Kristine & Raymond: Trying Times?

Sam asked if I can do a relationship case-study analysis of his female friend Kristine, and her boyfriend Raymond. “Sure, why not?” I replied to Sam, whom I’ve known for many years.

Before I continue on the relationship between Kristine and Raymond, let me share some basic views on their characters first, and how it could eventually act upon their behaviour and actions toward one another.

Kristine is rather a principled-minded person, with occasional strong self-centric attitudes, including being inattentive and believing her views are normally always correct. With the “selective-listening” habit and quest for hasty goals – tangible and intangible ones – other people could often misinterpret her real intentions, or find her to be a profound and mysterious individual. Like they don’t quite know her well, as she might be a quiet person at one instant, and then a chatty one at the next moment. While she might be viewed as more of a reactive than the proactive person, the tendency signs are suggesting she was willing to sacrifice her time to help others when called for.  Because of her hasty reactions and weak tolerance for people making repeated mistakes, she must consciously be aware of her extreme emotions and moods, unless she has mellowed down over the years and learned to control them well. I hoped she did, for her own sake…

Raymond, on the other hand, appeared to be a joyful, creative, and passionate person. However, when invoked, he could become nasty and hurtful against others, like the candle flame or fire on the matchstick hurting your hands. Similarly to Kristine, Raymond also likes to pick up the good things, with the “selective listening” habits present in his chart. While he might have a more visionary mindset than Kristine, he could be more emotional and temperamental than Kristine. While Kristine’s tempers could outwardly be seen with a sudden fiery outburst, Raymond’s emotions and tempers are kept “deep within” him. This could imply Raymond might have contained his stress and life’s pressure inside him, and it could also affect his cardiovascular, respiratory, kidney and liver, and cognitive health conditions. In a way, we could depict him as “play hard, work hard” type of person; and someone often seen with a happy face – but inside him, is the stressful heart, like an expanding balloon awaiting to “pop” anytime.

When both Kristine and Raymond are together, they could feel the joy, laughter, love, and perhaps a sensation of control and commitment. Yet, when the incoming negative vibes is around, or when their own vibes got manifested, it could trigger tiring moments and trying times for both. This year (Compatibility Year Chart PY2018), while both might share great, wonderful moments together…  the stubbornness, fear of uncertainty, frustrations, tensions, and emotions might result in frequent disagreement and quarrels. Unless both Kristine and Raymond could handle their emotions and anger well, they have to determine whether to take a step forward and become lovers, or remain as platonic friends.

I introduced the 9-Year Luck Cycle (9YLCP) some time back. The “luck” does not always entail a positive influence, like having good luck only. On the contrary, it can create negative influences as well, like taking in bad luck too. In short, the type of luck – be they positive or negative ones –  depends on the incoming energies’ interaction and influencing effects on the individual. For instance, if the person has too many 3s or 8s in the Birth Chart, or Personal Year Chart, having a 9YLCP with the number 3 or 8 would create more fiery vibes on them. Unless the person can moderate the negative energies, symptoms related to poor cardiovascular health could surface.

Kristine’s present 9YLCP is 8-3/2 while Raymond’s present 9YLCP is 1-3/4. The energies might furthermore aggravate their health – emotions and tempers also. Staying calm, and concentrate on the good times together, could help them become more tolerant of their faults.

And now, since my 2nd NSQ Profiling class is scheduled for 12th January 2019, I might as well share my analysis from a different perspective and profiling method.

In the NSQ method, we could have analyses two people as an individual person, or plot their birthdates into a relationship chart. Both Kristine and Raymond are very determined in making out what they like or shares – their visions, plans, and perhaps, chit-chatting and gossiping. They could display the proactive action-driven, planning attitudes, but they lacked the interest, willpower, and sustainability over some time, to carry away their plans to fruition. This implies; they might often face emotional tensions together, and it could be related to money or home/family matters. Maybe it could be due to impractical goals that could eventually result in stumbling blocks or stressing tensions.

From another perspective, the bond between them could be more of the need for companionship, rather than the urge for true love. They might often have the love-hate, and agree-disagree relationship, with a boost of confidence and visions at one minute, but suppressed by stubbornness and not compromising at another moment. Like in any Yin-Yang effects, there are “corrective actions” and ways in NSQ method that you can use to harmonise the energies present in the chart. This means, when applied correctly, Kristine and Raymond might have better joyful moments together as long as they consciously think, behave, and act positively.

The NSQ method is a different profiling system, and the chart used is not the same as EON/FEN, or even those taught at UCMHP, PON, LifeQuest, or Visiber courses. In fact, it provides an added-value to students who’ve attended any of the above-mentioned courses, to identify quick characteristics of a person, their strengths and weakness, and their behavioural inclination trend. That implies, there is little or no need to “guesstimate” what might be the behaviours a person could act out in response to a situation.  To enable a more positive learning experience, and making it more fun and accessible to all, I have created a basic NSQ worksheet in Microsoft Excel. NSQ students can profile anyone from their iOS device (like iPhones and iPad); Android devices (like Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Google Pixel, Sony and other smartphones, and tablets); Windows Phones, and even your PCs (including MAC and Windows) – as long as you have the free version or paid copy of Microsoft Excel installed.

Early-bird discount for the NSQ PROFILING workshop is expiring shortly. Register now for the 1-day class, and come to learn the advanced methods beyond standard nine-square chart profiling. And with the sine-wave charts generated from the NSQ (Excel) worksheet, you can easily speed up your profiling skills. And if that is not enough, NSQ students are automatically added to the special NSQ Profiling WhatsApp chat group, where you can interact with fellow members with your questions and observations.

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Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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