How to Deal with 369 people

Yes, the above title is exactly what somebody posted as a search on this site last month – “How to Deal with 369 people“. I was intrigued about the search phrase as it’d be a massive undertaking to deal with three hundred and sixty-nine (369) people at one time.

No matter how tactful, persuasive, or convincing you can be, I’m very certain not all 369 people would face identical feelings, thoughts, mindsets, and actions while listening to your talk. Some people could have agreed with what you’d said wholeheartedly; some with confused looks; some with their focus drifted elsewhere; some taking extended naps in wonderland, some only agreed just to please others, and so on.

Now, perhaps the person who did the search might not be trying to find answers to deal with 369 people, similar to what you’d be reading Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” book. Instead, it could be about how to deal with people with the 3-6-9 number patterns.

First, set aside the number patterns’ assumption. You’re managing a complex human behavioural analysis, and not tackling a simplistic mathematical question, where 3+6+9=18; 1+8=9.

There are so many ways to look at the 3-6-9 patterns, putting apart the other numbers presented in a person’s chart, be they on their natal/birth chart, or their Personal Year chart. That is why I’ve repeatedly emphasised that learning 3-6-9 as a pattern to specific traits, is all, so wrong, illogical, naïve, and presuming.

  1. Identify the individual number, and then group them together. It’s like requiring you and two other friends to gather, with each of you have your own personalities and mindsets. We could associate some characteristics of the number 3 with action, haste, speed, furious, passion, and critical. We could associate the number 6 as driving forces, mental cognitive habits, money, responsibility, and family. We could associate the number 9 as success, greed, compassion, humanitarian, visions, and competitive. Now, when you group the 3, 6, and 9 together, we could interpret them as [Passion – Responsibility – Success], [Haste – Money – Greed], [Critical – Responsibility – Compassion], among others. Note that each mentioned grouping can have different outcomes, depending on where or how you want to look at.
  2. Identify them as an element, using the Five Elements principles. The number 3 is FIRE; the number 6 is METAL, and the number 9 is WOOD.  In the various elemental cycles, WOOD can affect METAL and vice versa; METAL can affect FIRE and vice versa; and WOOD can support or be exhausted by FIRE.  Then, when you grouped them together, there’d be furious passion (Wood support Fire), anxiety and worries (Fire control Metal), fear and survival (Fire exhaust Wood), discipline and mindfulness (Metal controls Wood), and mental disorder (Metal repels Fire). Ouch.  Here’s an analogy – it’s like a street-side hawker cooking delicious-tempting food using a wok (Metal) with the burning fire fuelled by the charcoal (Wood). If the Fire is too strong, the food might be scorched. If Wood is weak, the food might be uncooked. If the Metal wok is made of substandard quality, it’ll affect the taste of the food. Thus, what this means is your food tasting/eating experience might vary depending on the cohesiveness, attributes, and qualities of the 3-6-9.

The above two examples are not all I can use to interpret the 3-6-9 characteristics. It all mainly depends on the knowledge and experience of the trainer/mentor whom you learned from. My FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students are opportunistic and smart to have found out the visualisation techniques and acquired proper profiling knowledge from me in my class. For instance, when I applied a separate NSQ Profiling method, there is extra information. I could relate them being on the MENTALITY area (NSQ’s arrow of strengths) which symbolises the person’s intellectual strengths – their intellect, creative visions, reasoning, and judgment, over feelings. On the other hand, I could associate them as being on the POOR MEMORY area (NSQ’s arrow of weaknesses) which represents the mental alertness, judgement, reasoning and intellectual capacity.

Do not always interpret the 3-6-9 as [Fast – Money – Success]. While it might provide correlations to you sometimes, it might not be relevant at all, on another time. The reason is simple – you’re influenced by the transient Qi energies during the Year, Month, Day, and even hour; the environment you’re in; and the social influences you had at that time, be they your colleagues, relatives, business partners, or acquaintances.

That said, a person with 3-6-9 number pattern IS NOT always money-minded, competitive, success-driven; or simply want to earn fast buck quickly. It means, they will not necessarily be those involved in quick scams, short-term money-spinning activities, shorting shares for fast profits, and so on.

Like the recent phrase I’ve coined – THE BIRTH CHART IS NOT THE PERSONALITY – which means we shouldn’t naively looked at a birth chart, or for that matter, the other periodic charts, to conclude that as the core personality of the person you’re profiling. The personality of the person makes up of other contributing areas – your behaviours, attitude, reactions, and actions. These behavioural states are like the emotional impressions that influence or affect you, and its temporary state of your mind. It does not define who you are. You can be money-minded or success-driven on one moment, but you can be a philanthropist and involved in humanitarian and benevolent activities. And depending on which end of the vision line you’re standing at that time, people will either view you as a greedy and competitive person; and people will also see you as a visionary and philanthropist.

So, do you take on other’s assumption when they stereotype you as either a money-driven freeloader, success-driven but greedy person, a shrewd business person, a visionary, a known philanthropist, or a distracted but arrogant person – when you have the 3-6-9 number pattern in your Birth chart?  Likewise, avoid stereotyping others when you noted they have the 3-6-9 pattern on their charts too. Do analyse the “369” people with unfixed rules by checking on the periodic influence and other areas, including the Double-Effect vibes, the Five Elements’ influences, and EFV Flows (useful for FEN students).

Whichever way you imagine, feel, or react – your birth chart does not conclude your personality. Learn the correct way to profile a person – analyse like a corporate human behavioural professional, and not behave and think like a street-side fortune teller.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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