What’s in 426819, 134753, 753819?

Lately, I have noticed there were three long number patterns searched by one or more users, like 1-3-4-7-5-3, 4-2-6-8-1-9, and 7-5-3-8-1-9. Most likely, the person(s) who tried searching for answers to these number patterns could have studied with other trainers from PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest, Visiber, and some other PON-style courses.

Students who had paid so much to attend these external courses, would eventually be stocked with limited knowledge and remain hungry for more patterns from their trainers. As much extra information comes at a price, they have to look elsewhere to quest for their hunger, like coming to my site here, for information. Sad, but that’s the truth somehow where students signed up for the courses due to compelling commercial marketing promotions. I welcome you to my site, and hope you can learn something useful with my articles posted here. Feel free to read and learn from my articles. In many ways, you can easily gauge my training style, and the researcher in me who’s ready to share as much as I could, to those who recognise, support, and ready to join me to walk this journey of elemental discoveries together.

There are different ways to read and interpret number series or patterns, especially those with more numbers, like the three patterns mentioned. We could read it “as is” just like observing the interactions between individual numbers in the pattern.

For a start, and using basic keyword representations, we could interpret 4-2-6-8-1-9 as [Plan – Talk – Money – Stress – Alone – Success]. Thus, what this implies is that a person who has this pattern in his or her chart, be they on their Birth Chart, Personal Year or Day Chart, and other special charts displayed by the FEON+ software, might inhibit or displayed particular traits or behaviours. In certain instances, such habits or actions might not have surfaced yet, or perhaps, have already happened, but no longer present because the person has changed.

This person plan (4) to talk (2) about money (6) or feel the need to call for action to improve their financial status. However, because of their “sense of excellence” in making sure, they have the perfect plan, the “perfectionist” habit in them could create undue stress (8) upon them. Eventually, regardless of whether they could achieve the success (9) needed, they often feel lonely (1) even when there are people around enjoying the success with them. In many ways, it’s the “still not perfect yet” thinking of personal accomplishment and contentment. In short, they are always thinking of completing the PERFECT PLAN as a quantifiable success indicator; and not the lessons learned along the way as a qualitative success mark. They should focus on planting the seeds, spending time to nourish and love them, before enjoying the fruits of their labour.

We could associate the 1-3-4-7-5-3 as [Alone – Fast – Plan – Support – Stubborn – Fast]. What it means is that a person with such number patterns in their charts, tend to take action just when there is a compelling need to do so; or merely when they’re being asked or told to act. They’re seldom the proactive “automatic” type of person, but the “skiving” type that shirks the responsibilities wherever possible. Of course, not all people with such a pattern behave like that due to other surrounding numbers in near proximity, but in general, the tendency to think, likewise, is high.  As they rarely think about the “make haste, less speed” outcome, they often had to spend more resources (time and money) to rectify or fine-tune their plan, due to the lack of support from others. When the stubbornness and principled headed mindset kicked in, we could see signs of emotional anger from their responses and reactions. They should work on being more empathetic to others, and instil the habit to listen attentively to others and accept constructive feedbacks.

As for the 7-5-3-8-1-9 pattern, why not you think about it – as a practice – based on similar clues described for earlier two sets of patterns, and perhaps, based on the numerology knowledge you’ve learned elsewhere?

So far, I’ve only discussed about the number patterns on an “as is” basis, barring other factors. The second method to interpret the pattern is to ascertain its location and correlations to each number. For example, if the 4-2-6-8-1-9 pattern resides in the M-N-O-P-Q-R location of say, a person’s BIRTH chart, then we could rapidly identify the Birth ROOT number as 6. This implies, whatever the person is doing, matters related to the number 6 are often the key focal point. We could associate the number 6 as money, security, stability, love, family, home, leader, pride, egoists, and many more. For the 7-5-3-8-1-9 pattern, the Birth ROOT number is 3, which means the person could inhibit traits like creative, passion, joy, critical, hasty, sexual, religious, sharp-tongue, and more. And for the 1-3-4-7-5-3 pattern, the Birth ROOT number is 4 – signs of planning, foundational mindset, crafty, scheming, emotional, show-off, dependency, idolising, and others.

What I’ve mentioned, so far, is more than what many students may have read elsewhere, except that my explanations could be more, or different, than what their training mentors have shared with them. For my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students, there are many other extended ways they could translate the number patterns. This is made possible, through passion and discernment of the underlying correlations of the elements and the numbers in the pattern. They could apply the “Hidden Pattern” technique to identify unconscious behaviours and thoughts, to see beyond the “public persona” outlook of a person. They could apply the EFV Flow Code to find the positive and negative energy flows that could affect the person’s behaviours and actions. And in my recent 7th FEN WORKSHOP class, students can apply the EMF Code to plot the energy movement flow through the person, depending on the potencies of their charts. For instance, a person with 1-3-4-7-5-3 pattern in the M-N-O-P-Q-R location of their Birth Chart, could be tempted to take pride in what they do, egoistical, boastful, self-centric, blunt, and more. While they frequently like to “hear just the good stuff” only, the self-centre mindset could create more unhappiness when their behaviours are not in control. Only when they could moderate their actions – like lending a listening ear and accepting feedback openly – the OPTIMISM in them could lead them to build on the strengths of a great, caring leader, whom others would give much respect without asking.  When The PESSIMISM kicks in, these people could receive the NATO (No Action, Talk Only) mindset, with OPUD (Over Promise, Under Deliver) outcomes. Others could shun away from them, due to the empty promises made.

The aim of conducting the FEN WORKSHOP classes is for me to share the underlying root cause, get students to understand the implications and interactions, and show the remedial techniques to harmonise the energies influencing a person. Beyond that, it’s all up to the person, whether he or she wants to actively and consciously works on limiting their negative habits, and amplifying their positive traits to help others as much as they could.

Of late, I’ve had emails from overseas users asking when I could conduct the FEN WORKSHOP in Malaysia. As I don’t depend on commercial marketing companies to help manage the organising and logistic aspect, I could simply depend on anyone willing to help me. If you’ve about ten like-minded friends who have attended PON, UCMHP and other courses before, and want to discover something new and fresh from my workshop; and could help me with the logistics, just email me at SunTzu2796@gmail.com, and we can discuss more. I’m not limiting myself to conduct the FEN WORKSHOP (or other courses) in Malaysia only, since course materials, presentation slides are all ready. That means, as long as the course participants could understand English, I’m available to conduct my classes or customised workshops (incorporating FEN, NSQ, Oracle) in other countries, like Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Philippines, and elsewhere.

I hope you’ve learned something useful in seeing the number patterns, in today’s article. The key tip is not to remember these patterns, or any other patterns, by heart as our memory cells could only take in whatever is necessary and fresh. Over time, when you don’t see the same pattern on a person’s chart, you may forget about the possible signs. Nevertheless, when you learned the technique to see the fundamental theories, you’ll remember longer as you can apply it on all charts, and all patterns, including new ones. Furthermore, through the visualisation techniques that I’d be sharing with you to expand your visual sights, identifying signs would be a natural way for you, without much stress.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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