People with 2-3 and 3-2 patterns

Today’s article is on a recent search on this site done by one or more users on “people with 2-3” and “1-2-3.” When analysing a number pattern, or series of numbers closely linked – like 2-3 or 8-4 – we should not inculcate the hasty mindset to conclude the individual would behave similar to the pattern identified.

For instance, until today, some external trainers like to create the perception that a person with the 1-2-3 patterns would naturally be prosperous, or will have a property asset even when the 1-2-3 number is in locations P-Q-R. Having the 1-2-3 pattern in a person’s birth chart, is just like having a bonus (but not an entitlement), or like a person born with a silver spoon. In short, the person might be from a wealthy or above-average family – a mother or father, or both, who would indulge in pampering their children with material conveniences. Eventually, whether the person with 1-2-3 pattern would stay forever prosperous or rich, is a different matter. Many people with such a pattern could end up being less rich than they are, because they did not take the skill sets to grow their wealth. Instead, they just spend their money on unnecessary wants than real needs, and their wealth sometimes couldn’t last long.

That is why it is NOT uncommon to see people with 1-2-3 pattern on their birth charts, becoming poorer or living in a normal lifestyle with limited savings. In short, it’s all about ACTION for a 1-2-3 person, and that action is not about earning money. Instead, it is about action to take full RESPONSIBILITY of oneself. In case you aren’t aware, the 1+2+3=6 where the number 6 also implies MONEY and RESPONSIBILITY (financial stability, home/family responsibility). Hence, it is important to look at number patterns from as wide perspectives as possible, to enable you to identify various scenarios that could happen or might arise, as a result of its consequences or outcome, just like 1+2+3=6.

Similar to what I’ve cited in the earlier article “People with 8-4,” we can only identify the probable traits based on an “as is” basis. That’s when the locations where the numbers are present in the chart, whether it’s on a birth chart, a time chart, or personal chart, and if there are influencing numbers placed in close proximity – these could direct impact and affect the 2-3 pattern varyingly.

Let’s look at the 2-3 pattern, which from basic interpretations, is like [Talk – Fast]. Suppose you’re the one who talked fast, and what will the feelings be like? Maybe you might find what you said is not aligned to your thoughts and feelings. You might see yourself talking gibberish, stammering or stuttering, or in an inconsistent manner, like from a loud-to-soft tone. You could also notice you might have repeatedly said same words few times as you weren’t composing what you plan to say, and just said anything that comes to mind right away. At times, you don’t know what you were speaking about, felt regretful in a way, and had to take recovery actions to explain you don’t mean it to be interpreted as “that way” but rather, it should be “this way.” Conversely, you might find yourself being forced to repeat what you’ve just said because others could not hear you clearly. Often times, in a situation like this, you might notice when you’re forced to repeat your statement, you tend to rephrase what you wanted to say in a different manner. And more frequently than not, you might find yourself more quick-tempered, intolerant, blasting out against others using strong words when they opposed or are not in sync with what you said.

In summary, when you talked quickly, it’s like [2 + 3 = 5, Talk – Fast – Obstacle]. This implies, a person who tends to talk fast without thinking first, could frequently be misunderstood by others because what they said is not what they had in mind. What they said could impose stumbling blocks, hurdles, problems, and challenges on others. Do you have anyone in mind? More or less, if not many, of you might have related such behaviours to someone you’ve seen, read, or heard frequently these days. Yes, Donald Trump has the 2-3 number patterns in his birth chart, and is strongly felt in his PY2019 chart.

Next, as remarked earlier, it all depends on the locations where the 2-3 or 2-3-5 patterns are present in the chart. Separately, the 2-3 pattern is not alike to the 3-2 pattern, although both could share some common traits. Even though their resulting number are similar (like 2+3=5; 3+2=5), the way they believe, behave, and act might vary, and the outcomes are usually different. The 3-2 pattern can be construed as [Passionate – Talk – Humility]. These mean; from another angle, a person with the directly-linked 3-2-5 patterns could also be a great talker who could speak eloquently in a confident, composed, and passionate manner to others, in a way that could reach out to touch the hearts and humble aspects of their audiences. They might be regarded as the person who’s willing to be flexible and self-giving, based on their speeches and communicative skills. Whether they are genuinely and sincerely self-sacrificing himself, or doing it for self-benefits – as people would relate to many politicians – is a different matter.

Furthermore, the number 5 is also associated with hurdles and stumbling blocks – it could mean some form of obstacles and challenges for others too, and few are happy. The previous US President, Barrack Obama has the 3-2-5 number pattern in locations M-O-Q. Coincidentally, both the present Singapore PM and his Deputy PM – Lee Hsien Loong and Heng Swee Kiat – have similar charts (numbers in locations I-to-R), and  has the 3-2-5 in the same location as Obama. Well, even Melania Trump has the 3-2-5 pattern in similar M-O-Q location too. These show a huge difference – between 2-3 and 3-2 – in the way Melania Trump, Barrack Obama, Lee Hsien Loong, and Heng Swee Kiat, communicate to others publicly, compared to the talk-fast approach of Donald Trump.

I hope I have presented you some insights on the 2-3 and 3-2 patterns. I’ve also highlighted some traits on the 1-2-3 pattern. You might want to practice your own research or probing on other connecting patterns too, like 2-3-2, 3-2-3, 4-2-3, and so on, until 9-2-3. Most of these, do influence and affect the eventual outcome of the 2-3 pattern.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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