I’ve just completed my 7th FEN WORKSHOP over the two days on Sat 23rd and Sun 24th February 2019. While the class is smaller this time, the knowledge shared is not lesser in proportionate. On the contrary, it’s more as I shared a new EMF (Energy Movement Flow) and elaborated more on date selection techniques. I’d like to thank the two students who came from Medan (Indonesia) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to attend the class. And to all students, thanks for the support!

I formulated the EMF Code earlier than the EFV Code that was shared with recent classes. The EFV Code allows you to determine the potential behavioural inclination when a person is strong (elements in charts) or weak. This means, depending on a situation, a person might be influenced to think negatively and acted on the negative flow of the EFV Code. However, when a person is strong-willed and behaved positively, the likelihood of them working on the positive flow of the EFV Code is high.

The positive EFV Code focused on the beneficial and favourable attributes and positive traits associated with the numbers. For instance, we look upon number 9 as compassion and growth. Similarly, the negative EFV Code would provide clues and hints on the negative attributes that we could associate with the numbers. For instance, we could associate the number 9 as greed and competition. We could also associate the number 9 as success. Still, success has two extreme implications – one is about completion and achievement on attaining the experience along the way, and the lessons learned. Normally, the success is shared with everyone, as the person believes success is contributed by teamwork, and not a one-man show. The other extreme, is about being success-driven, and no matter what comes, the focus is still on attaining the target or goal set. In many ways, forceful, hard-handling and merciless approaches are common ways these people might adopt to achieve success, by manipulating others and using character assassination regardless of kinship. These types of people tends to believe success is because of his or her own effort, and no one else.

I highlighted to the class the importance of recognising and understanding that there are two extreme ends to each number; and we should not always adopt the fearful tactics (adopted elsewhere by other PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest, and Visiber trainers) that a number, or a series of numbers (number patterns), would absolutely vibrate the negative effects most of the time. That again, is a naïve and myopic thinking and poor understanding of how the energies in each number vibrates and interacts. I was shocked initially and subsequently found it odd that some trainers could create videos and uploaded it to YouTube, and then confidently and assertively proclaim such findings on everyone’s charts. In short, they are proclaiming that the 2-7-9 is a mistress number, the 5-7-3 is a bankruptcy number; the 1-2-3 is an asset and richness number, and so on. That, to me, it seems like a foolish and “never do their homework completely” action adopted by these trainers, to create fear.

The EMF Code provides a similar but yet different approach to interpret the energy movement of a person. The EFV Code is more of the positive or negative behavioural inclination – influenced by the thoughts and beliefs of a person. However, the EMF Code is more towards the strengths and weaknesses of a chart, and the potential energy movements that might compel the person to behave, act, or display a different set of character somehow momentarily. An analogy here – an often-seen person who is calm and analytical, could suddenly display fiery outburst and talking with irrational and hurtful words. And it looks like they are a totally different person from the one you knew all these while. But still, like the energies in motion and does not stay constantly, they suddenly “return” to their original state of mind, character, and thoughts.

I shared the visualisation techniques to the class, by correlating nature’s creations to the characteristics and traits of the numbers 1 to 9. This means, these students are no longer constrained or defined by the known traits associated with number patterns. I also explained how the differences between the sequence of certain numbers, by using logical reasoning to support such findings. For instance, why the outcome of 1-2-3 is different from 2-1-3; 4-5-9 outcomes are not the same as 5-4-9; the 9-6-6 effects are yet unlike 6-9-6, and so on. I told them the importance of identifying the hidden patterns is equally significant to determine the quality level of the resultant outcome of the number patterns. For instance, the resultant number of 1-2-3 and 2-3-1 is 6 (money)the ability to attain the money, and the desired amount are different for both sets of patterns.

Students got excited when it comes to personal directions and “Qi Tapping” to maximise the energies for optimal influences. The awareness of these techniques that I’ve formulated and shared in earlier articles, was partly due to one FEN student (from Thailand) who immediately applied the techniques learned to ‘test’ its effectiveness at the local MBS (Marina Bay Sands) casino, after class. While I don’t encourage using the Personal Direction charts and “Qi Tapping” techniques obsessively for money luck, all actions have to be moderated and managed. You can also use such techniques for job interviews, meeting with prospective clients, and so on.

I shared the methods to adopt the “adult-adult ego states when communicating with others, including the kids, peers, and others, through the use of the TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS principles that I’ve briefly explained in class.

As some students bought my “NUMBERS IN POSITIVE LIGHT” (NIPL) Oracle Deck, I briefly explained how they could use the NIPL cards to learn about the traits associated with the numbers and the basic number patterns; and how to identify the meanings when they noticed the recurrence or repeated frequency of certain numbers. More details of using the NIPL Oracle and enhancing it for profiling use would be shared in the proper Oracle workshop.

Last but not least, I told the students the 2-day workshop was just the beginning, and not the end of their journey with me. In fact, it is the start of a new journey of exploration and learning; and they could continue to engage with me and fellow FEN students and improve their profiling knowledge through the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group. And the importance of them sharing and learning, and the success of the chat group are equally dependent on their proactive participations.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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