could then have ample chances to fill my glass of water. And in the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles, we could also associate Water with knowledge (receiving, applying, and sharing), wisdom, and reflections.

As normal, I told the students to be readied for a different learning experience, and put aside what they have gathered in other courses (like UCMHP, PON, LifeQuest, and Visiber) and the experience – be they good, bad, or ugly – with the trainers. With a happier mindset comes natural acceptance and willingness to learn and absorb more insightful informationthat’s what I hope to achieve by the end of the 2-day lessons, to enable or empower the students to build their own profiling knowledge beyond what they’d learned elsewhere. And as I’d told them a few times, no one can be an expert or proficient in profiling after attending the FEN class. Instead, they need to practise what they have learned. And if they are “stuck” midway, help is always around through the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group since they automatically become members of the exclusive lifelong learning support group.

Besides the “usual” slides supplementing my explanations on the extended theories, I have added new ones for this 5th class. I have also elaborated more on the significance, relevance, and usage of the EFV FLOW codes. One student readily agreed and told the class, she could correlate the EFV FLOW behavioural inclination trends of her relatives after checking out their EON charts. The EFV FLOW allows FEN students to distinguish the possible behavioural tendencies of a person – they could take the positive path and maximise the beneficial energies, or they could retract and choose the negative path and manifest the unfavourable energies. Either path, there is a choice to make, and the probable outcomes of the choices are obvious and present from the EFV FLOW. To recognise whether the EFV FLOW is a simple but amazing technique is to check on incidents and events that happened previously, and that’s what the 5th class students did, to correlate their past actions with the EFV FLOW codes.

I have further expanded on the applications of the 9-Year Luck Cycle Pillar (9YLCP), and suggested the class to adopt a certain method or steps that I’ve been using so far, to see the potential energies that might influence a person during different nine-year periods. As we all know, the numbers in locations M-N-O-P-Q-R of the Personal Year Chart is similar every nine years. Hence, it seemed impractical and illogical to assume a person would encounter similar influences of the energies every nine years. And just like the Bazi’s 10-Year Luck Pillar, I formulated the 9YLCP for the EON/FEN method, to allow FEN students to recognise what this extra layer of influences is, and how it could affect a person differently – nine years before, currently, and nine years later. The FEN 9YLCP method (that I suggested to the class) followed closely on the Yin-Yang principles as well, meaning it incorporated the forward and reverse energy flows, and the universal Qi combinations. And depending on a person’s chart, the 9YLCP influences could affect two or more people with similar birth charts, differently.

I introduced a basic and limited “FEON Excel” version where FEN students can utilise it to plot the charts. They need to install the Microsoft Excel (2006 or higher version) on their supported device, even if they don’t own or use an Android smartphone. On the plus side, FEN students can now plot EON charts on their iOS devices (like the iPhone and iPad), PCs (Windows, MAC, ChromeOS), and even those older Windows 10 Mobile Phones. Besides the “usual” charts, I added Periodic Pillars (Year, Month, Day) with the Universal and Personal numbers displayed with their respective element colours.

The FEN students also learned various remedial solutions in class, ranging from applying the numerical force energies, to the periodic codes (Annual, Birth, Day, Relationship, etc.) Besides, I elaborated more on the basic principles of Transactional Analysis, and how (and why) we could communicate with someone, including our kids, in a positive adult-adult ego state manner.

I also plotted both NSQ and EON charts for a few case studies, and explained to the class how we can complement each profiling method to map out the clues. For instance, from the NSQ chart, it was simple and straightforward to identify whether a person has the strong, determined attitude, whether they could sustain in completing projects they have started, and having the materialistic or practical mindset, and so on.

Of course, keeping the best for last, with the extra time for interactions and participations, after lessons have completed, there were lots of fun, laughter, joy, and surprises when students shared their opinions during the case studies. Everyone became hyperactive unlike the quiet mood exhibited during the morning of 1st-day lessons. And as in my usual self, I shared some basic Feng Shui techniques where students can apply to energise the positive Qi energy in their homes, office, and even on their phones, without resorting to expensive symbolic ornaments.

Once again, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all FEN students for accepting the opportunity to attend my FEN classes, and believing in my teachings and knowledge sharing. Thanks again!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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