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Someone posted a search for “karmic number” recently. I also observed the “karmic” or “karmic number” words appearing in the search list on my site occasionally.

I decided to check out what this so-called “karmic number” is all about, and asked around. And I’m glad I found the answer to what I need from friends who cared to share, without reservations.

Oh, so it’s like that,” I said to myself while a friend was sharing his knowledge on what “karmic numbers” are entirely about, which he learned from his UCMHP lessons. I was then surprised when I heard the phrase, “they are likely to sleep separately from their partner, and have hair loss or skin problems.

There are no correct or wrong assumptions as certain traits are based on the UCMHP trainer’s knowledge, research, and understanding of the essence of the numbers. Here’s a special query for all UCMHP students who happened to be reading this article, if you’ve the karmic number in your chart. If you’re married, are you still sleeping with someone else other than your spouse? Are you hurting from a hair-loss symptom? Do you have any skin problems?

For the benefit of those who’ve not attended the UCMHP practitioner course, the number patterns 4-5 and 5-4, is known as “karmic” numbers. And when another friend further told me what she read about the suggested resolutions for a man and a woman, I was, once more, pissed away. “But wait a minute,” I said to myself, “why should I be emotional over other people’s assumptions? Like if you’re a woman, you should do more charity for your daughter; and your son and grandson will bring fortune and wealth…” Gosh. That’s an unfortunate ancient-times, domineering and boastful, male-chauvinistic behaviour – and a person who lacks the gender diversity mindset that’s so often-needed these days.

How’d you feel if you’re a mother with only a daughter – do you have to work extra hard and do more charity to “pay back past deeds?” Like the need for you to reduce or prevent the karma-effect retribution of your past-lives, to your daughter? What if you’ve a son – would you just coerced him to be a money-chaser, gold-digger, or inculcate the mindset that “money is everything!” Just be careful, as your son might send you to an old folks’ home when he has both the wealth and female companions. Why is that so? Well, there’s a reason for everything that’d happened, once you fully understood the Five Elements principles.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), hair loss is probably due to a deficiency in the spleen (Earth element), liver (Wood element) and kidneys (Water element). While there might be some elemental correlations, it has nothing to do with having the 4-5 or 5-4 number patterns in the specific “weak” or “strong” sectors on the UCMHP birth chart. And I also wondered on the rationale behind the demarcation that the left side was deemed as “weak” and the right side is deemed as “strong?” I couldn’t find out more from Dr Bernard’s book that I’d to join the long queue to buy during his book launch (even though I was invited as a VVIP), although I’d personally given him a free complimentary copy of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” a few years earlier.

Since you’ve come to this Elements of Numbers (EON) site, please put aside the unfounded fear that you have a “karmic number” when you have 4-5 or 5-4 in your chart. Relying on the “9 Remedies(taught to UCMHP students) is inadequate as the consequential effect of imposing fears to a person has already been done. No amount of damage-control can rid the unfounded fears, worries, and the “be resigned to fate” negativities.

To me, that’s a convenience manner to create fear and tension – as many PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest, and Visiber trainers do – so that you have to pay even more if you want a better solution. Knowing others is not about your intelligence – about being intellectual, shrewd, cunning, proud and boastful, and the supremacy feelings that you (think you) know a person is wealthy, just by checking their birth chart.

Wow, even if John has prosperous signs, there is no guarantee that he’ll continue to remain rich all through his living years. On the same token, even if John is born with a silver spoon where his parents are filthy rich, there is no guarantee he’ll remain to be well-off after his parents died. That’s but a myth, and just a dream without actions. Yes, the truth is – it’s all about the person or you, and your actions – you are solely responsible for creating the quality of the life you’re living now, and you can take charge to make it better. It’s about your mentality, heart, cognitive behaviours – and understanding yourself and others better, to compel you to establish a mindset shift (in your own behaviours, attitudes, and habits) to create a more harmonious, contented, and happier life.

The left screenshot shows the EON chart of Alex Man, a Hong Kong artiste. He’s facing a Double-Effects vibe this year. As he has both the 4-5 and 5-4 patterns, does that mean he’s going to face a “double karmic” effect too? Did he encounter the “double karmic” effects nine or eighteen years ago? Did he had hair-loss? Did he and his wife sleep on separate beds or rooms?  

I may have an ideal solution here, and it doesn’t require you to spend more money. Just thrash the thoughts of “karmic numbers” and look at your life in more positive ways. Yes, unless you try, you won’t know how great it can be… to feel so different and refreshing when you suddenly realised that a little mindset shift could influence your outlook into positiveness.

On a positive note, you can associate the 4-5 as [Plan-Challenge], and 5-4 as [Adapt – Plan]. This means, as long as you do the tasks in a right and ethical way, your perseverance could lead to success, since 4+5=9 and 5+4=9. And we could associate the number 9 as success and humanitarian. Once you’ve accomplished the success, just do the benevolent part – do charity work and/or make donations.

Always remember, you’re doing these humanitarian or charitable acts not to rid the karmic effect. You’re doing this as a pay-forward social initiatives to give back to society and the community.

From the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective, we could also associate the 4-5 or 5-4 as a careless tendency sign. When you’re distracted, it could result in the loss of tangible items, etc. – leading to money loss. Hence, read the fine prints carefully and slowly, before signing on the dotted line of any legal, contractual agreements. And since 4-5 and 5-4 number patterns are a risk-averse and risk-adverse tendency sign, it is important you set the mindset in the positive way.

Consider every obstacle or stumbling block as opportunities waiting for you – like you can walk through a time-travel portal gate of some kind. Once you’ve adapted and overcome the initial reluctance to change, and rid the “mental-block” fears, you can walk through the gate with ease, and sees a refreshing picture –  one that allows you to enjoy the better times ahead. Nah, it’s not about some heavenly place on Earth. It’s about being down-to-Earth and be pragmatic – about changing your unconscious mind, which in turn, could influence your conscious thoughts to look at things from an optimistic mindset. Like reinforcing your self-worth first, before thinking about your self-esteem. And once you acted and took action; you’re demonstrating the positive energies within and around you, and these could influence others positively. And like in any business networking gatherings, when the positive energies are felt in the air, success is in abundance, and within reach.

You have a choice to decide what you want to do. When you associate the 4-5-9 as [Plan – Obstacle – Success] in a not-so-positive manner, you have to work harder, and walk on uneven paths leading to uncertainty. When you consider 4-5-9 as [Plan – Adjust/Adapt – Success], you created more visible paths toward successful endeavours.

Whichever way you decide, forget the self-imposing, limiting beliefs in the “karmic” numbers, so that you’ll not feel so insecure, pressurised, and fearful. You have a choice – adapt and change your once-limiting beliefs into positive goals.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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