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I’m back, after showing signs of “no-article postings” for over a month. I apologised for not posting articles as I was pursuing self-directed learning tasks, and had to complete my assignments. To my supporters who privately asked, thanks for the concern – I’m OK and fine. My absence has nothing to do with my health, but due to my personal quest to align myself and get certified with industry’s best practices on training and assessment methods.

I decided to freeze my EON/FEN project, including postponing the FEN WORKSHOP and EON Oracle courses since April this year. Instead, I focused on “riding with the tide” and “blending with the flow” taking opportunities on the positive energies around.

Uh, what’s that all about?

It’s partly due to the numbers 7 and 9. From one view, we could correlate number 7 with signs of walking sticks, wisdom, supporters, leg pain, and so on. Even so, from another angle, number 7 could also be associated with quest for learning, knowledge, sharing and caring, charity, and paying it forward. If your Year Root number is number 7, or if you noticed the number 7 is displayed in the “Challenges and Opportunity” section in your FEON+ software (using your current age as reference), that is the opportune time to do self-reflection and learning, or teaching. And I did just that, to act what I suggested to others.

The “mindset shift” to pursue my self-directed learning passion is unlike typical 7-month itch, but rather, a controlled and positive one to me. Besides setting aside my focus on EON/FEN methods, I was influenced by the Rhythmic Cycle energies too. I have resumed my development on BaziCalc software. It’s far from complete but is useable for now. I’m excited as people who’ve learned or seen “sneak peeks” of my BaziCalc are anxious, with some previous BaziCalc (Palm) users waiting for iOS/Android release.

In today’s article, I’m pleased to show a portion of the “BaziCalc Online” screenshot (taken from an iPhone), with individual Bazi charts of Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo. What’s interesting is the inclusion of two extra pillars – the 5th pillar (Minutes) and 6th pillar (Lunar). The 5th pillar method was a technique that I’ve learned from a Taiwan Master sometime in 2005, and subsequently added into my PalmOS titles. It was only actively promoted in recent months by a well-known FS Master based in USA. That’s more than a decade overdue, but still, it’s better late than never, on its relevance to today’s enhanced profiling techniques.

The 6th pillar was formulated by me – my own invention after doing much research. I’d an insightful discussion sometime in 2005, with a Japanese priest who’s also a Chinese Metaphysics and Astrology expert. I still vividly recalled we talked until past midnight on a workday. Again, I added the 6th pillarquietly” in later versions of BaziCalc (Palm) for continuing research. My Palm Tungsten T5 is still working except for the battery life (no issue these days with power banks around), and so are  the Chinese Metaphysics software titles I’d developed. However, I have forgotten the “hot keys” to invoke and display the 6th pillar. Well, that doesn’t matter to me today, with the development of BaziCalc Online.

And then what does that means for EON/FEN users, and my FEN students?

Plentiful. I’m unable to share much today, except that the coming FEON software would be a new release, with visual features. Of course, it will run on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and MacBooks. I’m energised and looking forward to the next few years where the signs (from my own EON and Bazi charts) are showing strong and positive peak performance levels.

Anyway, let’s go back to the Bazi screenshots. Even if you don’t understand Bazi or the Chinese characters, it’s OK. The tendency signs from the Bazi charts are suggesting the two persons have one common character – the “Ji Si” displayed on the 6th pillar (indicated as Lunar, the left-most pillar). From a simple interpretation using my FEN visual profiling technique, the EARTH element on top of FIRE, could easily be related to an active volcano, cracked earth, and over-heated clay pot. Signs are suggesting fiery tempers, and the person will not hesitate to “attack furiously” on anyone with different or opposite views, or exert wild-fire-like accusations to those they deemed as potential opponents to prevent them from carrying out their plan. Ouch, it hurts when you touch the hot clay pot too. And when Fireburn” the Earth, it’s just like a prolonged drought – the earth/ground will crack and dry. This implies unstable, troubled, and insecure, including the fear of the breakup, and thinking wild (not yet towards hallucination). In short, we could summarise them with just two words – MENTAL STABILITY. And like many crazy (not mad) men, applying character assassination and demeaning a person’s character, is easily one of their “cooling” measures, to ease the fire-burning pressure inside them. Well, I believe you can imagine the situation if there is more than one similar pillar elsewhere on the Bazi chart.

