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I’m getting excited about the possibilities of what the “NUMBERS IN POSITIVE LIGHT ORACLE” (NIPL Oracle) cards can do, ever since I announced its availability to my FEN students late last year.  On 20 Jan 2019, I released the NIPL Oracle set for public purchase. Click this link for more info…

I’d a casual conversation with Desmond recently, and asked about his work. He responded, “Struggled a bit. Last year was not as good for me, based on the EN Cards. This year should be ok.

Desmond attended the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) course, some time back, and have bought Master Phat’s EN CARDS Oracle set last year. I was concerned, and as well as curious, about Desmond’s career as a property agent, and hope to find out what are the possible contributing factors affecting his current work.

Let me explain how comfortable and convenient it is to use the NIPL Oracle card, once you understand the characteristics or traits of the numbers 1-9, and its relationship with other numbers. The NIPL Oracle card, is used in this event, as an Oracle tool to determine the energies affecting or influencing Desmond. While shuffling the deck, one card fell off. I picked that card, looked at it, and then placed it aside. To me, this is a special card providing extra “guiding sign” to aid in my reading later. I used the normal 3-card spread to identify the Past-Present-Future work status of Desmond.

Let’s read the card for the PAST. It shows the 7-8(6) pattern. In basic keyword interpretations, we could associate that as [Supporter – Stress – Money]. What this means is that Desmond might be busily working harder with many potential customers giving wrong signals. As a result, Desmond was willing to press himself further, to work the extra mile, and stressing himself hoping to close the deal with the customer. Basically, the 7-8(6) card is implying Desmond was simply overwhelming himself with work in the hope to close more deals.

The PRESENT card shows the 3-7(1) pattern. In basic keyword interpretations, it implies [Fast – Supporter – Alone]. Currently, there could be many interested and potential customers checking with Desmond, querying about getting the best discounts and bargains. Nevertheless, in many cases, he’s still feeling “alone” as many of these potential customers might be delaying their confirmations, or giving excuses, or valid reasons like problems with financing from the banks due to government regulations, and so on. Desmond needs to be patient and not stress himself or his potential customers by chasing them to conclude the deal. Maybe he could use this quiet moment to understand the real issues his customers were facing. On his part, he could then gather the regulatory procedures, financial loans (if any). Of course, it’s always easier for me to say as an outsider, but Desmond should try plotting his customers’s EON charts as well, to gather some indication on the customers’ abilities to sign on the sales agreement.

The FUTURE card is showing the 3-4(7), and is handy as it shows the potential effect or outcome of the actions done as indicated in the PAST-PRESENT Cards. In basic keyword interpretations, it implies [Fast – Plan – Supporter]. It is similar to what I have just suggested earlier – prioritise which customer has more potential. Once done, do some homework quietly to gather the essential info to help the selective customer have a clearer overview of the issues, solutions, and forward-looking financial repayments.

I have earlier mentioned about the signification of the dropped card while shuffling, which shows the 9-3(3) pattern. In basic keywords, it implies some sort of [Success – Fast -Fast]. As a special guiding sign, it means Desmond should exercise patience and tolerance, and not hastily try to convince his clients to sign on the dotted line of the purchase contract. He should attempt to figure out what he needs to do, to be ahead of his colleagues, to close the deal. Customers do appreciate when their agent really “go out of the way, to go the extra mile, to garner information to ease the stress and time getting them personally.

That’s basically one of the many ways you can use the NIPL Oracle card to seek answers to the question you have, and/or need to seek your inner self-wisdom for some guidance on potential areas you can choose. In this case, I am doing a remote Oracle-reading on behalf of Desmond. This implies, through regular practices and understanding of the meanings in each card; over time, you could be conversant with do an Oracle reading anywhere, be they in front of friends or customers, or remote via online or phone.

What if you’re only a beginner learning about Numerology or the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, and worried you might not be able to interpret the cards?

The NIPL Oracle can be used as a learning flash card too, as I have included some traits associate to the number on each card. This means, you can right away, look at the traits of each number, and then linked all three numbers together. For instance, let’s look at the 3-7(1) card again. There are twelve traits listed for the number 3, ten traits listed for number 7, and ten traits listed for the number 1. If you randomly select just one trait from each number, you could read the 3-7(1) pattern as [Passion – Knowledge – Leadership], [Focus – Fearsome – Heartedness] and so on. What this means is Desmond must continue to sustain or enhance the zest and warmth in his job, gather more knowledge about his customer’s needs, and display the leadership qualities to his customers; that a good leader is someone who lives in their values, and invested their time to attend to customers’ fears and feelings.

You can perpetually use the NIPL Oracle as a flash card as well, or rather, in my case, as an affirmative, EMPOWERMENT Card. That’s because I have added positive message at the bottom of each card, in relation to the specific three numbers appearing on the card. For instance, the PAST card showing the 7-8(6) has a message like the need for you to determine where you need to go, and who you need to be. This means working smarter by prioritising your time and effort. The PRESENT card has the 3-7(1) pattern, and the affirmative message are suggesting the need not to worry about what others believe about him (Desmond), and the need for him to take charge, pluck the courage, and overcome the nagging fears and doubts. The FUTURE card is showing the 3-4(7) pattern, and the message are suggesting the need for Desmond to plan well, dream big, and reach out to his customers in a more confident manner. Perhaps by going the extra mile to collect the information the customer’s need, to help them clear the doubts, and possibly, to sign on the dotted line of the sales agreement.

Now, what about the dropped card showing 9-3(3) and implying a [Success – Fast – Fast] interpretation? Does it imply Desmond will achieve the success instantly and fast?

Perhaps to other trainers from UCMHP, LifeQuest (Science of Numbers) or PON methods, this presumption might be true for them. However, for me, when it comes to the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, a 3-3 is also like a roller coaster track, meaning what comes in swiftly, likewise, goes out quickly. And when things come in too fast and furious, it could blindside Desmond; and he could lose focus and be distracted by perceived richness thoughts. Eventually, at the close of the day, he could have realised that he spent more than he earned – he has lived and spent beyond his means. Hence the need for him to be back on the right track, see the true reality, and plan well on his next goal.

The affirmative message on the 9-3(3) card is suggesting there aren’t any shortcuts to success, and he needs to be passionate about what he serve. And the need for him to identify the steps to success, and not concentrate on the shortcuts of short-lived richness.

Gift yourself the opportunity to learn the Oracle aspect of the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. Get a copy of the NIPL Oracle deck today, and you will see how much you’ve ignored about its potential as a compendium deck to the EON, FEN, UCMHP, LifeQuest, or PON profiling methods. Furthermore, if you’re staying in Singapore, the purchased of the NIPL Oracle deck include delivery. And for overseas users, the introductory offer include delivery as well.

Special discounts would be given to those who signed up for the 7th FEN WORKSHOP class scheduled on 23-24 February 2019.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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