On 1-2-3 and 2-4-6

You’ll come to understand why some people could get rich while some couldn’t, once you understood the cause-and-effect influences surrounding your unconscious mind. Once you understand that, you’ll have various choices to make consciously because your unconscious mind is providing these clues to you. With the choices available, you can determine which behaviours to make. And with the behaviours you made, you create and achieve the outcome you acted upon.

Profound? Confused?

Well, today’s article is concentrating on “behind the scenes” aspect – on how our brain works – that associating specific number patterns to perceived traits is not the best approach to profile a person. While this article might be profound (or insightful, depending on your perception) to you, it leaves some gaps for you, for your unconscious mind to consider what’s missing. It could then influence your conscious thoughts to behave and act in a positive and assertive way.

Anna sent a question recently, about her having the 1-2-3 and 2-4-6 number patterns in her chart, and wondered why she couldn’t achieve the wealth she’d hoped for. As I told my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students, material wealth is not what we should chase. Rather, we should aim for holistic wealth – a wealth of knowledge, purpose, caring and sharing, health, happiness, and humility. And for knowledge, you need to learn to see the root cause – the interactions and effects – of a series of numbers; and not learn just to spot number patterns and associate it with limiting beliefs. For instance, many users who attended numerology courses elsewhere, would hastily associate the 1-2-3 as assets and wealth; and the 2-4-6 as the ability to communicate and achieve financial success. Sadly, many people with such patterns in their charts, are still struggling with financial debts.

When I told Anna the underlying factors that could influence and affect a person in various ways, she realised that she might have been complacent all these while. I don’t blame her, as she took on what she learned elsewhere that such number patterns could definitely result in specific outcomes. She hoped for the 1-2-3 and 2-4-6 patterns in her chart, to give her what she wants – more money.

What’s the point of knowing yourself better if someone just tells you that you will be rich because you have such a good set of number patterns? You can simply sit and wait for the money to drop in front of you, and just bend down to pick it up. Behold, and truth be told, you and many others realised that such assumption is a misleading conclusion. And should you come to me for advice, I’d hand you one four-letter word – GOAL. Yes, you need to set a goal, regardless of whether it’s an easy-money projects or a need-to-work-harder task. GOAL, IS LIKE DREAMS IN ACTION. Hence, the missing puzzle why many people with 1-2-3 or 2-4-6 patterns in their birth chart, could not enjoy better financial freedom or a better lifestyle – the lack of positive activity. Having such perceived, limiting beliefs that you will be rich, without taking action, is like believing that when you think positive, you will feel positive. Life, alas, is not as simple as that. Even if you embrace the “Law of Attractions” metaphor, you’ll soon realise that when you think positive, you might not every time feel positive.  Or when you’ve a vision-board and think about “money”, and money will come to you always. That was a clear misleading statement about getting what you feel or believe. And the missing element is similar – your ACTION.

Your action is depending on the type of behaviour you made at that moment in time. You might have different choices to make, and you could have taken the best choice at that time. Yet, it might not be the ideal, positive choice then. But you simply couldn’t wait, and hastily decided to behave in certain, non-ideal ways, took actions, and expect to receive beneficial rewards. Perhaps, to you, “time and tide waits for no man” is better than “slow and steady wins the race.” Too bad, when you couldn’t get what you want. Great, when you got what you want, but can you replicate the same behaviours and hope to achieve similar or better results, every time?

Understanding the root-cause and/or the cause-and-effect of a series of numbers, or number patterns, is critical and important, if you want to find out how to understand yourself and others better. And to be proficient, confident, and competent to identify when is a good time to call for action, and when not to take action. In short, you know when to ride with the tide and achieve the FLOW of success; and when to go with the flow by taking necessary precautions to avoid failures.

A person with the 1-2-3 pattern needs to plan carefully, and specify the goals. They have to project ahead to “feel the fear, and experience the success.” While focusing on Plan A, they should also consider Plan B should there be unforeseeable obstacles somewhere ahead in their timeline. And they must also include financial management controls. Once they could set the checklist, then it’s time to check on the good dates and directions to take action. And while they are on the right track towards financial attainment, they could apply the “Qi Tapping” or EFV Flow Code techniques to maximise the energies and optimise their positive vibes.

A 1-2-3 pattern is like the referee shouting “1, 2, 3” or “on the mark, get set, go” and then blowing the whistle at a 100m running race. The runners in the five lanes each have equal opportunities to reach the ending line first. Some had great head start than others who are much slower. Eventually, the first person to get to the finishing line might not be the one with the good head start. Possibly the person could have exerted unnecessary energies and acted hastily. They lose steam and could not sustain the energy level to compel them to run faster, to be the first to reach the finishing line.

A person with 2-4-6 pattern is like an investment advisor promising you can enjoy better profits, dividend, and rewards when you signed up for certain investment plans. The 2-4-6 pattern is like [Talk – Plan – Money]. More often than not, it’s usually explaining the case of foresight planning which often comes with a disclaimer – you may not get what is stated due to unforeseen economic, financial, and political market forces. People with the 2-4-6 pattern tends to possess “big picture” mindset, often giving general overviews and vague information, minus the details. This could implies a WYSINWYG effect – what you see IS NOT what you’ll get. It’s just like what many politicians delivered their manifestos – the benefits and rewards you’ll get under the sun – when you voted for them. And when election is over, you get to learn from them about their excuses instead. Like they couldn’t deliver what they had promised under the sun because… it’s was raining days and nights. In a way, the tendency signs are suggesting “over promise, under deliver” characteristics.

Then how can I get what I want,” some of you might asked.

Many ways indeed, and it entirely depends on the knowledge abilities of the trainer, and the methods you’ve acquired. If you’ve attended any numerology courses elsewhere, your trainers should provide steps on the problem and resolution aspects. If your trainer couldn’t explain the cause-and-effects of all the number patterns that they proudly shared with you, then chances are, you’re just getting basic lessons indeed.

One important clue here – evidence of knowledge. If your trainer does not post articles publicly on regular basis to reinforced his teachings and share their knowledge with others, it’s just talk only as there isn’t much evidential information to check on their credibility.

My FEN students know the differences on the training methods and sharing of information between other trainers and me. Of course they do as many of them had attended courses from these external trainers before attending my class. They’d the chance to unlearn and relearn from me, and they’re glad they did. If you’ve attended my FEN WORKSHOP classes before, I know you’re smiling because you’ve benefited much more than what you’ve paid to attend my class. As you apply the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, you could identify tendency signs that could help you manifest the positive forces. As you used the FEON+ software, you could distinguish the ideal dates to act. And you can apply the Qi Tapping techniques to attract positive vibes, to get the desired outcome.

Whatever it is, do not be overly obsessed with just number patterns, especially those that your trainer (from PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest, Visiber) has associated certain traits with. Do your own homework, practise, and do more case studies. Soon you’ll find out your shortcomings that your once-confident self is short lived – your assumption that person with 1-2-3 has assets and rich sign, female person’s with 2-7-9 is a mistress sign, and person’s with 5-7-3 is a bankruptcy signall these are  just make-believe fears, fallacy, and misleading information.

Don’t worry, be happy and enjoy! Don’t relive the past, bad experiences, process them as life lessons instead. This way, you build the capacity to enjoy better experience to discover the correct ethical way from someone else. Be open-minded, and observe how you can easily unlearn, learn, and re-learn, to get to know yourself better than before. Yes, just a mindset shift could do you good.

You just need to shift your way of thinking. Everyone knows change is good, and you knew it too. And when you change positively now, and in time to start with the new year, you’ll easily achieve your goals.

Have wonderful and blissful times in advance…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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