On Ken: Diabetic Worries

Ken wrote to me, “Can you see 2018 or 2019 on my health as I recently got diabetes, fatty liver and high cholesterol. However, thank God, I took action and am in control, and need not to require medication.

I’ve shared a few health-related number patterns to FEN students in class, as a quick way to determine potential associations. As there are many contributing factors tagged to specific health symptoms, it’d be naïve and illogical to assume when you see certain number patterns appearing in a person’s chart, they’d 100% be confirmed to have that health problems, now or subsequently. However, through my research findings and observations, performing multiple case studies, I noticed there are some connections somehow, especially when the person doesn’t consciously take care of their health.

One of the health symptoms that I’ve shared in the FEN WORKSHOP class is identifying the diabetic tendency. And if the sign is present in the chart, students are taught the technique to determine the possibility if the health symptom is hereditary or due to lifestyle factors.

Coincidentally, just before drafting this article, I received a WhatsApp message from a relative, which expressed that “diabetes is not only because too much consumption of glucose, but because of selfish and stubborn attitude that disrupts the function of the pancreas.” Whether there is any truth in these days of “fake news,” any exertion in our behaviours and actions that affect our emotions and tempers, could directly or indirectly, affect our body organs and health condition.

I replied to Ken that his diabetes sign is not so direct or serious, and it doesn’t mean he can anyhow take sweet stuff. Yes, there is the subtle “diabetes sign” in his chart, but it’s more of the “variance and not direct sign” present. No matter what, moderate consumption is the key word, since most food that we take these days, do have sugar or salt added, anyway. I told Ken that “last year was worsed, and the contributing factors include lifestyle or social peer pressure and influences.

The tendency signs present in Ken’s chart denote a person with high emotions and temperamental traits, in addition to stubborn attitude due to his relentless pursuits with a “perfectionist” mindset. In addition, the urge to grow his wealth or to provide a better living lifestyle to his family and home, could have accelerated the need for more social activities. Luckily for Ken, he took actions earlier to prevent the need for medication. Yes, the diabetes sign in his PY2018 chart is present, but subtle, and is less obvious in his PY2019 chart. That doesn’t mean he can resume his sweet cravings or binge drinking (if any). Ken needs to reduce smoking (if he’s currently a smoker) as it could lead to heart-associated health problems later this year, and especially in 2010. I’d suggested him to learn to control his emotions and anger, and not to stress himself too much. There isn’t any incentive for being perfect at all – a plan improvised as being perfect today, could be considered outdated tomorrow. Ken has the urge to revise his plans repeatedly. And that is probably what he has been causing all these while – making many plans, but few are being carried out.

Ken has the “poor or bad EQ” traits in his chart, which implies he should learn to be more empathetic (not being an Empath) and accept criticisms. He should also strive to work cohesively as a team, make changes to the plans together, and execute the plans, again as a team effort. This way, he could better handle his stress levels too. And this approach is also lined up to his EFV code. This year, his PY2019 Root number is 7, which implies the need to look beyond self-interest and exploring collaborative works and gaining knowledge to build his wisdom and beliefs.

As an EON researcher, I’m always discovering new areas that could help me widen my profiling horizons beyond analysing the EON charts. Over the past few months, I’ve quietly shown to students in the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group, about how they could apply the Oracle aspects of the EON method. What this means is that by including the essence of the Oracle readings, we could identify extra signs about the situation a person is confronting. This is similar to what many Chinese Metaphysics enthusiasts and experts are doingapplying various Oracle or divination systems (like I-Ching) to determine situational causes.

Below is a photo shot of the Oracle I did just before drafting this article, as I was curious to find out the probable reason(s) behind Ken’s situations. I’m utilising the “Numbers in Positive Light” (NIPL) Oracle Deck to perform the Oracle. The NIPL Oracle Deck was conceptualised, designed, and authored by me; and published in limited copies. Only some NIPL Oracle Deck sets are left now, as the rests have been bought by FEN students. Click this link to check out the NIPL Oracle Deck details and purchase.

I applied the 3-Card spread to read the Past-Present-Future signs,  asked the question, “What are the issues facing Ken today, and what actions can he do?

The card on the left is about his PAST situation. We could take a similar EON profiling approach to read the card. For example, an easy and fast way is to use keyword associations, like interpreting the 3-5 (8) pattern on the card as [Fast – Stubborn – Stress]. These imply that Ken used to be really obstinate, critical, quick-tempered, and stubborn, and that could have stressed him out. The middle card is about his PRESENT situation. And using keyword interpretations, we could read the 3-4 (7) pattern as [Fast – Plan – Support]. Ken made quick plans, and possibly executing them to delight others. This means Ken is going towards the opposite concept of “It’s the JOURNEY, not the destination, that determines TRUE SUCCESS.” In short, Ken might be hastily carrying out to make sure he completes his plan, rather than ensuring his plan is complete. The third card on the right is about the near FUTURE situation, which implies the probability soon on the circumstances that Ken might face. Once again, when using keyword interpretations to read the card, the 5-4 (9) pattern suggests [Obstacle – Plan – Success]. What this implies that Ken needs to accept a mindset shift today, and treat the obstacles as challenges; build the experience and enjoy the journey leading to the path of success.

The above scenario is only one of the many ways to read the cards. The NIPL Oracle Deck is also designed as an EMPOWERMENT Card, which is why the AFFIRMATIVE messages on the cards are totally positive-inclined. For example, in the message on the first card with  3-5 (8) pattern stated Ken needed to be true to himself, be open to accept change and adjusts, not worrying about his fear. The message on 3-4 (7) is about “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” and the need for Ken to take action sooner than having wishful thinking. He needs to carry through his plan and reach out to those who recognises them. And the last card with 5-4 (9) has the message like “ it all begins and ends in your mind” and whether Ken decided to risk or lose the probability depends on his fear or flight attitude. If he’s been influenced by the negative thoughts, it could manipulate his mind eventually and creating unnecessary worries and hesitations. However, when his positive mind influenced his “beginning” actions, he could manifest the positive “ending” result and enjoy the success thereafter.

The NIPL Oracle Deck is useful for users who have also attended courses conducted by other trainers, like UCMHP, PON, Visiber, LifeQuest, and other similar PON-style course of instructions. Through regular practices, you’d find using the NIPL Oracle Deck and applying them for Oracle reading behind standard numerology profiling, could provide wider insights about the person. There are special codes and signs on the cards as well, and the extended technique to apply them is similar to the lessons I’ve shared in my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes.

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Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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