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In an earlier article “On EON ORACLE,” I mentioned about Master Phat (as she’s known in Thailand) creating her “EN CARDSOracle Deck, and subsequently that fast-tracked me to produce my own sets of “EON Oracle” Deck as well.

I was glad to have made the “EON OracleDeck as it allows me to utilise my knowledge and experience in divination systems like I Ching, Plum Blossom (MeiHuaYiShu), BaziShenGua, and few others that I have learned many years ago.

It took me about four hours to trim 100-plus cards manually and laminate them; it was worth the effort when I saw the finished product. Although Numerology Oracle is not new, the method both Master Phat and I used to create our Oracle Decks, was based on the Elements of Numbers (EON) concepts. Four handcrafted decks were made last year, and two sets sent to Master Phat to do “beta-testing” on the EON Oracle Deck as a useful Oracle tool to assist her clients, who seek answers to their questions. Together, we could test the deck for its usefulness and relevance.

I wanted to publish a separate set of  my Oracle Decks to allow others to use. I’m glad to complete it on the first week of this year (2nd Jan 2019) –  more than six months of trial-testing efforts and research. Today, I’m proud to announce the availability of the “Numbers in Positive Light” (NIPL) Oracle Deck. It is more than just a Numerology Oracle deck. I designed it as a compendium to the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. I included some visual signs from my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) techniques, and utilising the colour combination for quick and fast visual interpretations. And similarly like many other Empowerment Oracle decks, I have also included positive-only affirmative messages on each Numbers cards. These affirmative messages are not randomly phrased, but carefully selected to match the “influencing vibes” of the two master numbers, and the resultant number on the card. For those with good observations or astute mindsets, you can gauge the traits or characters through identifying key words in the affirmative message. In addition, the background panel where the affirmative messages are, provides quick colour representations of the “resultant effects” that might come up. You can check out the NIPL Oracle Deck by clicking on this link. I have self-published the NIPL Oracle Deck sets on an on-demand basis, and in limited quantities due to higher costs to print the 108-card set in full-colour. FEN students have already begun using their own copy of the NIPL Oracle Deck. You can now purchase the NIPL Oracle Deck from today.

Master Phat provides Numerology Profiling and Oracle services in Thailand, for many years. A few days ago, Master Phat texted me some of her recent case studies, using my ‘older’ EON Oracle Deck. In this article, I will explain how you can use the NIPL Oracle Deck as a compendium to the EON/FEN principles, to identify similar characteristics of the numbers using the Oracle cards, rather than looking at the EON Chart. I have edited Master Phat’s message for easier reading.

[Phat] The client wanted to know more about her health. I used the 1-Card spread, and draw out the 2-9 card. I told her she might experience a toothache. The client was shocked and amazed by my readings about her health. She admitted having a toothache.

[Ron] I named my Elements of Numbers (EON) method for one major reason – the key essence of profiling is in the “elements” itself, by utilising the Five Elements metaphor. This implies that if you want to take your profiling knowledge beyond just numbers and “number patterns” you must build up the knowledge to know how to apply the Five Elements metaphor into your profiling analysis. I’m also aware many external trainers conducting other numerology courses, nowadays have recognised the importance to include (and copy) many of my techniques into their course syllabus, by learning from my hundreds of articles posted on this site. Anyway, in the Five Elements metaphor, and in Traditional Chinese Medicine, we could associate the tooth and toothache symptom as some form of mouth inflammation caused by kidney problems. In EON method, we correlate the number 2 and kidneys as Water element. I’m very happy Master Phat could use what I’ve shared with her during the FEN WORKSHOP class, and it widened her horizons to analyse numbers from different perspectives. The ability for her to connect the 2-9 (2) card to toothache issues, is astounding.

[Phat] The client asked if it’s better for her to drive a car. I shuffled the deck and drew out one card, and it shows the 4-4(8) number. I told my client to be careful about her driving, and not to drive too fast as she’s emotional. I also told her that she liked to think overly much and not concentrate on her driving. Again, my client was surprised by my readings.

[Ron] During normal profiling, we could easily associate multiple 6s as a sign of fast-driving actions and accident-prone, aside from other traits like materialistic temptations. However, when it comes to Oracle readings, it does invoke the mindset of the Oracle reader (like Master Phat) to tell the ‘story’ by analysing the numbers and other components on the card, in a more positive light manner, and then suggest what the customer can do. When you have a 4-4(8) (or 4-4-8) card in this case, it’s like the mind is frequently thinking about planning, overloaded with constant emotional and stressful feelings – these could create easy distractions and attention drifting. When you drive, you need full attention to your driving, and keep a lookout for the roads, the traffic, the pedestrians on the walkway, and other vehicles. A person with a distracted or troubled mind, drifting thoughts, and inattentive while driving, could easily cause accidents.

Master Phat has been providing me regularly her Oracle reading analysis with her clients and students. It provided both of us to document the findings in our own Oracle journals. It spurred me to see beyond traditional means of profiling too. For instance, when an “interpretation concept” comes to my mind, I’d quickly shared my thoughts with Master Phat to do more research based on the “techniques.” Over time, we could then decide if certain discoveries could be used for Oracle readings, or it’s just a coincidental factor. Either way, the cross-border communicationyes, between Thailand and Singapore –  helped us to find-tune my EON Oracle research and practices, and finally, to benefit both our students eventually.

We have originally planned to conduct an EON ORACLE class late last year, but as Master Phat’s schedule was tight, we decided to postpone it to around the mid-year in either April-June 2019 period. Brief detail of the EON ORACLE class is available from this link. While the page is still a work-in-progress state, it should offer some information, including photos of Master Phat and her Oracle students in Thailand.

While the NIPL Oracle Deck does include sample traits on each number, I could not include as many traits (positive or negative ones) due to the card size limit. Hence, an essential part, if you want to optimise your readings using the NIPL Oracle Deck, is to read my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” as a comprehensive reference guide or handbook to understanding the numbers in the cards. And if you’ve attended my FEN classes earlier, you could easily use the visualisation techniquesjust like what Master Phat did – to enhance your Oracle readings. Users who have attended external courses like UCMHP, Visiber, PON, LifeQuest and other similar numerology classes; or even numerology enthusiasts elsewhere in the world, could benefit as well, since they understand the fundamentals of the numbers and its associated traits.

In summary, below are the links to find out more on:

  • The “Numbers in Positive Light” (NIPL) Oracle Deck, click here.
  • Buying the “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” book, click here.
  • Information on the upcoming EON ORACLE class, click here.
  • Signing up for the 7th FEN WORKSHOP on 23-24 Feb 2019, click here.

Happy profiling, reading, and learning.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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