There are so many ways to profile the Bazi chart with my FEN-style of visual profiling. However, since this site is focusing on the Elements of Numbers (EON) and the extended Five Elements Numerology (FEN) methods, I could currently share limited views related to the Five Elements principles. Furthermore, my Bazi profiling approach used today, is different from a decade ago, when I learned the traditional steps taught by my Bazi mentors. Today, I usually put aside the external influences like “clashes and combinations” and symbolic stars, and only use them when the need arises, as I felt this information does little to allow a person to know beyond the person’s behaviours. Many Bazi Masters practised with plentiful of case study charts, and their profiling knowledge was gathered from different Chinese Metaphysics. So, when they analysed a Bazi chart, many students could not apprehend and understand what they’ve said to the signs in the chart. Today, many Bazi Masters and experts alike, are still debating on the strengths of the Day Master, and the favourable and unfavourable elements. Eventually, these limited beliefs and weak understanding on oneself, created unsure knowledge on what to apply as probable ways to amplify the good vibes, and dilute the negative ones. These setbacks could be insufficient to empower you to know what you should act or avoid today, so that you can control what you can receive tomorrow, even when unforeseen distractions come into play. Alas, I’ve seen many good Bazi students still facing unsure ways on how to help themselves, although they could confidently help others. Remember, you are NOT permanently STRONG or WEAK with the imposing and influencing energies around every day. Today, I’m applying my knowledge and experience with EON/FEN methods to analyse Bazi charts. It strengthens my profiling skill sets, and brings me to look at a Bazi chart from new perspectives.

For the past few years and in recent months, I’ve met many Numerology masters, where some of them self-proclaiming to be GrandMasters and emphasised that their method has the best profiling techniques. What fascinated me (ok, I LOL quietly too) was the fact they couldn’t resolve their own family problems, and kept boasting they could solve other people’s relationship issues. Irony and contradicting, isn’t it? Hence, humility is good and practical. Knowing every metaphysic system has its limitation, and complementing them with another profiling system, could help brings broader horizons to your analytical insights. To me, recognising my own constraints and limits would provide the challenges I need, not mainly to attain my goals and reach my timeline, but primarily to achieve my milestones.

I apologised and thank some of you who patiently waits for my next FEN (Five Elements Numerology) WORKSHOP course. I’d planned to conduct the next FEN WORKSHOP next year, taking a break in view of the coming school holidays in Singapore from 16th Nov 2019 to 1st Jan 2020. However, there are some users anxiously waiting for many months, and requested for a December 2019 class. OK, I hear you, and I’m scheduling the coming FEN WORKSHOP, likely to be on 21-22 December 2019, to accommodate those’d already reserved their seats.

This would be my final workshop with course fees set at $426 (excluding early-bird discount). From next year 2020 onwards, I’m planning to re-introduce the Basic and Advance modules to replace the FEN WORKSHOP, with the learning outcomes focusing on profiling application and case studies. The reason – I noticed some UCMHP, PON, and LifeQuest students who attended my training, could not even understand basic Numerology theories which is unfortunate as they have paid so much and get to learn so little from other trainers. And for my course, they paid so little and get to learn so much from me, knowing I’ll unreservedly shared as much as I could. However, because of their weak understanding of the fundamentals taught by their previous mentors, it slowed down my lesson timeline meant for advanced level.

I’m limiting the coming FEN WORKSHOP to a maximum of 10 paid-students. You’ll learn more things in this course than the proposed syllabus for next year. So register early to book your seats. You will automatically be included in the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chart groups, where you can continue your after-class profiling lessons together with fellow FEN students. My FEN training notes have all been used up, which means I need to send them for printing again. As I’ll be revising the courses and training notes for 2020, with different presentation slides, it doesn’t make sense for me to print extra copies. So, I’ll print only 10 copies, which means I have to turn down last-minute registrants once the quota has been met.

If you are interested to attend the coming FEN WORKSHOP, then do me a favour. First, check your calendar, and mark down the date, 21-22 Dec 2019. I can only confirm the date (within the next few days) once the classroom is available and booked for the FEN WORKSHOP. You can then enjoy the festive mood, bundled with insightful knowledge. I promised you’ll learn insightful techniques and methods from me.

Happy weekend…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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