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Someone searched for the 3-3-3 pattern recently. As always, I thought it could come handy to share my knowledge – applying the fundamentals of the Elements of Numbers (EON) method; using the visualisation techniques on the elements from the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) applications; and retrieving the meanings of the 3-3-3 pattern from the “Numbers in Positive Light” (NIPL) Oracle Deck as a numerology flash card learning tool.

Let’s start from an EON perspective. The basic keyword interpretation of 3-3-3 implies [Fast – Fast – Fast] suggesting the person to possess character traits like fast-action, quick temper, hot temper, and quick-thinking mind. However, when we delved deeper into the extended EON theories, and letting in the visualisation techniques of FEN applications, we could identify more clues on the personalities. These include [Creative – Passion – Fast], [Reckless – Temper – Fire], [Shortcuts – Focused – Blood] and so on. These imply a person with the 3-3-3 pattern, especially in near proximity and linked together, would have both good and bad character traits, habits, and behaviours in their conscious actions or unconscious thoughts.  Hence, it is common to observe people with 3-3-3 patterns to be passionate, creative, idealistic, charismatic, appealing, reckless, temperamental, mood swings, fiery, furious, religious, bipolar disorder symptoms, taking shortcuts, very focused, little tolerance, impatient, show warmth, insightful, hasty, and critical. In extreme cases, they could be radical, vicious, hurtful, and dangerous, like the late Adolfo Constanzo who has the 3-3-3 on locations M-O-P of his EON Birth Chart. According to this Wikipedia page, it was quoted that he was “a Cuban-American serial killer, drug dealer, and cult leader of an infamous gang dubbed by the media as The Narcosatanists.

Adolfo is also facing the Double Effect (DE) vibes in 1989, the year he died, at age 27. When a person is facing a DE year, their characteristics, behaviours, mindset, thoughts, habits, attitudes, health symptoms, and so on… are manifested doubly. Here’s a hypothetical analogy of ‘doubled’ manifestations – a killer becoming a serial killer; a cruel person could become even more brutal; a likeable and appealing person could behave extremely nice and charismatic; and a passionate person could suddenly have lots of wild, creative, and juicy ideas in their artistic works. And the weakest link to people having a DE effect – be they on the Year, Month, or Day – is on their health.

Considerably, there are many more traits that we could associate with the 3-3-3 patterns, by applying the visualisation techniques that I have shared with previous FEN students at the earlier FEN WORKSHOP classes. For instance, I told my FEN students about multiple 3s at specific locations of a person’s Birth Chart, or in their Personal Year/Day Charts – the sexual trysting behaviours are likely to be demonstrated. Oh, I’ve one more tip to share with you, which I’ve also described in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” Once you understood the elemental interactions and effects of the Five Elements principles, you’d recognize that strong Fire could affect Metal. And as noted in many of my earlier articles of people with strong Fire element, the tendency to seek alternative means of “calming” their hot and fiery vibes, is through addictive smoking, binging on alcoholic drinks, and/or taking drugs.

Don’t worry too much if you plotted your chart and realised you have the 3-3-3 pattern, or have an identical chart as Alfonso. No two people are fully alike, including twins, as each one of us is affected by family upbringing, schooling friends, social influence, working colleagues, environment, country, culture, and the way, we formulate our beliefs, perceptions, and outlooks. While I have mentioned many traits earlier, it doesn’t imply you’d have exhibited or inhibited all of them, including the brutal and killer-instincts. These are just extreme cases, and would unlikely happen to you. Being more positive could bring out the hope, warmth, joy, creativity, love, and vision in you. And In turn, you have total potential and ability to create the laughter, tears of joy, and happiness around. And yes, these positive traits are also manifested and energised by the 3-3-3 patterns too…

Eventually, if you’re still new to the EON methods, or have attended courses or preview talks on/from UCMHP, PON, Visiber, LifeQuest, and others; and realise your knowledge and understanding of the elements, and numbers are not as strong as you hoped to be, don’t worry. As mentioned earlier, you can use the NIPL Oracle Deck as an educational flash card to find out more about the numbers, and its beneficial affirmative message. By interpreting the positive meanings to the message, it’d then be easy for you to identify the underlying negative implications that could affect a person.

Take the case of 3-3 card, which shows the 3-3(6) pattern. This means, besides what I’ve mentioned above, a person with 3-3-3 might be inclined to be materialistic and money-driven too, besides taking responsibilities to their loved ones and family members. And the advice to you, if you have the 3-3-3 pattern, in close-proximity, anywhere in your chart, is similar to what the 3-3 card stated – “Enjoy the Wonders of Success, not Shortcuts.” What it means is to invoke your creativity and passions towards your work, so that you can savour the experience of joy, laughter, happiness, attainment and hope, along the way. And not be tempted or swayed by feelings and emotions of instant gratifications and quick-wealth by taking shortcuts and looking at short-termed goals only. Over time, these unhealthy temptations and negative emotional thoughts could lead to detrimental effects, including heart attacks, cardiac arrest, severe migraines, bipolar disorder, and stroke. Hence, if you have the 3-3-3 patterns, just control your tempers and emotions; avoid smoking or binge drinking if you can; and stay focused and stay healthy.

And if you want to discover more about how to know yourself better, and perhaps, helping others as well, I’ll show you the techniques, and more… at the 7th FEN WORKSHOP class later this month, on 23-24 February 2019. I look forward to sharing my profiling knowledge and analytical techniques with you in class. Register Now!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun

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