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Many users searched for unique information over the past two weeks. And I thought I might as well share my views on some of the searches posted, in today’s article.

Root Number

The Birth Root Number (in location O of an EON Chart) depicts the main influencing attributes of a person. For instance, if the Root number of your Birth Chart is number 1, it is assumed that you might inhibit or display leadership-like abilities, loneliness, fortitude, and so on. Oh, by the way… more details of the Root Numbers can be found on “Chapter 1: The Basics” and Pages 52-61 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” as well.

While the Birth Root number could provide some clues to a person’s often-shown behaviours, it is not always the case when it comes to the practical and real-world scenarios. The reason is clear and direct – you are also being influenced by the surrounding numbers in your charts, like the numbers in locations M, N, P, and Q. You might have noticed that in some instances, a person’s obvious character is aligned to the Birth Root number. Yet, in some other cases, the behaviours is not “in sync” with their Birth Root number. That’s because the influencing vibes from surrounding numbers imposed greater interactions that somehow changed the level of the Birth Root’s energies.

Furthermore, there are periodic energies that could further influence and affect the attributes of the Birth Root number – like the Personal Year, Personal Month, and Personal Day. And when you attended the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) class, you’d recognise that there are extra cyclic energies influencing you as well, including the 9-Year Luck Cycles. Performing a human behavioural profiling analysis that’s based on a person’s Birth Root number is short and often superficial, as a person’s character can vary over time due to family upbringing, beliefs, and social influences.

A simple analogy is to use the Western Astrology System – the basic character of a Leo person is like focusing solely on their Birth Root number (in EON). Even so, we all know that the character of a Leo in Year 2017 or 2018, might not be the same as his basic Leo character. In some instances, the “lion-heart” of the Leo might turn into “pussycat-like” mindset, because of uncertainty, fear, or worries. However, in some instances, their actions are intentional, because of certain strategic-planning. In EON theories, these deliberate actions are determined by the periodic energies from the Personal Year, Month, or Day vibes; and it affected the person’s behaviours, thoughts, and actions.


Some years back, I was conducting FEN (Basic) and FEN (Advanced) course modules with a business partner who was out-of-job then. We promoted the course through the EON-INSPIRE.com web site. And when my partner found a job, he has to put aside the passion and time, to help organise the FEN courses. Since then, I’ve resolved not to allow similar disruptive external vibes from affecting me, and started to organise and conduct the FEN classes on my own. Even so, there are articles previously linked to the EON-INSPIRE.com site, and I have to maintain them to avoid disconnecting links. I’ve recently changed the design of the EON-INSPIRE.com site to become a single-page promo-information place for people to know more about how you can benefit from my experience, and to redirect them to the suitable external links where applicable. Click this link to access the EON-INSPIRE.com site, and read an overview of what I do. I hope you’ll find it helpful too.


Yes, someone searched for “Times of Your Life” on my website. Whoever he/she might be; I hope you’ll find insightful information here, or through the various articles I’ve posted over a decade. If that is still not enough, then I’d encourage you to check out the NSQ or FEN courses that I’m conducting, to empower you to open the window to know who you are, understand when and how you can take actions, and know what you can do to take care of your own life. Hopefully, these are the best times of your life, a wake-up call to know Fate and Destiny are something you can manage and change.


In basic Elements of Numbers (EON) method, we can easily connect the number 6 with many things, including money, whistle, and wheels. When there are multiple 6s present in a person’s chart, we interpreted that as the number 6 is being manifested multiple times. When there are too many wheels, it could also imply the individual might be accident-prone during that period. Hence, whether it’s driving a car, taking a bus, flying on a plane, travelling on a cruise liner, or simply walking on the pedestrian path, do take extra precaution when you have multiple 6s present, especially in the Personal Day, Personal Month, or Personal Year Charts. From an extended EON method, the number 6 is not the only “accident number” that you should be mindful, or like what I told the FEN students, the need to be overly obsessed. Another one, and I don’t mind sharing with you here, is the number 1. In symbolic representation, the number 1 could be like a knife, a sword, or a medical scalpel. A bodybuilder or a person who goes to the gym and builds a solid, robust-like body, is still feeble and weak – they could, even so, be hurt by sharp objects, like a knife or scalpels; or need to undergo medical operations. “Accident number” is too vague, in my view. Nevertheless, since most people assumed accident means road or travel accidents, I have mentioned two numbers here that could manifest the “accident-prone symptom” when multiple instances of the same numbers are present.


It was cited in health and authoritative articles that playing Chinese mahjong (the table game of four, and not the tile-stacking solitaire game) could help prevent dyslexia and worsening memory conditions. Playing brain games, is one of the many actions that could improve or optimise our cognitive health. Of course, over-indulging could lead to sleep apnea and other mental-related symptoms. Hence, moderation is required in any actions to minimise over exertions and addictions. I have mentioned playing brain games in past articles as well. When applied appropriately, it could help “dilute, distract, or calm down” a person’s pressurising and stressing mental states.


A health symptom that is missing the Earth element does not imply you’ll have fewer problems with health conditions related to the Earth element. In EON method, we could associate Earth-related health signs as digestive issues, muscles, bowels, diarrheas, and intestinal problems. Alternatively, displaying traits like humbleness, stubborn, adaptable, principle-mindedness, flexibility, and so on. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it means a person with weak deficiencies in the body that’s related to the Earth element. That said, when you have a missing Earth element as your health symptom, you need to take care of the potential health conditions related to the Earth element. Similarly, you need to improve your characteristics and traits – like your behaviours, thoughts, and actions – to harmonise the energies within you, and surrounding you as well. This way, you can handle your emotional balance, and optimise your tolerance and flexibility without creating self-inflictions.

There are other searches on my site, and it’s impossible to share them all here at once. In fact, many of these queries, can well be resolved once you’re aware and understand the underlying fundamentals of the elements and numbers in a person’s chart and its interactions, with useful applications and practical solutions. You’ll learn more about this in my FEN or NSQ workshop classes.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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